*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the innocent

I was at my dad and step family's house when the basket and manga volume appeared in my bed room. We have many stepsisters and brothers you see. And since me and my step sister Janice* are closest in age and interests we share a room when I go to my father's house. There was actually a basket and a bundle of something in the room that I noticed. Apart from it was a volume of a manga that I hadn't seen before. (I hadn't seen it but the title was the same as another manga my sister had at least started reading and the girl on the cover looked very much like the main character in another manga we'd read and enjoyed only with a different hair color. She even had the same name- Risa.) I could have easily assumed the book to have been one my sister had gotten from her library but somehow I knew the books were connected with the basket and bundle.

Upon closer examination I found the basket and bundle to be filled with a number of cats. Kittens really, about a big as my seven or so month old Norwegian Blue kitten Beatrice. But none of these cats were mine. There was one who looked similar to mine, maybe smaller and more like a cartoon and almost like it was smiling in a chesire sort of way, but it was not a Norwegian blue. Norwegian blues are a silvery grey and have green eyes. This one was completely white, from its fur to its eyes, almost like a coloring book page child forgot to color in. It wasn't a pure white, but almost seemed to have a tinge of blue throughout its skin and eyes.

There was one Calico cat without a shread of white on him that seemed a lot more active than the rest. (I believe I might have named this one Sanders but I can't seem to remember exactly.) There was one with a chubby, ugly sort of tabby cat face that was all white as well. There weren't many of them whom I could see clearly in the bundle or the basket for they were packed in so tightly together that I couldn't quite tell where one furry sleeping body ended and the next begun.

My father and two of my other step sisters must have entered at this point. Amy and Faith. My father warmed us not to mention the cats to the girls' mother. That was the only thing he'd even try to tell us before he'd guarantee letting us keep any of them. This was a funny thing to place in us girl's minds. Since one of their elder brothers Cassey was allergic to cats we couldn't possibly keep any of them. But this was far from our minds I guess. We were simply under the spell of these cats who slept together in a basket and a bundle so tightly they couldn't be told one from the other.

I decided there to take notes on the behavior of each kitten in a notebook and name each accordingly. (This must have been when I named one of the kittens Sanders, but I'm not sure if I did and if so which one.) I don't remember many of the notes I took, certainly not enough to add much to this tale. But I remember noting that some of the cats seemed to have strange ears. Like the ears were from a show I watch sometimes for children about monsters with strange powers. They were not "Pokémon" though, they were cats- kittens even. And I guess my reasoning must have been that kitten's ears are frayed all the time. So I took the bundle and the basket and carefully carried them down stairs to work on their labeling and documenting some more.

At some point while I was sitting on the couch and doing these things my step-mother walked down stairs and to the kitchen to prepare breakfast I suppose. She did not notice what I had in my lap. (I figure since I often had a notebook anyway, just noticing the notebook would not be cause for alarm.) So I carefully and as nonchalantly as I could manage picked the bundle and basket up (which by now the basket had been replaced with just another bundle) and walked past my father and gave him a secret sort of smile and perhaps a wink, showing him that things were still on the up and up with the cats.

I took them to hide them in me and my step-sister's room as they had been before. But when I walked in and set the kittens down a curious thing happened. The door closed by its own accord. (Much like it does when you leave the window open or occasionally the fan on and the wind blows it closed, but as far as I can gather neither was the window open or the fan on or maybe even in the room) Then the next thing I knew, I couldn't seem to get it to stay shut. In fact the door seemed to have been cut down so it didn't even fill the door frame. I guess I must have moved the kittens next door to Amy's room next door at this point because that is where we seemed to be next. It didn't do us much good, her door could not seem to stay shut either and, well, the door didn't fit the frame.

At this point the kittens, who for the most part had been fairly well behaved up to this point (aside from perhaps a playful swipe of the paw in the beginning), now seemed to be getting rather fussy. They were beginning to want to get out. Especially the white kitten with the ugly tabby sort of face who was trying to get around my leg as I tried to keep the door closed.

I don't remember what my mind set was for leaving the room. I'm almost positive I was going to ask for help from Faith across the way, though I feel as though I also went to the loft down the hall, perhaps to turn off the ceiling fan there as if that were the cause of it. I noticed the book, the manga on the floor. I feel as though I might have read at least bits here and there because I feel like I remember pages of science fictional nonsense I normally stray away from. This would have been where I discovered the girl in the story's name was Risa, odd, since aside from a minor change in hair color (minor for manga since her hair was now green rather than light brown.) she looked positively the same.

I returned to Amy's room to hold the door closed for her and either Amy or Faith or both came and asked what was wrong. I told them about not being able to get the door closed and that I was almost certain the white kitten with the ugly, tabby face had escaped, then in turning around I noticed all the kittens were gone. I suppose this should have been cause for alarm and for frantic searching on our part, but for me it allowed several things to click into place. I went to the center of the room by Amy and Faith entered as well. I must have beckoned them to both sit down on the floor and I told them my sudden realization.

The kittens were not of this world. They must have been aliens. Here is why: one) The kittens appeared in me and Janice's bedroom on the second floor when no one remembers bringing the foundlings upstairs. (Especially since the room was on the second floor no one could have put them in through the window since it wasn't even by the window) Two) The manga. It was but a mix of manga's I'd previously seen on Earth. The aliens must have simply mixed sights we were familiar with so we wouldn't be suspicious of the manga being fake. (sort of like how one, when trying to fake knowing a language will use a mix of the few words they do know in order to fool those who don't know the language. This, of course, never works on those that do.) Three) The doors. That's why they didn't seem to shut. The aliens must have been manipulating them from their space ship above us so the cats could escape and scatter into the house, into the very planet. This would also explain their strange ears and the nearly cartoon quality of some of them, but I believe I might have came up with this later. At that moment we made a silent pact to tell our parent and step-parent just what was going on.

When we'd run down stairs it was to discover my mother had just about finished cooking breakfast and my dad had sat down at the table to eat. Apparently we were being blamed for some deficiency in the amount of bacon since the bacon was few and the bacon I could see was small, barely a pig in a blanket. But still we shared with the both of them our recent discovery (we of course got a hard stare for hiding a bunch of cats in the house, but still I went on with more bravery than I normally had in this respect.)

Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye that stunned me. A piece of bacon (Maybe a little bigger than a thimble) was floating by the plate of bacon on the counter where we would normally help ourselves to it. I glanced down at the bacon on the plates set out for us on the table, they looked to be the same kind. My father was raising one of his pieces to his mouth when I hollered, "Don't eat the bacon!" My dad had already taken a bite and to my right I saw that while I had been talking Amy had sat down to eat and had a piece of her bacon in her mouth already. I began to explain that the bacon must have been tampered with by the aliens. There was no telling what could come from eating it.

What happened at these strings of realizations you may ask? Alas—very little. What did happen was I began to wake up. But as disappointed with the ending as many of you might be I stayed in bed a little while longer and made up some exciting ending about the cats entering and maybe talking about some insidious plot and possibly taking my step-mother hostage. I also recall thinking a little after this that my cat Beatrice would come in and we would discover she was an undercover spy for an intergalactic organization and would come rescue us but, of course, these things I made up after waking were simply silly sci-fi mumbo jumbo not fit to be published. So I apologize for even writing them down.