All I've Said And Done

Stand by tearing through the rapture of a silent dismay
Step asside from moments in a morbid malfeasance
Terrified by every little bite of the ash tray
Can't help hearing through the lies of redundance

I said it once before
I'll say it again
I'll never get to stop
I'll never see an end

I said it once before
I'll say it again
And again and agian
And it won't make a difference

I can bleed on stage like an egoist preacher
I can hide my conviction in obscurity pretense
I can eat myself away with analytical contexts
But it won't make you do what I don't know to do
I don't know what to do

Take my hand and shred me through the wind of the act on convition
Take my fist through my heart and bring it out in sedition
Take my faith and break away until it's supplanted religion
Take this fire and put it to the foundation of this division
And scatter me in fields of asphalt and hate

I said it once
And I'll say it before
I say it once
And then I say it again

I never give up
But I never give in
Smash the state with a amorphous distraction
Blood on the pavement in a flacid compassion

Fly from your ivory towers and issolated homes
Blaze through the streets you've never really known
From hear to the sea, stir the ashes of rome
Burn forever bright and bold

Like glass in the wings of the highway of obscenity
Crippling the chickenhawk of sadism and greed
Shards of destruction decisive and clean
String up the bastards and make them fucking bleed

I'll say it once
And I said it before
Without a single step
I'm just another jaded whore
I'll never get to stop
I'll never see an end