Just a funny story, it's set up like the the short story "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty"

Duncan is another borrowed character from a friend and Anna is my own character.

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The Mind of a Silent Guy.

Duncan Ludlow sat in class listening to his teacher drone on about the math assignment and how to do it. He let out a sigh while turning his gaze to the window. Just outside was the school green house for horticulture class. Duncan's mind began to wander. . .

"Look its Dr. Duncan Ludlow!" A fellow scientist whispered to the other on his right.

The other went wide eyed in awe "What? He's the one that figured out how to end world hunger with his ultra plants! What is such a brilliant young mind doing here?"

"I'm here to gather research." Dr. Ludlow gave a smooth smirk. The young ladies near by all gasped, fainting to the floor.

The first scientist gasped "But what else could you do? Since world hunger has ended, there is no longer a need for war. What else can you save?"

Duncan combed a hand through his brown hair "I'm going to prove if love truly exists."

A girl with straight black hair that was tied in two braids and round glasses resting gently on her nose stepped forward shyly "May I help you… Dr. Ludlow?"

Duncan smiled at her "Please call me Duncan, miss…"

"I know I can call you Duncan, Mr. Ludlow. I can see your mind is wondering again." Mr. Buckley gave the day-dreaming boy a stern look. "Let's see if you can tell me what the answer is to the problem on the board."

Duncan stood heading up to the problem, he stared at it for about a minute "What am I suppost to find again?"

"Find x."

Duncan nodded, then tried solving the problem when he was done he moved back to his desk.

"Now, you were right until you got to here." Mr. Buckley went back to rambling about the problem.

Soon the bell sounded, BZZZ-BZZZ. It rang loudly as if yelling at the students to get going. Duncan moved out of the class room as if in a rut. He made his way down the hall, ghosting along like usual through the crowd.

Something was different today; he looked around the hall for the talk of the school. In a small town it was almost front page news when they had someone new move in. Duncan continued to scan the crowd only to lightly bump into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry." A quiet voice spoke.

Duncan paused for a moment before turning to see the owner of the voice, only to see her disappear into the crowd. He looked down to see a well loved novel at his feet. Quickly scooping it up, Duncan hurried to his next class.

After waiting for his teacher to give the assignment, then go to her desk. Duncan took a look at the book he had scooped up. It was the Pet Cemetery by Stephen King, opening it he saw a name neatly written in the corner.

'Annabelle Johns… that's a nice name; must be the new girl's.' Duncan closed the book shaking his head. He quickly went to work on his assignment until the bell for lunch rang.

His friends were already outside when he got out there. Duncan went and laid on the grass as his friends rambled on about silly things. He had the book with him, just incase he saw her come by or something.

"So in science today we were learning about fungus." One boy with blonde hair laughed.

"That's pleasant. You're going to need your book for history today." A red head gave a slight chuckle.

"Aw, mine went missing again. Can I borrow yours, Jericho?"

"No, borrow Beau's. I have history next and we don't see each other during passing periods." A girl with black hair sighed, she almost sounded bored.

Duncan thought about his government class. His mind fading once again…

The sound of pencils scribbling and camera bulbs flashing as pictures were taken of all the important leaders of the state.

"Look its Governor Ludlow." One of the reporters pointed in Duncan's direction.

Duncan gave a smirk to make the ladies swoon. He carefully made his way to the podium while ignoring the blinding flashes of the cameras.

"Governor Ludlow! Over here, tell us what it's like to be the youngest governor in office?" A reporter from the local news paper asked from his chair.

Governor Ludlow cleared his throat "It's alright, though I don't believe age makes much of a difference if you don't have the skills to do your job."

More frantic writing and murmured agreement or repetition of his word broke through the crowd. The camera took a few more blinding pictures.

"May I ask a personal question, who is your favorite author and which of his works do you most enjoy?" Another reporter called.

"Stephen King and his book the Pet Cemetery. Also school history books." Duncan said simply.

He watched the crowd of reporters all nod and murmur to one another.

Another reporter rose a bit timidly, "Is it true you are looking for someone?" She had her smooth black hair in two braids.

Duncan paused as he processed this question, he looked at her for a long time before answering, "…Yes, I am looking for someone."

"And who would that be Duncan?" Beau laughed as she nudged him with her foot.

He shooed her leg away "The owner of this book. How much did I say?"

"Just that you were looking for someone. I'm going to head to my locker; you coming?"

Duncan shook his head "No, I'll stay here for a bit."

The red head just shrugged "Alright." Then left.

He closed his eyes again with a sigh. After a few moments passed he heard a quiet voice.

"P-pardon me… are you awake?"

His eyes opened to see a black, braided haired girl with glasses peering above him. Duncan shot up, only to have their heads collide into each other.

"Ah!" He rubbed his head briefly before looking at the girl, who was rubbing her forehead. "Are you ok?"

She nodded "Y-yes… Nothing too bad."

"Let me see." He gently took her hand away. "It's a little red, but nothing too bad."

She took her hand back; her cheeks were turning a dark shade of pink "Thank you."

Duncan nodded "Did you want something?"

"Yes. My book, I lost it in the hall this morning and then I saw you laying here with it. Or at least one that looks like it and well…" She trailed off.

"Oh, are you Annabelle Johns?" Duncan picked up the book.

She nodded "Yes I am! Oh, thank you so much! And please call me Anna." Anna took the book, hugging it tight with a bright smile.

Duncan chuckled, "No problem, Anna." He carefully got up.

Anna stood as well "Could I ask your name?"

"Duncan Ludlow." He said.

"Nice to meet you, Duncan." Anna held out her hand.

He took it "Nice to meet you, too." Duncan shifted a bit "…"

"W-would you like to show me around town this Saturday?" Anna asked; her face was bright red.

Duncan's features darkened a bit "Yeah, I don't mind."

They turned walking into the school, both their own shade of red as they talked.

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