At the turn of the twentieth century everything went wrong. A mistake was made that shouldn't have been possible. A 'spell' went awry and unleashed magic on the world. Demons, vampires, were-creatures, banshees, elementals, witches, warlocks, and mages were suddenly everywhere. Slowly everything settled down, the world forgot that magic was a myth.

The mages of the world banded together convinced of their superiority. Creating a Guild of mages they are taught to use magic unknown by any others. Soon the Guild is hated as much as they are needed. The Council of Mages, five of the elite rule the Guild with an iron fist. Children are no longer allowed to choose to join, they are forced.

The century turns again and the forbidden practice of joining magic and science starts and the Council sends their best, their Omega to deal with the problem. The joining of magic and science accomplishes one thing. It establishes a permanent Portal that unleashes Demons onto Earths Plain where they can feed and reproduce to destroy the world and all of mankind.

Chapter One

Hadyn grimaced as the Guild driver fawned over him. Babbling pleasantries and bowing profusely. ~You know just once I'd like to be treated like a normal person by one of these guys.~

~You know you are the farthest thing from normal.~ Mel reminded him, ~After all you have us and how many other Elemental Mages have all four Elements and normal mage powers?~

~You're such a bore, Mel,~ Seim informed him ~There's nothing wrong with wishing.~

~I'm just being practical~ Mel retorted.

~You're always practical~ Keev drawled. ~Just once you'd think you could get that stick out of your-~

~Keev! That's enough.~ Hadyn snapped. ~You just watch you're mouth. The flight was long we just got here and I don't need the two of you bickering in my head. You're supposed to be compatible you know.~

~I like Seim better~ Keev said cheerfully ~I'm compatible with her too.~

~Every body likes Seim the best~ Zalan muttered.

~That's not true!~ Seim protested, ~I like Zalan the best, well except for Hadyn.~

~Your opinion doesn't count~ Mel told her.

~Why not?~

Hadyn sighed tuning them out when he realized the car had stopped. He frowned looking up at the building. It was an apartment building. 'What happened to always sticking me in a hotel?' he wondered uneasily.

Grabbing his laptop case and backpack Hadyn slid out of the car. Nodding politely to the driver who was once again fawning over him, Hadyn started up the steps refusing to give the man his things. The driver opened the door and quickly pushed the button for the elevator.

"I can find my way from here. Do you have my keys?" Hadyn asked him, finally fed up with the ass-kissing. The man smiled at him saying it was no trouble. Hadyn cut him off mid sentence. "I'm tired and don't want company just give me my keys. I'll be fine." The keys were handed over and he was informed he was in apartment 502. Hadyn thanked him absently as he entered the elevator hitting the button for the fifth floor.

Entering the apartment he hit the lights, dropped his backpack and shut the door locking it behind him. He ran his eyes over what he could see. The room opened off to his left into a living area complete with entertainment system and couch. Directly across from the door was the kitchen walking closer he flicked his eyes over it. Pleased with the table and chairs set and more importantly the coffee maker, he then turned to the short hallway on the far left side of the living area. The two closed doors turned out to be a full sized bathroom on the left and a bedroom on the right. Hadyn blinked at the bed. It was huge and puffy, the wood stained dark. The dresser, nightstand and desk had obviously been bought to match it.

"Should I be worried that they spent this much money on me? They never get me anything this nice for myself." Hadyn asked aloud.

Four winged shapes flew past him to swirl around the room and land neatly on the bed. Four pairs of eyes regarded him. They were small no longer then his fore arm without the tail, but no one could mistake them for anything but what they were. Dragons. Every Elemental mage had at least one Elemental spirit, most had two. They were the normal ones, Alfa class had three. Only he had four, it had been thought to be impossible, but here he was the third Omega in the world and the only Elemental mage to have all four of the elements at his disposal.

Elemental spirits showed up differently for every one. They reflected a persons mind set. He had yet to figure out why his were dragons.

~Maybe they decided to be nice for a change.~ Seim offered. The pale, pale blue dragon regarded him with dark blue eyes filled with intelligence. She was of Air, controller of wind and weather, compliment of Water and Fire, opposite of Earth.

~You know that's not true most likely the furniture came with the place.~ Keev said scornfully. He was a dark blue the color of the deepest ocean appropriate for a spirit of Water. Water the compliment of Earth and Air, opposite of Fire, manipulator of all water and most weather.

~But why did they give us an apartment? They always stick us in a hotel.~ Mel pointed out. He was Earth, with the strength of the very world, power to create earthquakes with a thought and manipulate any plant. He was a dark greenish-brown with soft brown eyes filled now with worry. His opposite was Air, with Fire and Water to compliment him.

Zalan shrugged. ~It doesn't matter. The bed is comfortable and we need to sleep. I'm tired and grumpy from keeping up the don't-see-me glamour.~ Zalan was the colors of fire red, orange, and gold swirled randomly with no pattern all around his small frame. Zalan was his first Elemental Spirit, controller of heat, light and fire, the opposite of Water, compliment of Earth and Air. ~Your things are over there.~ Zalan continued flipping a wing towards the foot of the bed.

Sure enough four boxes and two medium sized suitcases rested there. With a soft sigh Hadyn knelt and opened one of the suit cases to find something to sleep in. Stripping and changing quickly into soft flannel pants and a loose t-shirt, he climbed in the bed falling asleep even as he felt his companions settle themselves around him.

His cell phone ringing next to his ear woke him. Knowing that Mel put it there he snatched it up and snarled something uncomplimentary in a mix of German and Japanese.

"Well I see you wake up as cheerful as always." A cool female voice said in his ear.

"Polly" Hadyn said flatly.

There was a frosty silence on the other end of the line and Hadyn sighed, "Becket, what do you want?"

"I called to inform you that I sent your job details via e-mail. You are to work alone on this case. Don't get in to trouble and inform the Mystic Crimes Department that you are there and working in their city. Understood?" She said sweetly.

"I could have got all that in the e-mail. You didn't need to call." He bit out. "I didn't need you waking me up either. Don't contact me unless you have something of importance to say." Hadyn snapped the phone shut before she could reply.

~Only you can hang up on the Head Councilwoman and not get stuck with teaching duty for the rest of your life.~ Zalan told him snickering.

"Oh shut up." He snapped back fighting his way out of bed and ignoring the two sleepy protests he got. "I'm showering. If you're joining me Keev you better get up now." Going to the foot of the bed he dug out clean clothes and felt Keev land on his shoulder as he straightened.

~Your phone is ringing.~ Mel told him sleepily.

"I'm ignoring it. I hate her and I'm not talking to her especially before my coffee." Hadyn threw over his shoulder as he headed for the bathroom. Polly Becket was the bane of his existence, the head of the council and his primary teacher in the Guild. He knew that most students got along well with their teachers, but then most teachers weren't trying to turn their students in to a puppet that did what ever it was told. He didn't follow orders well and he knew that if he had been found by the council earlier in his life that he would have been their puppet, loyal to only them and stupid.

~Not gonna happen.~ Keev informed him coolly, breaking into his thoughts. ~Even then you had Zalan with you and he would have stopped them. We will not allow them to control you. You are ours.~

There was a chorus of agreement from the others and Hadyn smiled finishing up and getting out. Drying off, Hadyn dressed in black jeans and a short sleeved loose black t-shirt. Pausing Hadyn examined himself in the mirror. Black hair as fine as silk framed his pale face; his features looked Asian even if his coloring was wrong. At five six he was on the short side but that never mattered not when people caught sight of his eyes. Red as rubies, red as blood, red as fire, it didn't matter how they were described red eyes unnerved everyone.

~I like your eyes.~ Zalan said cheerfully, ~They're pretty.~

~You would you're the one that changed them.~ Hadyn pointed out exiting the bathroom. He blinked, "I smell coffee."

~We made it!~ Seim giggled. ~I think they were warned about you it was all set up we just had to figure out the buttons.~

"How convenient," Hadyn muttered, "I guess the fawning is useful for something."

~We managed to set up your lap top, too.~ Seim giggled happily. ~I thought that Mel was gonna drop his end but he didn't. I wanna know what our job is. We don't have to stay here too long do we?~

"I donno and thank you for not dropping my laptop that would seriously suck." Quickly Hadyn pulled up the job details and scowled blackly. "Wonderful. No wonder they pulled me. Some idiot out here is opening Portals. They've been having an influx of demons lately and that's what led the Guild branch here to investigating. They only contacted HQ when one of the Guild members died." Hadyn quickly skimmed the rest of the info as he finished his coffee.

~Hadyn your phone is ringing again.~ Mel told him. ~I'm bringing it.~ Mel costed from the bedroom to the kitchen Hadyns small flip phone clutched in his arms. Hovering above Hadyn he dropped it in to the waiting hands.

"Thanks Mel," Hadyn told him absently frowning as he realized he didn't know the number. With a shrug he flipped it open, "Hadyn"

"Mage Becker?" A soft male voice inquired.


"This is the Seattle Guild complex. I'm calling on the behalf of High Mage Waters. He would like to set up an appointment to meet you personally." The mans tone left no doubt that this was a high honor.

Hadyn had to bite back a groan. "When? I have things to do today."

"High Mage Waters wishes you to join him and his fellow mages for dinner this evening at 7 o'clock." Was the reply.

"Alright where?" Hadyn asked knowing that if he said no they'd never leave him alone.

"We'll send a car to your apartment. Formal dress is required. Thank you for speaking with me Mage Becker." The man hung up before Hadyn could change his mind.

He pulled the phone away from his ear with a scowl. "They were warned about me. I hate formalities."

~That's 'cause formalities are stupid.~ Zalan said lazily. ~Now feed us.~

Poking in the cupboards, drawers and fridge he found dishes and nothing else. "Looks like fast food for breakfast guys. The place is empty. We'll have to go shopping. We'll eat before we go to the supermarket. At least we have a car." Hadyn noted reading a nice note taped to the fridge informing him that his car was in the garage, space fourteen and the key's to it were already on his key ring.

~I didn't think you had a drivers license for this country.~ Mel said confused.

"Like it matters?" Hadyn replied with a careless shrug. "I have to go to the local Guild Complex today any way. I still have to register even if I'm meeting the High Mage of the city for dinner. I'll get a license from them."

Going back to the bed room, Hadyn opened his back pack. Pulling out two small throwing knives he slid them in his boots. He hesitated over the gun, and then decided against it. He would get it after shopping. He wasn't that paranoid. Yet.

"Come on, guys, lets go." Hadyn called out striding to the door. He couldn't see them but he felt them fly past him into the hall. Locking the door behind him Hadyn headed to the elevator. The door opened as soon as he hit the button and he got on. Hitting the button for the garage he hummed along with the elevator music as it descended. Once he got down he flicked his gaze around automatically, noting the security cameras. Walking down the line he got to space fourteen and stared. It was a BMW and it was silver. Hadyn shuddered. "Wonderful they're trying to force me to be a yuppie."

~At least we won't have to have it forever.~ Seim pointed out helpfully. ~How long are we supposed to be here anyway?~

"Info didn't say. Just 'until the problem is solved.'"

~How annoying.~

~You said it~ The other three chorused.

Finally entering the apartment for the last time after the fourth trip up with groceries, Hadyn shut and locked the door. Crossing the room to the kitchen area he was pleased to note that his friends were already putting the lighter things they could easily carry in the cupboards. Working together they swiftly got everything put away.

Going to the bed room Hadyn put his gun on. The holster went at the small of his back and was designed to be inconspicuous. It helped that the holster was spelled with a 'don't-notice-me' shield.

"OK Complex or the Mystic Crimes Department?" He asked heading once more for the door.

~Which will be more aggravating?~ Keev asked dryly.

~I'd say they're about even.~ Mel muttered. ~And neither will be pleasant. Can't we just skip them?~

"If I have to suffer through it then so do you." Was Hadyns heartless reply.

~I say we go to the Complex first.~ Seim spoke up.

~Why?~ Zalan wanted to know. ~They don't even like us.~


~So why do you want to go there first?~

~To get it over with.~

~I think the normals will be worse.~ Zalan argued ~We should go there first.~

Hadyn absently listened to them as he got into the car.

As the argument went into name calling he broke it up with a simple. ~Guys.~ and waited a beat to make sure he had their attention. ~We're going to the Complex first. It should be the easiest the staff gets paid to be polite after all.~

He ignored the low buzz in the back of his mind that meant they were talking privately and pulled up at a stop light. Drumming his fingers on the steering wheel he hesitated a second before asking. ~So who's showing with me this time?~

There was a short pause then. ~I am. We discussed it earlier and since you have the eyes of a fire mage we figured it would save questions if I was the one they could see.~ Zalan said softly. It ended on a questioning note.

~Sounds good to me.~ Hadyn answered as he parked the car in the Complex lot. He felt Zalan land on his shoulder and he opened the door and got out waiting a beat before shutting the door to give the others time to vacate. ~Here we go.~

Striding confidently to the door he nodded to the low level mage guard that opened the door for him staring at Zalan the whole time. Walking swiftly to the front desk he let a polite smile show and inquired as to the where abouts of the Transfers office. The secretary looked up at him and froze eyes going wide. She gaped at him open mouthed for a moment before blinking and managing to recover. "The Transfers office is on the fourth floor. Would you like an escort?"

Hadyn had to give her credit she recovered well, keeping her gaze on him and not Zalan voice completely steady. "No I think I can find it."

"Alright, sir, its on the left side of the hall about three quarters of the way down and has a sign on the door, you can't miss it." She said brightly, "But…um. If you don't mind a question, sir?" She said voice tentative.

"No go ahead."

"What is he?" She asked eyes on Zalan, "He's just beautiful."

Hadyn blinked. That was not the normal reaction to his companions screaming hysterics were more normal. He could feel Zalan's surprised pleasure. "Zalan is a Fire Elemental and he thanks you for the compliment."

Not missing a beat she smiled at Zalan and said, "You are very welcome, Zalan. Do you need anything else?" She asked Hadyn. The smile on her face real and not faked in the slightest which Hadyn found strange.

"No thanks. You have been most helpful." With one last nod he headed to the elevator.

As he waited for the car to come down from the top floor Keev delved into hysterical giggles in his head. ~What is your problem?~ Hadyn demanded.

~The lady at the desk! She- she's on the phone with a friend. She's going into raptures about Zalan. 'A dragon! I'm serious. He was right there! I want a picture! Why don't you believe me?' It's hilarious.~ Keev crowed. ~Just imagine if she could see all of us.~

~Wonderful. You're going to miss the elevator.~ Zalan told him dryly as the doors opened.

Stepping into the thankfully empty car, Hadyn hit the button for the fourth floor.

Following the directions he easily found the Transfer office. He opened the door without knocking and wasn't surprised in the slightest when the whole room froze at his entrance. Scanning quickly he noted the five desks one directly in front of him and two off to either side creating an isle. Ignoring the lackeys Hadyn strode up to the head of Transfers. "Mage Becker." He identified himself, "You should have my temporary transfer papers. I need to sign them."

The middle aged man stared at him for a moment, and then shook himself. "Of course, sir. One moment please." Swiftly searching through the stacks on his desk he came up with the forms. Flipping through them to make sure that they were all there he then went through then one by one having Hadyn sign in the appropriate places. "Is there anything else you need, sir?" Hadyn was asked as he signed the last page.

"Actually, yes. I need a US drivers license by today if at all possible."

"Certainly, sir." The man, Mr. Jones Hadyn belatedly noticed the guys name plate, turned to his subordinates. "Mavers! Take Mage Becker to the licensing office."

Turning to see who was being addressed he was faced with a very pretty girl that looked like she was all of 18. Standing she motioned to him with a plastic smile on her face. "Right this way, Mage Becker,"

Following the girl out of the office and down the hall, Hadyn tried to ignore the tenseness of his guide. She was very obviously nervous, or terrified. He wasn't sure what was worse.

"Right here, sir." Mavers announced, opening an unmarked door and ushering him in. "Mr. Hassl? Mr. Jones sent me. Mage Becker needs a Washington ID by today."

A large black man looked up at Mavers call. Once again Hadyn glanced around at his surroundings. The small office had two desks, one unoccupied. A couch rested across one wall with magazines strewn on it. On one wall was a blue screen and camera obviously there for taking photo ID pictures. Looking back at Hassl he found himself being appraised.

"I already licensed your car and apartment, an ID will not be difficult." Hassl said calmly. He pointed at the blue screen, "Stand on the yellow line."

Hadyn sent Zalan to the couch and did as instructed, pretending not to notice Mavers swift retreat. Hassl efficiently took his picture then looked at him again. Hadyn had to resist the urge to cross his eyes at the man. "Fire mage?"

The abrupt question startled him. "Elemental mage." Hadyn corrected.

"Ah. So you have more of them?" Hassl asked gesturing at Zalan.


"I haven't seen an Elemental Spirit in ten years." Hassl told him eyes straying to Zalan on the couch. "Would you like to wait for your ID?" he asked abruptly changing the subject.

"How long will it take?"

"For a temporary, five minuets; permanent, twenty."

"Permanent." Hadyn decided. "I'll wait."

Hassl motioned him to the couch even as he turned back to his desk. Hadyn settled himself as the door opened and another man walked in. The absolute opposite of Hassl, he was short, scrawny, pale and blonde. "Sanders. Go turn on the ID printer." Hassl commanded with out looking up.

"Sure, boss." Came the easy reply. Not even noticing Hadyn Sanders dumped some files on his desk and walked right back out the door. By the time Sanders returned Hadyn was skimming one of the magazines on the couch. Hassl's estimate of time was right and about twenty minuets later he was telling Sanders to go get the ID off the printer.

Hassl checked it before handing it to Hadyn. "Thank you very much." Hadyn told him as he shoved the ID in his pocket and headed for the door.

Back at his car Hadyn sighed. ~Well that went way better then expected.~

~Well then that just means that the normals are going to be worse then they usually are.~ Keev muttered sourly.

~Shut up and get in the car.~ Zalan snapped at him.

~What's your problem?~ Keev demanded.

~That Sanders guy stared at me the whole time we were there. It seriously creeped me out. I want to get the hell away from this building.~

~I doubt he's going to follow us.~

~Whatever. How far away is the Mystic whatever place?~ Mel asked.

~Mystic Crimes Department.~ Seim supplied helpfully.

"We'll get there when we get there." Hadyn told him, reaching out and flipping on the radio. Finding something with a nice beat he left it there, humming along with the music.

Pulling up at the police station, Hadyn grimaced as he turned the car off. "So, am I on my own or are some of you showing?"

~Me an' Zalan are gonna show.~ Keev informed him.

Hadyn blinked, "Well then let's just hope none of them realize you're opposites." Getting out of the car Hadyn felt them land on his shoulders. He winced internally as everyone nearby stared at him. Watching the pedestrian traffic in the refection on the glass door Hadyn saw a nicely dressed businessman walk straight into a telephone pole.

~…..Did you just see that?~ Keev asked in disbelief.

~Yeah I did.~ Zalan answered not bothering to hide his laughter. ~Lets go Hadyn before someone walks out into traffic or some thing.~

Stopping at the security desk he held out his Guild ID and politely asked where the MCD was and who was in charge there.

"Second floor, ask for Captain Li." Was the prompt response, even if the officer manning the desk barely glanced at his ID and stared at his companions the whole time.

"Thanks" Hadyn muttered heading for the stairs. Reaching the second floor he sighed. "This is going to be so much fun. Not."

Opening the door he walked into the bullpen. Completely ignoring the stifling silence that his entrance caused, Hadyn headed for the office at the back of the room. The door opened before he got there and the man in the door glared at him furiously.

~Oh yeah we're so liked here.~ Keev stated sarcastically.

Hadyn examined the captain by eye, about 5' 10" brown hair and light blue eyes, and Hadyn was shocked to realize a Were. ~Since when can Weres have a job like this?~

~Hell if I know.~ Zalan murmured uneasy.

Stepping back from his door way, the captain motioned him in. Sliding past him Hadyn reached for and pulled up his seldom used shields, tightening them down as much as possible. Weres had heightened senses, they could see, smell and hear way above a normal human and sometimes that caused problems, especially if they could use those abilities to tell if you were lying.

Hadyn didn't miss the tightening of the captains eyes when he pulled his shields up. Motioning Hadyn to the chair opposite his desk the captain sat down. With his shields up Hadyn couldn't scan the rest of the bullpen to see if there were any more Weres. Not knowing if there were more people out there listening to him made him uneasy.

"I'm Captain Kale Li. What precisely can I do for you Mage…" He trailed off raising an eye brow inquiringly.

"Becker." He answered automatically. "I'm going to be working in your city for a few weeks."

Li leaned back in his chair studying Hadyn, his face impassive. "I see and what are you working on?" He knew as well as Hadyn did that the only reason a Guild member would be warning the MCD of a problem they were working on was if there was a high risk of casualties.

"Actually, I'm guessing that you're already working on it." Hadyn admitted. "Someone is opening Portals from the demon Plain. There have already been some deaths and not just mages and when some one dies from a demon it's messy. Which means that this problem was most likely dumped in your lap."

"And you want us to just hand the case over to you." It wasn't a question.

"No, I'd rather work with you on it. I don't know this city or its people. No one is going to be willing to talk to me and it would be pointless to do this myself when your people are already working on it." Hadyn answered flatly.

Hadyn didn't need to be a Were to see the skepticism that flashed through Li's eyes. Hadyn sighed and dropped his shields. "Look, I don't want any one else to die. There've been enough casualties already and we don't need any more. I know that you people don't like mages but I have to work on this with or without your help. It would be marginally easier with it and then I'll be out of your city and you'll never see me again."

"Some how I doubt you truly want to work with us." Li stated voice hard, "We're handling it fine on our own. Investigate on your own time and get out of my station."

Hadyn stood and flicked one of his cards, with name and cell number on it, on the desk. "In case you change your mind." He said softly and walked out.

~Well that was a waste of time.~ Mel sighed. ~But at least it was a very short waste of time. It's a new record.~

~Maybe he'll change his mind.~ Seim said hopefully.

~No one has before.~

~This could be the first time.~

~I seriously doubt it.~

~Doesn't matter.~ Hadyn cut in as he reached his car. ~ We're working on this regardless of-~


Hadyn jumped in surprise twisting to see Li standing at the door of the station. He motioned impatiently for Hadyn to come closer. Hadyn obeyed curious. "You get one chance to prove what you said in my office. We have another murder call. You're riding with me to the scene and I expect you to do as you're told like every one else."

Hadyn shrugged, "As long as your orders don't interfere with some ones safety."

Li grunted and motioned Hadyn to follow him to the garage. "Do they have to sit on your shoulders like that?" he demanded.

"No, they can be inconspicuous."

Hadyn got a sharp look for that and then a double take. To normal eyes Keev and Zalan were gone. Hadyn could still feel them but couldn't really see them just a shimmer. "You shielded them?"

"They shield themselves. They're sentient and are fully aware that you're talking about them."

Li, to his credit, just nodded. They met up with two other cops both women in the garage. "Rain, Mason, this is Mage Becker. He'll be working with us on this case. Any problems get over them now."

"Yes, sir." They chorused before moving to a car and getting in the back seat. Hadyn slid in the front seat. Eyes flickering between the side and rearview mirrors he examined the two women. Not really sure who was who. They were alike enough to be sisters. Both had similar features, sandy blonde hair and green eyes.

"Where'd your lizards go?" The one right behind him asked.

Hadyn almost choked as four indignant voices protested in unison ~Lizards?~

"Uh, they're here, just shielded." Hadyn answered.

~We're not lizards!~ Zalan half snarled, dropping his shields to appear to normal eyes. Half raising his wings he hissed spitefully at her.

She blinked in surprise. "Oh my, I don't think I've ever seen a lizard like that. Can he fly?"

"Yes, he can fly. I'd be surprised if you had ever seen a lizard like him since he's not a lizard. He's a dragon, an Elemental Spirit." Hadyn explained.

"He's gorgeous. What's his name?"


"Can he-"

"Cut the chatter, Rain, we're here." Li stated mildly parking the car on the street. There were only three cops outside the building housing a drycleaners. Approaching the uniforms Li started giving orders. "Start blocking off the scene. Others will be here in minuets to help you. Keep it low key we don't need the press here."

They snapped out smart yes, sirs and got to work even as Li went past them into the building with Hadyn, Rain, and Mason following. The lobby looked war torn. The back room looked like a charnel house.


~Yeah that pretty much sums it up, Seim~ Hadyn said feeling sick. Eyes scanning slowly with out moving forward any to not mess up the crime scene, Hadyn frowned. "Somethings off."

He got three glares. "You say that like this is a normal case." Rain, the detective that had been talking to him snapped.

"No, I mean, somethings off magically. I" He paused, "I think it's still here." He said slowly eyes still searching.

"You've got to be shitting me." Rain said flatly. "No ones stupid enough to stay after this." She waved her hand at the mess.

"Who said demons were smart? The only smart demons are the ones that look remotely human. The rest are like animals, intelligence wise. Insane man eating animals but animals none the less."

"I still say you're full of shit." She muttered in response.

"Can it, Rain, and start looking." Her partner, Mason Hadyn reminded himself, told her.

Hadyns frown deepened. ~I know this signature. Why can't I think of what it is?~

~Open up your senses, Hadyn, let us feel through you.~ Mel said urgently.

Doing as requested Hadyn carefully stepped further into the room avoiding the pools of blood.

~Oh fuck~

~Language Keev.~ Hadyn said automatically.

~Get them out!~ Keev yelled even as forensics arrived coming into the room.

"What?" Hadyn asked aloud without thinking.

~It's here!~ Keev shouted. ~Get them out!~

"Clear the room!" Hadyn yelled having no doubt the Keev could feel what he couldn't. They were staring at him not moving not getting out, he opened his mouth to yell again as the demons scream filled the room. As the scream ended the demon appeared coming right through the wall.

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