Ex's Relation

"Mum I don't want to have to move" Teann said as she sat in the back of the car gazing out the window looking at the house she once called home. Turning in her seat she looked at her sister Chantal who was moving her hands to the beat of the music. "Embarrassing" Teann said with a laugh, Chantal gave her a smile and continued her dancing. "I'm sorry Teann but we can't live there anymore, not with your aunt expecting any day now, she needs the spare room." Their mother Stacy said. Teann crossed her arms and sighed, she really didn't want to move, she wanted to stay with her best friend Erin. "Teann you will love where we are moving to. It is a little town cut off from the rest of the world because there are tree's all around, you get your own room, bathroom with spa bath, you also get your own walk in robe and balcony." Her father said. "what about me" Chantal said with a whine to her voice. "Quit you whining you get the same thing." Their mother replied. As they left the town Teann noticed the sign that read. "Now leaving Falling Fell, please come again" and turned around in her seat. There 3 year old sister Tabitha. Started singing "twinkle, Twinkle little star…." It is so adorable Teann thought but Chantal apparently didn't think so. "Shut up" Chantal said then continued "that isn't even music." After saying this Chantal changed the song she was listening to, it was changed to Take it off, sung by Ke$ha. She turned it up to full blast, in her headphones. Her mother gave her a disapproving look while her father kept his eyes on the road. Teann Turned on her Laptop and updated her Facebook status. "On the way to new house, new town" is what she wrote. She then looked through her emails. "Six new emails" she whispered to herself. Each one of them was from one of her friends and each one saying something along the line of "We will miss you" or "Sorry you have to leave.". She shut the computer down only for her sister to snatch it off her "mines in the boot she explained. She checked her emails and Facebook only to find nothing new, except for her Ex-boyfriend's relationship status. "yuck" she said shutting it down and handing it back to her sister, "he is over me, he is in a relationship with Sara, the one who put gum in his hair when in primary school, the disgusting one, yeah not going to end well " she said as she fell asleep. Teann also fell asleep, when Teann woke up it was six at night. "been in the car for 10 hours and still not there yet." Teann said. "It is a 19 hour drive to Mystic Church" Her father replied. "mystic church" she whispered, Then thought this is not going to be fun.