Name: Rosalina Marie Harvey
Date of Birth: April 22, 1995
Date of Immunization: June 20, 2015
Blood Type: AB-
Allergies: None
Test: Lethal Injection
Date: July 5, 2016
Rosalina was not under any drugs for injection. She was injected at 08:00 and time of death was at 08:15. She self revived herself at 16:46 of July 5, 2014. She was unaware of surroundings and vomited for three minutes. By 19:30, she was back to full health and sent to questioning.

My parents were both immunologists for the United States government. The sector focused on cures to diseases, hazardous substances, and diseases seemingly incurable. This government headquarters was secret and never discussed. I didn't even find out where my parents truly worked until I was thirteen years old. But, I only found out because of the situation with my father.

My father, Nicolas Harvey, came home one day after work and my mother was very angry with him. He had tried one of his experiments on his self. His health deteriorated within months and two weeks before my fifteenth birthday, he died from whatever experiment he had tried.

I was usually drugged as they poked and prodded at me. But today's test was so much different than usual. Dr. Kearns didn't bother to tell me what I was doing but I was put in my white straight jacket and led down a long hallway. I entered an extremely white room with one window. A bed was placed in the center of the room and nurses were in their designated spots. Dr. Kearns with his peppered hair and beard stood next to the bed.

"Hello Rose."

"Doctor." I grinned but it soon fell off my face into a glare.

Dr. Kearns was once a family friend. But after the recent events, I haven't found anything I like about him. He ruined my life and still continued to.

The two doctors who escorted me laid me down on the bed and unstrapped me from my jacket. They strapped my arms and legs into the bed.

"So, what exactly are we doing?" I questioned, looking at the nurse closest to me. She ignored me but Dr. Kearns smiled down at me.

"You will see."

The nurses rolled up my sleeve and used an antiseptic wipe to clean my arm. They stuck a needle into my arm and waited for Dr. Kearns.

"Today's test is called injection. We will be injecting Rosalina Marie Harvey with a lethal injection at 8 am sharp." I glanced at the clock on top of the window. It was 7:59.

They injected one thing into me and I felt woozy. They injected one more thing into my arm. I looked at the clock one last time. It was 8:09. I turned back Dr. Kearns. The third and final injection went into my arm, so I shut my eyes.

I woke in the same room but there were no longer many people surrounding me. Dr. Kearns sat in the other room behind the window while one nurse was in the room with me. I rolled over and fell off the bed with an extremely loud thud. The nurse ran over and tried to help me up. I propped myself up on my elbows and threw up. I didn't feel sick but I just had to throw up. The nurse held my long hair back as I vomited. After I was done, we both turned the window. However, Dr. Kearns was no longer there. So the nurse carried me to my room so I could sleep.