Watch your step,
That line right down the middle,
It's a small move from your side to mine,
Inconspicuous and dangerous so you'd better
Watch your mouth, one wrong move
And you've crossed that little line,
So think carefully, a hard feat for you I'm sure,
A slip of the tongue and you're done for,
Please, I'm hoping this is my poker face,
But I'd love to see what you'd do if I'm bluffing,
You hit like a girl, so check that off,
You're getting closer, and none come out unscathed,
Look who grew a pair, and I don't mean balls,
Common sense does that pretty face well, good for you,
I'm keeping a close eye on you, and not the way you like,
So I'd tread even more cautiously if I were you,
Watch your back

Caution 7/12/11

© 2011 by knownkonvict

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