"Daddy, sorry…"

The only thing heard from the father was grunts and shouts about the child's mother, as he drunkenly beat his son hopping to erase him from what was left of the father's alcoholic world.

"I sorry, Daddy… Pease…"

With one last kick to the ribs, the young boy, battered and bleeding, lay flat upon the ground. The father squints at the body and then stares at the empty whiskey bottle in his hand. Disgusted and annoyed, he threw the bottle and left not caring about the boy or when to return.

Time passed, a small shaky breath was heard, as the boy struggled to breath. Slowly he began to move. He stood, dragging his weary body over to the semi-open front door.

Pushing on it with bruised hands, he toppled out of the apartment. Not able to catch himself, he collapsed down the stairs. The last thing he saw was a crimson sky, the last thing he heard was a woman scream, "Someone call an ambulance!"

Before finally blacking out, ever so weakly did these words pass his lips,

"Alyss sorry, Daddy…"

What do you think happened afterward? It's up to you really.

Alyss is my original character of my own creation. This is just a little part of his life.