She was not far from the pack's territory when Vilkas appeared. "Kimberly, your friend Rylee is with us."

"Please take me to her, Vilkas," she replied. She followed the wolf to the pack dens, finding Rylee in tears by the Akela.

The black wolf looked at her. "She has been like this for hours," he said. "We do not know what is wrong or what has happened."

Kimberly approached the girl. "Rylee…"

The girl looked up quickly upon hearing her name. "K-Kimmi!" She leaned into Kimberly, still with tears down her face. "L-Logan told me to go h-home…but I don't know how by myself, s-so I f-found your friends…"

"It's okay, Rylee…Thank goodness you're all right…" Kimberly gratefully rubbed her head against her.

Rylee looked around. "W-where's Logan?"

Kimberly hesitated. "He…he found a way for me to get out, but he couldn't get out, too, Rylee. I tried to get him to come with me, but…"

Her voice faded, feeling terrible about leaving Logan. Rylee, however, leaned even more into her and said, "I've got Kimmi, though…"

Kimberly gave her a small wolf-like smile. "I need to go and tell my parents what happened." She looked at the Akela. "Is it okay if Rylee stays here?"

"Of course," the wolf replied.

Rylee looked and said, "I'll s-stay here."

"Thanks, Rylee…I'll be back; I promise."

She swiftly made her way through the forest, heading in the direction of her neighbor-hood. She knew that if anyone, her parents could find a way to fix everything and get Logan out. However, she felt off upon reaching her house. With her animal instincts, she knew that something was not right at all.

She quietly moved up the steps to the door, hearing her father talking on the phone through an open window.

"She's gone?" he said. He sighed and said, "Don't worry…she'll come here. She'll want to tell us what happened. Once she's here, I'll make sure that she won't leave…" There was silence. "Yes…right…all right…good evening."

He put down the phone as her mother ran in frantically. "How could you do this? How can you not care about her?"

"Our daughter is a freak, Khloe. Everyone in that school is a freak. They need to be hidden until Dr. Douglas can show them for what they are."

"She's our daughter! I thought you cared for her, especially after what happened to Emily…"

"I put her out of her misery…For all you know she could've been like Kimberly."

"It wouldn't have mattered to me!"

There was silence, but Kimberly heard the sound of ruffled clothing. "People like Kimberly should never have existed, Khloe."

She heard her mother slap her father. "Whether or not she should exist…Kimberly is my daughter…And I'm glad that she escaped…she won't be tortured anymore."

Pure rage surged through Kimberly's veins and thoughts. Her father did not give a hoot about her. On the contrary, he hated her, and he feared of what Emily could have been. He killed her…he killed Emily… As much as she wanted to go into the house and confront her father, she resisted, knowing that it was a trap. Instead, she ran away from the house, returning to the wolf pack.

Seeing the change in mood, the Akela asked, "What happened?"

Also seeing how upset Kimberly was, Rylee stood upon seeing her. "Kimmi…?"

She growled to herself. "My father doesn't care about me…He knew we were still at school, Rylee…He got a phone call from that man and he knows that I'm gone…He…thought he could trick me by pretending he cared when I got home, but…" She became herself and her rage grew as she thought of Emily again. Not wanting to take it out on either the wolf pack or Rylee, she yelled and hit a tree. "H-he killed her…h-he killed my sister…"

Kimberly sank to her knees as tears formed and trickled down her face. All she could think about was Emily and how she could have gotten over her illness. Emily…she's gone because of Dad's hatred for me.

Rylee approached Kimberly and leaned against her. "Kimmi…I'm sorry Kimmi…" she said, knowing how upset the seventeen-year-old was about her sister.

"I-if I had stayed…after my dad told me that Emily wouldn't make it…I-I would've known how much he hated me…I…I could've saved her before he killed her. S-she wouldn't have died."

Rylee hugged Kimberly, before she looked up and backed away. Kimberly felt her mother's arms wrap around her and she heard her say, "It's not your fault, Kimberly…you didn't know back then."

She turned quickly to see her mother. Her eyes were red and swollen and tears trickled down her face. "M-mom…"

Kimberly's mother hushed her. "Your father's looking for you…I saw you outside of the house." She embraced her daughter. "Thank goodness you're all right…"

Kimberly looked away. "I…thought Dad loved me…"

"I thought he did, too, sweetheart." They were silent. "You need to hide…both you and Rylee…If your father finds you, he'll take you both back to that school."

After a moment, Kimberly looked at the Akela, who began pushing Rylee toward his den. She looked at her mother and said, "The wolf pack will keep us safe. But Mom…Logan's still there…"

"I'll do what I can, sweetheart." Her mother kissed her. "Stay safe…I love you so much."

Kimberly leaned into her mother. "I know you do." Once her mother was gone, Kimberly followed Rylee into the den. She became a wolf to listen to the Akela.

"If your father comes, do not leave the den," the wolf said. "You will be safer in here."

Kimberly heard Rylee's stomach growl, and Rylee sighed in hunger. One wolf noticed how hungry both girls were and left to hunt. He returned not long after with food. After they ate, they sat there in complete silence.

It was not until dawn that Kimberly heard the sound of footsteps coming toward the wolves' territory. Rylee jumped and began to tremble, but Kimberly had her stay close to her to prevent her from making any sounds.

"Kimberly, come out!" her father said. "I know you're here!"

Kimberly did not move, but her anger quickly rose over her determination to keep Rylee safe. She, like she had felt the day she was told that Emily would not survive, wanted to destroy and kill her father. Vilkas, however, moved to leave. "I will scare off the intruder," he said.

"Vilkas, wait…" However, the wolf had left the den and began to growl loudly. Kimberly stayed quiet until she heard a gun go off and at once her anger became rage. She ran out of the den, finding Vilkas lying on the ground with a bleeding leg. At once, she charged at her father, knocking him down to the ground and forcing him to release his gun.

"Kimberly, get off, now!" her father demanded. She growled loudly at him. However, before she could be given a chance to say anything, her father grabbed her and tied her up, not letting her get away. She fought to get free, but she was unsuccessful as he took her into his car and drove off to the school.

Once they reached the school, Kimberly's father got her out of the car and took her to the room that she had escaped from beforehand. She saw Logan in the pool as the Dusky Dolphin, and she became herself just has her father threw her in.

"Kimberly!" Logan saw her sink underwater and he quickly swam to her, getting her to the surface just as her father began to leave.

Once she could speak, she glared at her father and yelled, "I hate you!" before he left.

Logan got out of the pool after becoming himself and he dragged Kimberly out and became a wolf to untie her. Once she was free, he became himself again. "Kimberly, are you all right?"

She did not reply as she continued to glare at the doors. Tears continued to trickle down her face as she thought of Emily again. "I hate my father…I hate him! He doesn't deserve to live!"

"What happened?"

She told him everything she heard. "He killed my sister! He killed Emily just because he didn't want another daughter like me!"

Kimberly leaned against the wall, curling herself up as she tried to not let her rage out on Logan. She yelled to herself, wishing that her father could return only so that she could get revenge for Emily. After a while, Logan approached her, knowing how upset she was. "I'm…I'm so sorry, Kimberly."

Kimberly glanced at him, seeing how sorrowful he truly was. She took deep breaths and she said, "R-remember what I told you…about how angry I got when…when he told me about Emily?" Logan nodded. "T-this…this is how angry I was…"

She thought about Emily some more and her anger grew again. She looked away and kept everything to herself afterwards. The next time I see my dad…I'll kill him…