Right off the bat I'm going to tell you this does contain boy/boy love, but it's nothing x-rated. In fact there's not even kissing going on, it's just too people meeting and encountering love at first sight.

Conny and Lola Mullin, Max and Landa Brooks are my original characters; Joseph Spiro and Jericho (doesn't have a last name) are my friend's original characters.

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Fates Silly Games

The scent of the bus was graining on the curly haired boy as he read his book during their trip to southern Oklahoma. His sister with the same caramel colored hair and shocking green eyes, was talking to their friend they had left in Woodward.

"No, we haven't even got to the first pit stop yet and I refuse to use the bus bathroom… There could be a creepier hiding back there, Max." She paused then laughed "Ah, my hero! But how can you save me when you're all the way behind us? ... You're crazy."

The boy's sister looked over at him from the phone "Conny, how much longer until we get to the first stop?"

"I don't know Lola. Have Max look up the bus route on the interweb." He sounded bored and tired. Conny put his book away and held out his hand for the phone.

Lola nodded "Hold on Max." She handed him the phone. "She's looking it up right now."

He nodded putting the phone on speaker. This would of normally bugged the others riding the bus, but the thing was that the large automotive was basically empty if you didn't count them or the driver. "Hey Maxine you're on speaker phone so-"

"What the hell have I told you about calling me that, Constantine? God- here I am looking up the bus route that you should already know and you have the nerve to call me Maxine? "The girl on the other end snapped at him causing the boy to jump and his sister to start laughing.

Conny cleared his throat "Sorry Ginger, I thought I'd get a free pass on using it. So do you know when the stop is or not?" He put his book on taxidermy away and waited for the next outburst.

Max grumbled as the phone picked up the clicks of the keyboard in the background, "You're bus doesn't stop until Arnett… where are you guys at now?" The clicking stopped and was replaced with the crinkling of a bag.

The twins exchanged a look before giggling "I thought Mama Landa said you couldn't eat at the computer anymore?" They spoke in unison as the driver lazily called on the intercom that they just passed through Seiling and it would be xx-minutes until they reached Arnett.

"I'm not I'm eating next to it… 'sides Mom isn't here and what she doesn't know won't hurt her." The ginger ended with a noisy crunch just to bug her friends.

After awhile Max finally had to go and the twins phone was running out of juice that they'd need to call their grandparents later. They were going through Vici when the driver pulled over into a small gas station. The twins looked confused when he got up and turned around to speak to them.

"Alright, so the bus company slipped up a bit, meaning I need to get some more gas in the bus before we can make the first stop in Arnett. So since I'm a nice guy and I'm betting you want to stretch your legs. I'm going to give you both an hour in a half to look around, go to the restroom, maybe get something to eat, or whatever." He smiled, "Is that all understood? You are to come back here in one half hour. I will not wait for you… okay I might, but to keep on schedule it won't be for long."

Conny and Lola blinked before scrambling up "Thank you! We promise to be back in time!" They could hear the bus driver calling out to remember they are at the only gas station before he was out of ear shot. They wandered around for a bit before Conny asked "So what should we do first?"

"First," Lola stopped to look at her younger brother. "We need to find a bathroom that I can use, cause I have a feeling I'm going to explode soon."

Conny made a face while chuckling "Thanks for the visual sis… um, how about that diner? It looks clean enough for you."

"Whatever let's just go… Ah!" Lola ran across the street with Conny tailing her all the way into the diner. "Excuse me, do you have any bathrooms?" Lola smiled at the waitress as Conny caught his breath.

"Yeah, hun. It's right over there… Oh wait you'll need the key." The woman handed it over as Lola scurried to the bathroom. The woman laughed and looked at the girl's brother "I didn't want to tell her this but the restroom is for paying costumers only, sugar."

Conny looked at the waitress with a dumb look before sighing "Right… Could I have two slices of apple pie, please?" he pulled out his wallet.

"Right away, hun. That'll be $7.50 please." She smiled as Conny handed over the cash and waited at a small table. As he waited a girl with raven hair came up with a little blonde boy who was blabbering away.

She stopped when she saw Conny, "Hey idiot you're in our seat." The blonde boy went to go talk to the waitress that was at the counter.

"What?" Conny gave a confused look to her, "This isn't yours it's the diner's. Go find a different place to sit."

The girl glared at him "It is too my seat and your ugly butt is sitting in it. Now out before I lose my patience."

Conny rolled his eyes "No, and what can you do? You're like what nine? It won't hurt you to sit someplace else for maybe fifteen minutes."

"I'm eleven you numbskull, now out of my seat!" She commanded only to be hit in the back of the head by the waitress.

"Jericho! That is no way to treat someone. Now go sit over with Joseph, he's already picked out a different booth for you two to sit at today." The woman made a jerk with her chin for the girl to move.

Jericho looked over at Conny; she sized him up with her eyes as she said "This isn't over." With that she walked away, disappearing into another seat.

Lola sat down giggling as the waitress put the pie down, "Don't mind her she's just one of the local kids and they all have their 'spots' in here. Now I hope you enjoy your pie and wave if you need anything else." The woman left to go serve the other customers.

Conny sighed putting some salt onto his pie only to have his sis take it away as she giggled to herself. "Hey! And what's so funny, Loli?" He tried to reach for the salt before sitting back and eating it as is.

"I go to the bathroom for three, maybe four minutes at most. I come out only to see you arguing with a little kid about a place to sit. Man, Con, you really know how to make me laugh, you know that?" Lola kept the salt out of reach as she ate her pie.

He just rolled his eyes with a smile as he took a bite "Yeah well-" He was cut off when he spotted the little blonde boy with brilliant blue eye peering over the side to see the boy his friend was rating about. Conny could feel a faint blush on his cheeks as he quickly looked away.

Lola gave him a confused look as she peered over the side of the seat only to miss the boy that was equally or more scarlet "What? Did you see a hot guy or something?" She lightly kicked him to get his attention.

Conny blinked as he looked up at his sister "I think I might be a pedo…"

Lola held in laughter only to lose horribly "A WHAT!" She laughed as Conny smacked her to quiet down as the other people eating gave the two odd looks.

After they left the dinner with an extra slice of pie for the bus driver, Conny and Lola wandered around the town. Every so often Lola would elbow her brother and ask quietly "What about that little boy?" Then she'd break out into a new round of laughter as Conny pushed her to keep walking as he gave some confused people a small, embarrassed smile. When they finally found the gas station Conny gave out a sigh as he sat back down in his seat on the bus.

"For the last time Lola, I saw a boy with amazing blue eyes and I just… I don't know…" Conny sighed as he hid his face with his hands.

Lola patted his back with a chuckle "It's okay maybe you're a pedo for him? How old did he look?"

"About the same age as the girl that I argued with… so, eleven?"

His sister smacked his back causing the boy to yelp "Good god Conny! You made it sound like he was five or something. Yeah eleven's young, but that's what; six, maybe seven years between you? That's nothing compared to all the old cougars and folgies that are marring people that were babies or not even thought of, while they were in their first job or war."

Conny was quiet for a moment before sitting up and looking at Lola, "Yeah… Yeah, you're right like always." He laughed with Lola as they pulled out two decks of cards and started playing 'BS'.

They were at a stop light that would take them straight out of town and towards the original first stop. Conny and Lola were playing 'BS' still, Lola was winning happily as Conny mopped slightly at his loss. At some point the caramel haired boy decided to look out the window to peep at the cars next to them. That's when he saw the girl and boy from before walking down the side walk.

"Lola! It's him, it's the boy!" Conny scrambled to open the window only to realize it didn't open. He began banging on the glass to get their attention while shouting "Hey! Hey look over here!"

Jericho looked towards the pounding only to laugh, "Hey it's the nincompoop from earlier Joseph." She nudged the rambling boy to get his attention and point to Conny.

Joseph gasped as Conny started waving madly "It's him! That's the guy I thought was cute. Like a pop star or something." Joseph waved back, only to receive a smile from the older boy that caused him to go scarlet as his heart skipped a beat. All he could do now was smile back.

Conny laughed looking over at his sister "He smiled Lola! He smiled back at me and waved!" He went to wave again and figure out some simple sign language when the bus jerked. The light had turned green signaling them to move on.

Both boys looked shocked at the moving vehicle. Conny looked over at the blonde that was now running a bit after the bus. After a moment Joseph tripped over himself and watched as the bus took away the caramel haired boy with shocking green eyes. His friend helped him up before leading him away.

Conny sighed with a small chuckle as he sat down finally, "He was doing so well until he tripped."

Lola giggled before covering her mouth, then let out a breath "Well at least you know who to search for if you ever come back here."

The boy laughed with a smile "Yeah… And they did have a taxidermy shop."

Lola arched an eyebrow as she elbowed him playfully causing them both to break out into a new round of laughter.

~Nine years later-winter in Vici, Oklahoma~

A blonde haired boy lounged in an armchair of the local coffee shop sipping his hot drink, while watching the snow dance its way to the ground. "Nothing better then something hot when it snows." The bells on the door chimed as a new boy stepped into the shop. The blonde glanced at the new comer from the corner of his eye; he'd never seen him before and yet he seemed familiar.

"It's like Hell froze over out there." The boy was all smiles with caramel hair. He ordered his coffee and looked around the shop until his eyes finally feel on the blonde. He could feel his cheeks getting warmer as he gave a small wave, "Hi..."

The other boy became a bright red as he quickly looked back down at his coffee, his blonde hair falling to cover his face. "H-hi… How are you?" he finally managed to stammer out.

The brunet chuckled as he sat down with his coffee "A little frozen. What about you?"

"Same here," the blonde grinned as he looked back up. His face retuning to its normal color, "I'm Joseph Spiro."

"I'm Conny Mullin, nice to meet you." Conny chuckled, smiling at Joseph.

Joseph laughed, returning the smile…

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