Notes From The Commander's Diary

'What' - you say? I know - serious, cold-grips, it hurts, but you already know that. It pains me to tell you but I've just shot you in the head. Moving up the electric slope. A thousand feet in the atmosphere. Chronic/pain. Devious scum - you tell me - but this is my time. Everything ripped open - heart, punctured, broken, shot to pieces on the floor. Where is this? A castle - lights - dizziness, always a silhouette. How many of us? How many of them? Three? Four? This should be simple. It isn't. Perennially frozen, Stopped. Halted. Stifled. Steep - the rockface - do not look down...I plunder the depths. No inside - war - only void. War - these missions do not betray clarity. A veil, as delicate as the narrow bridge. What bridge? I am alone now - in a white house. The cottage of recovery. Tap is running. 'We should have told you' - said the message - 'you were the reserve'.