Sappy love songs, not my thing.
I want everything you give,
Hot and rough; please, make me bleed,
Bruise and beg; I'll go down on my knees.
Don't worry, baby, I won't break,
If you know me at all you know I won't.
I should feel dirty, and I stood in the
mirror afterwards, but
It turned me on, honey, you have no idea−
Please give it to me, fast.
−to see that handprint, looking suspiciously
Like your left hand, branded on my hip.
I'm independent, you would know,
−your nose never quite looked the same−
But I craved that mark; I am yours, (for now)
Don't worry, I give as good as I get,
You got the scars to prove it.

Breakable 7/12/11

© 2011 by knownkonvict

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