Spade is a character of my creation and Russell is a character of my friend's creation who I have permission to use. I hope you enjoy the story that you are about to read.

I Should Of…

I should of listened to them when I still had a chance. I was told he was mad, but I never thought...

Well, that doesn't matter now does it? My thoughts that is. I gave up my thoughts, my heart, my life, the moment I gave him the words he needed.

I couldn't help myself, he was too beautiful. The fact that he even looked my direction had my heart racing, when he came over to me with such a sweet smile I was already ready to fall to the ground in pure death over joy.

"You're cute." he winked, running a finger along my cheek and traced my jaw line.

I was speechless as I tried to keep my cool, and try not to faint.

"What cat got your tongue?" he chuckled; "maybe I could help you with that." a smirk appeared on his face. It fit all too well.

After swallowing whatever was caught in my throat, "I'm fine... I'm Spade. What's your name?"

The smile on his face grew. I should of walked away then, but it was already too late.

Time passed, I met people that knew him. At first I thought they were joking around when they'd tell me he was crazy, but after a while I had to ignore the look in their eyes.

He didn't seem crazy to me. To me he was the sweetest guy I've ever met.

Then it came to this...

"Hey, Spade?" the way he said my name... words can't describe. "Would you like to help me with something?'

I nodded, "yes, of course I'll help you Russell what do you need?"

He kissed my hand softly, "oh it's nothing much. Just a little help to do a spell."

"A spell?" I frowned, "I can't do magic."

"Doesn't matter. You don't have to be able to do magic for the help that I need." Russell played with my hand and looked into my eyes bashfully.

I had to think for a moment, casting my eyes away at the clouds my thoughts ran wild. Finally I let out a soft sigh and met his eyes, "Of course I'll help you... I love you." My face grew hot with this confession.

Russell's eyes widened before going back to normal, his lips met mine, "I love you too, Spade. I wouldn't ask for just anyone's help."

Little did I know that those were the words that sealed my fate.

A month had gone by since my confession; Russell was making sure that I got my part right in the spell I would help with. Never once did it come to mind to ask what we were doing. Of course I didn't, I trusted him...

I love him.

His friends asked what we were doing. I didn't have the answers so I'd just shrug and smile, "Why don't you ask him?"

When the moon started to leave and they noticed the changes to my wardrobe and my mind also seemed to be elsewhere.

"Spade! Spade!"

"Huh? What-What's up?"

"What's up with you? What have you been doing with Russell?"

"Nothing, I'm just helping him."

"Helping..." I was suddenly grabbed by my arms, Quinn looked straight in my eyes, "What do you mean by that? Tell me what you're helping him with?"

I looked at him with shock before pulling away, "Everything's fine. Don't spaz out, so what if we've been busy, it's no business of yours." With that I walked away from Quinn... and my sanity.

That night finally came...

"You remember what I taught you, exactly what I told you?" Russell was drawing some strange circle on the floor as he talked to me.

I nodded, "Yeah. I got it."

I took my place and started the spell under a sky with no moon, but something felt wrong.

"Spade, do you promise to be by my side?" Russell's voice came from behind me. This part was new, I didn't remember it...

"Yes, of course."

"You're entire self will be mine as well as you're thoughts. Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Yes, I-"

"Don't turn around!" I flinched but did as I was told. "We don't want you to lose concentration or anything."

I swallowed hard and nodded.

Something still didn't seem right, my joints felt like something was slowly tying string around them. My mind seemed to be slipping as well.

Whatever was happening at least I knew my little Amelia would be okay... Wait, who was that again?

"Spade," I jumped as he spoke my name, his voice had changed. "How do you think of me?"

"I love you."


And? What was there to say? I couldn't think of anything else except...

"I'll always be yours."

The moment those words left my lips everything seemed to explode. My body was filled with pain, but I held my position. I could feel heat radiating everywhere. Behind me Russell's presence changed from comfort to something terrifying.

Suddenly I realized what I had done.

"This... this was a seal..." It was harder to speak then I thought it would be.

Laughter consumed my hearing followed by Russell's demented voice, "You're so simple. And now you're all mine."

There was a tug at the invisible strings and I was gone.

Now I am his puppet through me he unlocked something that should never of been touched. I am just a shell for him to use as he pleases as his power over runs him.

But I love him. That's the one thing that has never changed.

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