I haven't yet slept, and it's past five in the morning.

I take my computer off my lap and lay back in the recliner.

I'm ready to try and sleep- until the curtains catch my eye.

They aren't dark, but beginning to light up- dawn is coming.

I forget trying to sleep for now, I want to see sunrise.

I pull shorts on, slip sandles on my feet and leave the house.

My backyard is reasonably private, and my escape of choice.

With an ipod in hand and headphones in my ears, I'm ready.

My first check is of the sky, and I smile at the moon.

It's waned halfway, but shining nicely the sun not having stolen its light back.

There's still a star shining nearby, and I grin more.

I usually see the first star, not the last.

The sky is blue straight above, but different at the edges.

To the west it is a dusty rose; the retreating darkness.

To the north and south it is a pale yellow.

The east has white, more than the rest, edged by yellow.

The sun has not yet peaked over the hills.

I listen and pace, enjoying the coolness.

It's summer, so it isn't cold, its comfortable.

Even with the wacky weather so far, the unseasonable 70s, 50ish is lovely.

With a promise of heat later, it's the coolest I'll be today.

Time passes, as it is want to do, and things change.

The edge of the eastern sky becomes orange.

The palm tree in the front yard of the house across the creek is tipped in orange.

The sun is starting to make an appearance. A bird flies across my backyard, a bug buzzes near my head.

The world is waking up.

As time goes by, the sun's influence spreads.

First it creeps down the palm tree.

The tree in my backyard, so pretty with 'Sagey' colored leaves and a light brown trunk is hit.

The leaves at the top are golden with sun.

I'm enjoying the blurriness that is coming from not wearing my glasses.

Everything is softer without them, although they keep trying to close.

It makes things more magical, and if I wasn't feeling the magic of the dawn, I wouldn't be out here.

I'm not usually a fan of the dawn, but at the moment, it simply is reverse twilight.

I happen to love the dusk.

I closed my eyes only for a second, and the light has spread.

As more time passed, more orange and yellow arrived.

The trunk became hit with golden light, and it makes me think of elves.

They could be living in the tree, waking, embracing the sunlight.

It's a nice thought, and it makes me smile.

The bug buzzes around again, and I jerk my head away, while the bird makes another sweep.

Eventually, the yellow light gets low enough that if I walked over, I could touch it.

It appears on the new redwood fence, making it even redder.

Then it hits the lower trunk of the tree, then the leaves growing from the base.

The tree now casts it shadow across the fence.

The final stage is watching the light hit the ground infront of the tree.

It makes a narrow trail straight to it.

Elsewhere, the light has cut through the top of the rose bush.

It glints of the roof of the Caspers building.

It touches my neighbors house- but not mine.

I am still outside watching, waiting to see if the sun will touch me, hidden behind the building.

It won't, and I want to touch the sun before I head inside.

I check my ipod- I've been out here for over an hour- it is now 6:32.

It is then it hits me- the magic I was feeling is gone.

Sighing, I walk forward until I am in the light, letting it touch my skin.

Here, out of the building's shadow, it is bright and I have to shield my eyes from the sun.

I look down; the orange is covering my white shirt.

I don't melt, or burn, I'm not a vampire, but I quickly step out of the sun and back on the patio.

I grab my glasses and open the door, going inside.

Dawn has become morning.