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This chapter is a brief introduction into a few characters. This is only the beginning and I shall gradually fit them into the story.

Warning: Some brief strong language.

Chapter 3: Part II

"Ow!" I rubbed my arm where Tre punched me hard. "That hurt!"

"Damn it Indie." Tre said, grabbing the same painful arm and leading me out of the tent. "You really had to do that."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. But it's not like I hurt your chances with OTP. Even I saw how much he liked you."

Tre grabbed both my shoulders and forced me to face him, leaning down close because he was so much taller than me. "I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about you."


"Omega Theta Pi is the most powerful fraternity on campus. They are immensely popular and know everyone that there is to know here. You start making trouble with the fucking vice president of their fraternity, who knows what could happen!" He whispered loudly.

"Oh for the love of god." I said, shrugging out of his hold. "It's just another cult. They don't have any 'power', only popularity. And I'm not scared of anyone including their self-proclaimed alpha leader."

"Indie you don't see it. I've been here a week and I already know—"

"Ladies and gentleman our contest is about to start! Gamma Nu Pi versus Omega Theta Pi! Please make your way towards the east side of the lawn."

"Oh look! The contest is going to start!"

Tre spent our entire walk to the lawn arguing about Eric. I tuned him out and enjoyed seeing everyone pick teams to win. There was a sudden buzz of excitement in the air that began to spread like wildfire.

"Didn't know pizza contests were so popular here." I mumbled, feeling out of the loop.

Tre couldn't help but answer me, his need to prove how much more he knew about fraternities than anyone else overpowering his temporary hostility, "It's because it's Gamma Nu Pi versus Omega Theta Pi."

We reached an open clearing where two tables were set up, one table facing the other. There were seven chairs for both tables, all of them occupied by members. One table was covered in a purple cloth that had the Greek letters Omega Theta Pi and the other a blue cloth for Gamma Nu Pi. There was a huge crowd surrounding the two tables in a large circle. People were screaming, "Get it Gamma!" "OTP rules!" It felt like I was at a sports bar and the super bowl was on, only I didn't know what football was or what the teams were. I stuck to clapping randomly whenever the crowd did.

On the far side of the table stood Eric, who wasn't wearing his red shirt but a royal purple polo shirt. Next to him stood a boy who looked like a giant tree at 6'5." His hair was a mixture of blonde and brown. His hair was pulled into a messy 'man-bun' and appeared good-looking from far away. He was wearing a white buttoned down t-shirt that was rolled up to his elbows and blue shorts.

"Who is that?" I asked Tre, motioning to the handsome tree with my chin.

"That's Ted. Vice President of Gamma Nu Pi."

"Where are the Presidents?"

"This is how I know you weren't paying attention to us when we were talking in the tent."

I sucked in my cheeks refusing to answer him.

"Eric said Odin, the president of his fraternity, had some parasitic worm he got from the Dominican Republic. Either that or syphilis."


"Eric said if there was anyone who could sleep with anyone or anything, it was Odin. He's practically a god around here." Tre said with a shiver of excitement that I found hard to understand.

"Check, check. Testing 1,2, 3." Ted said into the microphone. Everyone erupted into cheers, chanting 'Gamma! Gamma! Gamma!' There was a subtle southern drawl in his voice that was kind of arousing.

Ted grinned, waving his hands down to try to calm the crowd. "Alright, alright."

Eric had his hands in his hips, his lips quirked upwards. I noticed a difference straightaway, the OTP table clapped softly while Gamma's table jumped on their table and did poses, showcasing their biceps and t-shirts and screaming their Greek letters.

"Let me guess. An old-school rivalry." I yelled over the booming noise.

Gamma Nu Pi's table was good looking and from their antics on the table, looked like they were hilariously fun. Omega Theta Pi's boys on the other hand were devastatingly gorgeous. There was no way Tre wouldn't get into that frat. One in particular was a cross between Cristiano Ronaldo and a hot guy from a teenage boy band. He had dark brown penetrating eyes showcasing his boredom and carelessness for the event and I was almost certain he was like that with everything else in his life. He had dark brown hair that was slicked back up to his nape and wore a white polo shirt and black jeans. Every few moments he would stretch his arms behind his neck in a show for everyone to see how well developed he was. His skin was a smooth olive, even more tanned than Eric or Tre. All in all he would give Eric a run for his money and that was saying something. I turned to mention this to Tre who was already busy gawking at him, his hunger outrageously apparent.

Sitting beside him was the only Asian guy there. He dressed frumpy, wearing the same white polo shirt as the guy next to him; only it was two sizes too big. I knew he dyed his hair because it was a soft orange brown that became blonde near the ends. He was wearing square glasses that made him so adorable, I wanted to run up and kiss him on the lips. He had his hands fisted together, with his elbows on the table, in front of his lips. His eyes remained glued to the grass though every now and then he would nod whenever the red-haired boy would whisper next to him. Out of everyone on the table, he was the only who appeared approachable. I had the strangest urge to hold his face in my hands and squish his cheeks together.

Next to the cute Asian guy was a red-auburn haired guy, who was the thinnest and palest of all of them. He was like a delicate flower, only cooler. He had light blue eyes, a lip piercing and silver hoop in his left ear. He reached over to put his pale arm on the back of the Asian guy's chair and I couldn't help but notice how lovely his hands were. He wasn't handsome at all, he was beautiful. Next to him was the biggest one of the members, who clearly was a football player wearing his letterman jacket over his Greek-lettered polo shirt. He had wildly curly hair that was sticking to his forehead from sweat. He was as animated as Gamma Nu Pi's table, trying to get the crowd to recite their Greek letters. Beside him was a guy who belonged on the cover of an XXL magazine. He had gorgeous ebony colored skin that gleamed in the sun. He was lean and muscular and was too big and tall to fit into his seat. He had on the same glasses as the Asian guy only his was taped up in the middle. And hands down had the best smile out of all the brothers. The boy next to him, who seemed to be pretty small to begin, looked even younger and smaller sitting next to the XXL male model. He had an innocent heart-shaped smile, cute dimples, and a mass of short curls on his head. His eyes were small but they crinkled every time he laughed, which was often.

"Alright first of all I would like to thank you all for being here. It's a wonderful day, the weather is coming around and thank God classes haven't started yet!"

Everyone clapped together, not loud enough to mask the random boys who were shouting their fraternity names. God, it was getting annoying.

"This year the pizza contest will be between my fraternity Gamma Nu Pi and Omega Theta Pi." Ted said.

More shouts, more clapping.

"The rules are the same. Each side will make their own version of a pizza pie. Same dimensions, same amount of slices. However each side will make their own version of a disgusting pie using only edible ingredients. Each frat member will have to eat a full slice, if they can't then their team will lose and each member will be doused with 30 pounds of tomato sauce and have their picture taken for our university paper."

Eric took the mic from Ted, "Front page ladies and gentlemen." And handed it back.

Two girls came from behind Ted and Eric. One girl I recognized from Eric's mixer, who was less than 5'1" and had short neon pink hair. She was like a real-life pixie. The girl next to her was a pretty girl who had straight and long orange-red hair that reached her back. She was holding a pie while the pink-haired girl used a spatula to place a single slice of pizza on each empty plate in front of the OTP frat members. My eyes were quick to observe how thick and black the toppings all looked. After she was done handing out the slices, she kissed the burly football player on the cheek and accidentally dropped something tiny into his lap.

"My Gamma Nu Pi brothers have made a pizza pie with toppings of cheese-covered crickets—"

The crowd exploded with "OOOOoohhhhhhh"s and "Damnnnnnnn"s.

He continued, grinning with pride. "—corned beef and cabbage…"

In the corner of my eye, I saw Ryder almost dry-heave, covering his mouth and facing away from the crowd. The Asian guy next to him raised an eyebrow.

"—Bananas and pineapples…"

The red-auburn haired boy cringed.

"—sauerkraut, salmon, mustard, anchovies and squid."

"This is ridiculous." I huffed, staggered at the fact anyone would eat something so repulsive for the sake of a contest. "Why? Why would they eat that?"

Tre leaned into my side and whispered into my ear. "Look around you. These people are insane. This school loses its mind anytime there's a contest between Gamma and OTP."

My stomach revolted at the sight of the toppings over the pizza. "This is a pissing contest."

The boys at the Gamma Nu Pi table raised their hands in the air and gave each other high fives in camaraderie, snickering throughout. The OTP table continued to grin in a passive-aggressive sort of way, not wanting to appear weak or less manly. That's what I guessed anyway.

Eric took the mic again from Ted, squinting a few times at the crowd. "A nice selection of toppings Ted." Eric said, nodding at him. Ted smirked; reminding me of my cat back home who would have that same face every time she would sneak into the cabinets to steal some treats. "I gotta say I thought this year you might give us a run for our money but…we might just have you beat…again." He added with a wink. My left ear almost exploded from the loud cheering of girls.

Ted's eyebrows rose in doubt. The rest of the Gamma table had their arms crossed over their chests, shaking their heads, assured that nothing could possibly taste worse than what they came up with. And I agreed. The crowd murmured the same sentiment, whispering that OTP would lose.

Eric's lips widened in pure wickedness, my stomach swooping down to the ground like I was on a rollercoaster. "Would OMEGA THETA PI LET YOU DOWN!" He screamed, pumping his fists in the air with every word. The crowd went wild, clapping, screaming themselves hoarse.

The big, burly member of the OTP table rose up from his seat and beat his chest with his fists. "YES! OTP! OTP!" He looked straight at Eric and nodded enthusiastically.

"For our pizza pie that we made specially for the Gamma's—" Eric said, pausing for effect. The pink-haired girl was holding the pie this time with the red-haired girl handing out the slices at the Gamma table. "We have shredded cicadas!"

Out of nowhere, one of the members jumped up from the Gamma table and pointed at the handsome Cristiano Ronaldo, who was grinning sharply ear-to-ear. The crowd was too loud to hear what he was screaming about. Ted and Eric talked privately, putting their microphones behind their back with Ted straining to smile.

"What's going on?" I asked Tre.

Tre shrugged, confused as I was. A boy next to me elbowed me softly, "It's the cicadas."

Tre and I stared, baffled. The boy struggled to keep himself from laughing. "You're only allowed one insect for the pies and it has to be about the size of your thumbnail. Cicadas are huge and aren't allowed on the pies."

"So they can't have it on their pizzas. So what?"

I thumped Tre in the chest. "They shredded the cicadas so they aren't breaking the rules. The cicadas are now smaller than the crickets."

The boy flashed his teeth in exhilaration. "Gamma just got played."

"This is the fraternity you want to join?" I exclaimed.

Tre couldn't have looked more proud.

Eventually Ted went to the Gamma table to calm his members who were practically foaming at the mouth.

Eric continued on as if nothing happened. "And then…smoked trout and rattlesnake, tuna, mayonnaise and tartar sauce…"

The crowd cringed in disgust, Omega Theta Pi displaying their self-satisfaction for everyone to see, with the XXL model winking at Ted. Gamma Nu Pi remained in their seats whispering amongst each other.

"…sliced pickles, caviar, pomegranate and avocado."

Eric did a sweeping bow to the crowd.

"Here we go." I murmured to myself.

I expected everyone at the tables to be repulsed, to jump up and refuse to eat it. Instead, as if it was a normal pizza slice, they all bit in to their slices staring at their opponents across the tables. Everyone in the crowd cringed, shaking their head, covering their eyes.

The first to finish his pizza was the Asian guy, who wiped his mouth neatly and waited for Eric to take his seat.

"What! He's eating it, too!"

"There's eight slices in a pie." Said the boy who apparently was listening to me the entire time.

"Oh my god Ryder!" one girl pointed at the good-looking Cristiano Ronaldo look-alike.

Ryder had his eyes tightly shut, his hand fisted on the table, struggling to take another bite. A photographer came around to take photos and took one right in front of him. Ryder's eyes opened with fire, ready to punch the camera into his skull.

Next the football player finished his slice, slamming his fists on the table. Then, three members of the Gamma table got up with their slices finished. Two more from Omega and then one more from Gamma. Ted joined their table attempting to eat his slice. Finally the only one who remained eating their slices was Eric, Ryder, the red-auburn haired dude from Omega and Ted and one other Gamma dude.

"They're going to lose."

"It's not over yet, Indie."

Ryder tried to hang in strong, chewing fast but swallowing slowly with a blunt shiver. Eric on the other hand laughed with every chew, looking deranged. Ted had his hand grasping the tablecloth with a hard grip, every so often turning his face, ready to throw up at a moments notice. Eventually Ryder, Eric and the red-haired dude were on their last bites, Ted scrambling to catch up. He was on his last bite, nearly one bite away from victory when the boy next to him threw up all over the table. Bits of insects, pink slime and spit hurling out of his mouth in quick secession. A second later, Ryder vomited all over the grass. Eric threw his crust at the ground and the red-haired boy threw his hands up in the air.

"We won anyway." Eric said over the loud retching noises Ryder made beside him.

"Bullshit." Laughed one of the Gamma members, who was twice as big as the football player. "Ryder caved just like ours did."

"Knock it off Marlin." Said the red-auburn haired boy, who spoke in a crisp British accent. "Jake threw up before Ryder did and you know it."

"It was the exact same time, don't fool yourself Randall." Marlin spat at the ground.

Everyone in the crowd stood confused wondering what was going to happen now.

"Does this mean it's a tie?" I asked Tre.

"I don't know. It looks like they both threw up at the same time."

Within seconds, several Gamma members came up behind Ted, stony-faced. They appeared calm but I was enough of a potty-mouth to read out of the words 'bitch' and 'fuck' and 'asshole' from their lips. Eric was talking to the Asian guy and the burly member, his hands in his pockets, looking anything but troubled. Ryder was in the background throwing up again in the nearest garbage can.

I wiped the sweat off my brow with my palm. "What do we do now?"

"I have no idea." Tre said.

I kicked at the grass, watching many of the confused students slowly walk off staring at each other, wondering if maybe they should stay.


"What." I said.


I became distracted by an ice-cream stand.

Tre pinched my arm hard.

"WHAT."I said harshly, staring back at him.

"I think he's staring at you."

"Who?" I followed his gaze and stopped short, my breath catching quickly. Eric smiled and winked. My body instantly felt hot, not under his stare but the fact that everyone at Omega Theta Pi stood staring back at me. I immediately turned around and grabbed on to Tre. "What the hell was that?"

"You're asking the wrong person."

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