Amaya Wants a Car

"I want this one," a girl says in a tone as sweet as chocolate as she stops before a neon green car. She points it out.

"Okay," the seller responds.

Yet before he can speak on, she interrupts him, "No! Hold on!"

Slightly confused he takes his look off the car and places it on her.

"This car is broken," she states.

"Of course not," the seller assures her. "We sell be the best cars ever!"

"But why isn't it working, then?"

He scratches his head lightly. "... You need the key."

She raises one of her eyebrows. "But you can't drive on a key, can you?"

"... No. But you need to turn it, so the motor can start running." He smiles at her.

Suspicious to his words, she squints her eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," he says proudly.

"I did that once to the other car I had..."

"What happened?"

"The motor ran away!"

One eye grows larger on the seller.

"And the light does not work, too," Amaya goes on to complain about the car that supposedly is broken.

"It does, it-"

"But there is no light!" She wides her eyes at him. "Do you see the car with lights?"

"As said," he starts again to explain it to her with a small sweat-drop on the side of his head, "you need to turn the key."

To prove herself right, she grabs the keys off the man, holds it up in the air and turns it. "See?" She asked with raised eyebrows. "Not. Working!"

The seller sweat-drops.

Calming down, Amaya puts the key back in to the man's pocket. She looks around, searching. "Do you have any other cars in offer? Some which work?"

He cleans his throat. "I think you should leave."

Pouting, she crosses her arms. "I am not leaving!"

"Security," he yells, doing a hand sign.

Amaya doesn't move an inch. "You can't scare me, weird seller, you know?"

But then, large, big and tall men come stomping towards Amaya, the person whom they are aiming for.

Author's Note: Amaya is based on my friend and sister. We used to be hyper the whole time. Anyhow, since this is no FanFiction, I posted it here.