For some odd reason, people like me were hated…feared. "Normal" people out casted us, considering us a threat to peace. We were jumped; we were killed; we were arrested for no particular reason, simply because we honed the ability to become animals—any animal.

The ability was considered to us either a gift or a curse. As a gift, we could become any animal any time. No pain was involved with the ability, and bonuses were that we could under-stand one another whether or not we were still human, and we could understand any regular animal when we were animals. As a curse, this ability made us easily identifiable. No matter what, if we became a dog, we would be that exact same dog every single time we became it. We were easily identified as a human, too. Everybody with the ability had two or three hair colors, brighter-colored eyes, and more fair skin.

Because we were feared, we became known as Freaks Of Nature, or FONs. Some of us hated to be known as such; others were proud. I could've gone either way, because I loved the idea of becoming animals, but I didn't like to be called a freak.

I was excited to get the ability, for youth get it at the age of fifteen. I invited all of my friends for my party, which was going to include when I would become an animal for the first time at noon—the exact time I was born. The only one I didn't…or rather, couldn't invite was my closest friend, Vincent. As close as we were, he wasn't like me, nor did he know I was a FON. He was actually taught to hate FONs, and I feared that if he knew, he'd refuse to speak to me again.