Substantial Independence

I'm pretty sure we can do this better on our own
I'm pretty sure there won't be shit to say once all is said and done
One faithful step in to the vacant unknown
I'm pretty sure we'll get to miss the war that we'll have already won

Violate the statist corporation by ignoring their position
We build new cities underneath the ones they run
We work to one day own our own condition
We work to find a work that's closer to fun

Sustainability is more than ecology
Sustenance is liberty beyond an ideology
This is what Marx meant by the means of production
This is life without subscription fees
This is what I mean by finite possession
This is life for free

Because money doesn't work
Like an hour glass affixed
It's innevitably useless
This simply will not work
As plain as all the digits
That divide us from the rich

Subvert to survive
Survive to subvert