They Arrive

When they arrived at the house Teann slowly got out of the car then went round to help Tabitha out. When Tabitha was out of the car she turned around to face the house, it was a huge two story house, two balconies on the front of the second story. She looked above that and saw that there was a third story, an attic. Teann went to the front of the house and looked around; she saw that the house to the left had all the blinds open and lights on. "Hello" a voice said and a boy around her age appeared. "I'm Dave" He said, and then thought why didn't he pick a cool name? "H….hi" Teann stammered back. Just at that moment Chantal came around the corner carrying two boxes. "Little help" she said, as soon as she said that Teann came out of the trance and took one of the boxes from Chantal, seeing it was Chantal's clothing she sighed. Chantal unlocked the house door throwing a key to Teann, "that key is yours" Chantal said walking inside, When Teann moved to go inside she dropped the box and key," Here" Dave said picking it up for her really quickly, "thanks Teann said turning around, "you forgot the key" He said passing it to her, Teann felt so embarrassed. "Thanks" Teann said placing the box inside and when she came out Dave was gone. Teann frowned then shrugged it off going to help her parents unload the car.