This was written for class and one of my friend's requested that I add the last name of one of my grandpa's cat's (can you guess which name it is?).

I hope you enjoy the story.

Who's this?

The house was silent as I sat there reading the newspaper, filled with the same stories and ads. Stuff like banks being robbed, someone winning the lottery, someone trying to sell their newest litter of animals. It's always cats.

It was the sound of the phone echoing through the house that caused me to jump. That phone has always done that, scare me I mean. With my blood pumping I went to the main hall to answer it.

"H-hello, this is the McGilicuddy residence, who may I ask is calling?" I managed to stammer out, my voice cracking a bit.

"Dianna, why are you being so formal? It's me, Iris?" The caller laughed.

"Oh! Right, I'm sorry." A thought popped up as she said her name. 'Do I know an Iris? The name… sounds kind of familiar, but…'

Iris laughed "Oh, gees you will never believe what's happened to me for the last week! So, I was heading to work when this really, really cute guy comes up and…" She started talking up a storm.

I started laughing at some point when she said she slipped and ripped her pants in the inner thigh area, "O-oh, I'm sorry for laughing, but that's just priceless."

"I know! I had to go all the way back to my house to change into a different pair. It was so embarrassing…" Iris laughed again "Oh and it gets better!"

I pulled a chair over so I'd be comfortable only to miss it and land on the floor, "Ouch!" That would hurt in… well, now.

"What was that, Dianna are you alright?"

"Yeah, I just had to take my own trip… for empathy reasons."

Iris sighed. "Well aren't you a sweetheart." I could hear the sweet sarcasm in her voice.

I chuckled "Anyways you were saying? What happened after you changed your pants?"

"Oh, well I got to work, late, of course and got a lecture from…" Iris continued on once more.

It was still bugging me though; I was having a hard time putting a face to Iris. I knew a few people with a flower for a name; Lily Hopper, Daisy Maier, and so on. I began to feel horrible. I mean who forgets their friends?

"Hey, Dianna, are you still there?" Iris asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Quickly clearing my throat I answered "Yes, I'm here. Sorry my mind was wandering. What did you say?"

"It wasn't important. I had started to ramble, but caught myself." She giggled.

"Ah, nothing else funny happened or was that the extent of your embarrassment for the week?" I chuckled, asking in good humor.

There was a pause then she suddenly started laughing hysterically.

I jumped, once again my heart rate went racing, but I was able to calm down quicker this time. "I see you've thought of something?"

"Oh… Y-yes, I have. So, yesterday I came home and it was quiet so I began talking out loud to myself, like I always do. Well I was getting into this really heated debate with myself as to where I had left my purse," She let out another laugh, this one not as loud but still amused. "Well, I started hearing another reply to what I was saying and it took a minute, but then I jumped, spinning around-"

"-Oh my, what happened? Who was the other voice?" I cut her off without meaning too, completely wrapped in her story.

Iris giggled, "It was my husband Ron! The sneak had heard me come in and decided to play a joke on me!"

"No! That's funny." I replied, 'Wait… Ron?'

"Yes! He stayed quiet until my conversation had gotten a bit thicker, he's so silly." Iris laughed.

"Um, excuse me, Iris? I'm sorry, but I think you might be talking to the wrong Dianna…" My brain finally clicked, realizing our mistake.

It was silent on the other end before Iris asked, "What did you say your last name was?"


"Oh!" Iris exclaimed, "Oh! Oh my- I'm so sorry, I thought you were… Oh, this is so embarrassing. I'm so sorry to bother you Ms. McGilicuddy. I hope you have a nice night."

I laughed "It's ok; it's just as much my fault. You have a nice night too Ms. Iris and a good laugh on this someday."

Iris chuckled, "Thank you, good bye." And with that she hung up.

My husband walked in just then with a smile, he looked at the phone still in my hand "Did someone call?"

I nodded with a smile "Yes, but they had the wrong number."

He laughed "Oh, well I bet that was embarrassing."

"It was," I laughed finally hanging up the phone. "It's a funny story actually…"

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(Oh, and in case you couldn't figure it out the name was McGilicuddy)