For all new readers of Demon Soul-the first five chapters are rather boring but by the sixth chapter, the plot begins to thicken. Feel free to skim the first five chapters, just to get a raw feel for some of the characters. Please read and review.


Chapter one: Darkness Within

I was always fascinated by the darkness. Not just literal darkness, like the darkness encapsulated by a moonless night. No, I'm talking about the darkness within. The darkness, that harsh, acrid power that lives within us all—that demon within—and without. I enjoyed reading about the horrors and agonies perpetuated and suffered by humanity. Pestilence, violence, psychopathic tendencies, inhumane atrocities. And, of course, raw evil. The kind of evil so violently demonic, so putridly attractive, that one almost believes it cannot exist. At least not on this earth. And indeed, it doesn't. at least not in its raw form. It exists a bit within us all. Some have it more than others. Some have it much more than others. And yet, some, hardly human, are carnal manifestations of such darkly seductive powers. They are the demons of this world and the next. They are the ones that hunt our souls and haunt our minds. They are the ones that seduce us into twisted thinking and lustful carnage. These are the ones I write about. I never knew my soul was so…dark, until I met him. It was only then that I realized—and unleashed—the full potential of my dark being. I frightened myself when I discovered my true nature. Indeed, humanity's true nature. I think I may have even startled him, and he was no angel, that's for sure.