I scurry in the grass hoping to get back before dawn breaks,

Though just as the sun rises I am left exposed.

I scamper off to the large oak tree that stretches high enough to touch the sky.

Hiding behind a knotted root, I wait to see if I can hurry to mother's den.

She'll be waiting.

Then a patchwork shark appears from nowhere to block my path.

It licks its lips in hungry excitement while showing me its sharp fangs.

Its eyes growing huge with hunger in fused lust.

I scramble to get away from him because anyone knows that if you should meet him you will always lose. He's favourited by the giants but feared by those smaller than him.

What will mother think if I do not return home?

Then a large paw lands on me and pins me, the claws dig through my fur and pin-prick my skin.

I am terrified what if I lose this game of cat and mouse?

There isn't another chance to do things differently.

My heart is thumping wildly inside my rib cage like an un-tame lion locked up in cage.

He could feel me tremble with fear.

Then a male giant appeared, he grabbed the his pet and put him inside his castle.

The cat looked at me, behind the glass, with seething eyes.

I try to reach home before any more find me.

But a jet black one with white markings jumped out from a bush.

He had watched the commotion with interest and now was his chance to make his move.

I know I would be his snack.

This was it. I tried desperately to run but he gripped my tail and I slid back in his direction.

If I stayed deathly still, he would just watch me. I hoped that if I just ran I could escape but another claw clamped tight of me.

This claw ripped into my leg while scarlet blood escaped. This pleased him.

Another giant, female came out and shooed him away by making loud noises. He was frightened while I scampered into the nearby grass.

If I just hid, they'd go away and I run and tell mother my adventures in the compound despite her orders to stay in the field.

The giant had a clear cage and coaxed me into it. I could run from it with my leg.

She carried me away from the compound.

Where was I going? Would I see mother again?

I kept slipping everytime I tried to move.

Then she dropped me off into the field and watched me as I tried to look for home.

I ran off not looking back.

I had to find mother and tell her my adventures.

I suppose the giant went home because when I returned with my brother we couldn't find her.

But I know without her, I wouldn't be here.