Name: Rosalina Marie Harvey
Date of Birth: April 22, 1995
Date of Immunization: June 20, 2015
Blood Type: AB-
Allergies: None
Test: Repetition
Rosalina was put through all nine tests again. But she did not die in any of the tests. For lethal injection, she threw up the toxins in her system within ten minutes of getting the injection. She could remain underwater without going unconscious. The fire did not burn her anymore. All the other wounds quickly healed without spilling blood. In the starvation test, she lost weight as her body fed off body fat to keep the nutrition. She never died though because her body paced itself. We kept that test going for a few months to see how her body worked. As for regeneration, it only took two months for her arm to grow back. After everything was cleared, Rosalina was released on May 9, 2019.

I was released when I was twenty four years old. Ten years I was involved in deaths from this injection. And finally, I was released. They still kept an eye on me to see how I aged. They only cared for the scientific part of me.

I went back to Maggie's house but they did moved, just as I feared. So I broke in to her house and stayed there for a bit. Until I found a note to Cody and I in Cody's room. They moved to Michigan, near my grandparents. So I moved over there too and lived with them. Alice and Nick had gone off to college so I was alone in the house with my guardians. I told them everything that happened. And I showed them how I couldn't die. They loved me nonetheless and tried to help me the best they could.

However, I was tortured for a long time. I was having post traumatic stress. I was extremely depressed. So I moved back to Washington D.C. after living for a year with Maggie. I went back to the lab and begged them to let me live there.

I was more comfortable in a place where I spent most of my life. They never did tests on me ever again. I befriended nurse Mariah Bardot and my two straight jacket doctors, Dr. Jonathan Mill and Dr. Mark Henley. I visited Cody everyday. He still didn't recognize me. But it was good to see him. And Bryan stared at me most of the day. Never attacked me but he didn't know who I was either.

Many wouldn't stay in a place that their lives were ruined. But it was the only place that made sense to me. I am still here today. I'm twenty seven years old. I have spent seven years in the lab with these doctors. And this is where I want to be.

"Rosalina was released on May 9, 2019. She came back on June 20, 2020 and lived with us in the lab. She didn't feel comfortable back in the real world and she had no place to fit in.

She visits her little brother, Cody Harvey, and her friend, Bryan Booth, every day. I have done many tests on the boys and I have found a solution to their savage behavior. The new injection is a bit of Rosalina's injection. And hopefully, they will become immortal just as she is and they will go back to normal.

I have profited so much from this injection. The US government has bought the test and most soldiers now use the injection. It is not the same exact mixture that was used on Rosalina. She is truly immortal while the soldiers cannot be killed by gunshot wounds or stab wounds and can regenerate any lost body parts. They can still drown, or burn, or starve. We have made different mixtures for different uses.

Do I ever feel bad for picking subjects that eventually died? Do I regret letting the injection escape and infect many? Do I feel awful for testing Rosalina the way I did?

I do. It was a hard time. But it is all behind us. I robbed a young girl's life. I destroyed all the lives of my coworkers. They all lost someone due to my mistakes. But I have helped future generations. I have solved issues of sickness and death. I have created immortality in a bottle. And I owe it all to Rosalina Harvey.

It is September 19, 2022. This is Dr. Richard Kearns' last audio interview for Solution IRH 22, also known as Immortal Serum."