The Year We Seduced Our High School


I'm not an idea kind of girl. Never have, never will be. I usually just follow orders and give innocent suggestions. But as I was watching another pathetic Disney Channel show, on a summer evening no less, I came up with something that might just salvage the rest of my—I mean, our—high school experience.

I jumped up so suddenly, I knocked over my bowl of popcorn; yes, I was planning another safe Friday night with me and my lovable TV set. Maybe the sweet DVD system too. I reached for the house phone, before I could change my mind, I dialed their number. As I waited for them to answer, I went over the plan in my head. Yes…yes, it might just work!

"Hello?" Julia's voice said tiredly. "Lisa?" I could hear her shift around, as if she was trying to get comfortable. She was most likely sleeping after a long afternoon at her sewing classes.

"Hey, Jules! Could you ask Olivia to get on too?" I asked hopefully, picking off lint balls from my black hoodie, who knew I could get it so dirty? "It's really super important!"

Julia groaned on the other end before screaming for her twin to get on the phone. I pulled my ear away from the phone; Julia was a loud speaker on the phone, but when she screamed, it was absolutely priceless.

"Hey!" Olivia's quiet, yet bouncy voice greeted us. "What's up, Liss?" Her pure curiosity sent another shiver of excitement through me. I sincerely prayed that they'd fall in love with the plan, and that they were up for a sleepover.

"Okay," I began, "I was watching that one Disney show, when I came up with the best idea ever!" I paused, awaiting happy applause and several whistles of encouragement. I was shocked from the silence. "Guys? You there?"

"Yeah, jeez, hurry up, Liss," snapped Olivia. "What's the idea?"

I gulped. "Well, I was thinking it'd be better if you guys came over, you know, for a sleepover…this is too important for a mere telephone conversation?" Well, I had to run it by mother, but she hated taking back invitations.

"Sure!" replied Julia, her voice returning to her usual demeanor; happy, and always ready for things. "We'll just ask the rents, and we'll be there in half an hour."

I heard Olivia grumble something, and the familiar click signaling the end of our conversation. I got up, with my sheets still wrapped tightly around my shoulders. I headed through the kitchen and into my mother's room. We lived in a three bedroom apartment; I had two other sisters and my father. A washroom, a living room, a balcony and kitchen completed our warm house. The depressing thing was there was no room whatsoever in our house for any kind of party or sleepover.

My mother was watching the Food channel, extremely engrossed as a woman fried some bacon, spouting crap about how it saved your pores and stuff like that. I sat on the edge of her bed.

"Hey, mommy," I said gently, massaging her foot to relax her, "Julia and Olivia are coming over for a sleepover…is that okay? I mean, Mirabelle and Joanna are sleeping at cousin Nat's! Pleeeeeeaaaaase?"

Mother lowered the volume of the television, without lifting her eyes from mine. "Lisa…now's not the best time, the house is an absolute mess, and I'm so tired…" She looked it too, with dark bangs under her eyes, and her black frizzy hair pulled into a messy bun.

"I'll clean the apartment! You can sleep here, I promise we won't make noise?" I cried one final desperate attempt at asking. My mother closed her eyes, and sighed.

"Fine," she said begrudgingly, "as long as you clean the house afterwards."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I exclaimed, hugging her before backing out and shutting the door. I rubbed my hands together. This was going to be one heck of a junior year.

"This better be good," grumbled Olivia as she threw her overnight bag into my small room. My sisters and parents had kindly thrown the smallest room in my face with a pathetic excuse of how it'd help me enjoy my life and shit like that. It was messy right now, which means I'm extremely glad mother hasn't come and checked if I kept on my promise. I was also one of the try-hard creative girls. I decorated my room with pictures of my favorite artists, bands and celebrities. Hanging off the ceiling was these weird charm animals which I'd added to stand out. If you peeled off Victoria Justice's poster, you'd see that my walls were a bright green color. I'd paired the wall color with my green sheets and white dresser. My floor was littered with bras and pajamas and a few library books. Yes, I read during the summer. So what?

"Yeah," Julia agreed, "Mom wouldn't let us out of the house until we cleaned our rooms." She joined me on the couch in the living room which I'd de-crumbafied.

"Couldn't you have your maid do it?" I shot back. The twins were rich with a supermodel mom and a business dad. Being rich was a sore spot for them, which I constantly used for my attacks. I was a decent person, but Olivia's grumpiness was rubbing off. I needed to unleash the plan ASAP.

"Well, we all know that we're slaves of the HAM of Lloyd High School?" I checked to make sure they were following. Julia looked like she was listening, but Olivia was busy chipping her nails. They nodded in unison. HAM was also known as High and Mighty.

"And Jules has been working on Scott for a long time," I continued, naming Julia's favorite boy crush. She was also the flirt of us three. While Olivia and I preferred guys who liked us for us, Julia would change her life if the boy said so. "Well, I'd devised a plan for us to reach higher than the HAM. Plan…" I began to tap my desk in drum roll. "SLHS!"

Olivia's eyes lit up, "What do you mean sluts? You want us to be sluts like Julia?"

"No!" I exclaimed in a hurry before Julia could shout something about not being a man-girl. "SLHS; Seducing Lloyd High School! Look, we'll change our looks. I did plenty of research." I yanked a book from under a pile of bras.

"Guys like girl that are tan and skinny. And since you guys are plentiful gorgeous, and visit Mexico like, three times a year, we should be able to transform you guys.

"Guys, for some strange reason, also like girls that are participating in extracurricular activities. Preferably cheerleading, because it gives us a sense of high power."

Julia frowned thoughtfully. "I don't really want to join cheerleading this year. I was going to go for the theater club—"

"NO!" I shouted, as I paced the room. "Guys don't like theatre girls; they scare em off."

"Why do you wanna change us so badly, anyway?" pointed out Olivia, scathe behind her voice. "Why's it so important? I want to do soccer. Big deal."

"It is a big deal," I cleared my throat as I began my award winning speech, "Livi, I don't wanna spend my last high school years as losers. I want boys to notice me, and not be bullied just because I get the top grades. I want to change the school. Like I've tried many years before. But no one likes a girl who's smarter than everyone else. Julia, you've been chasing Duke's attention for the past, like three years. Olivia, you've tried for the soccer team since you were a freshman, but the girls make sure Coach doesn't choose you. And I saw you playing with the guys last summer; you definitely rock. Come on, guys. We can change our lives." As I finished up, I felt a bit guilty for my ulterior motives, but I kept my mouth shut.

They glanced at each other doubtfully before speaking.

"I'm in," Julia smiled.

"I'm in," Olivia repeated.

I threw my arms around them. "You guys are the best!" I stepped back. Yes, Olivia was sort of a bitch sometimes, and Julia could choose guys over you too, but in the end, they're always my number one pals.

"Okay, step one is complete. Moving on to two. We can't only change ourselves, we have to change our looks too."

We all stared into my floor length mirror. Julia had dark brown hair to her elbows, layered in a sexy way. She had full pink lips, and gorgeous brown eyes. She had a dimple in a cheek as well. She wasn't exactly boob-full, but she could pass as hot in that area. She didn't have major curves there, but her hips jutted out in a nice way. She was also losing her summer tan fast, since she preferred to design hot dresses than to play soccer, unlike her twin.

Olivia looked similar, but with hair up to her shoulder which she often pulled back into a ponytail. She was the sporty of the two, and definitely they most boyish. And unlike Julia and me, she had toned legs and she was tanned beyond belief. Another thing that made her stand out from the pair was her crooked nose and scar on her chin which she'd received after a terrible soccer accident. And unlike her sister, she had two dimples. Both were skinny thankfully.

Then I came in. I was naturally tanned, with wavy brown-black hair. I had major curves; yes, I was an enormous C cup, and I had gigantic hips, which looked hot in dresses, but not that great in bikinis. I had a flat stomach, but a huge butt. Yes, I'm cursed with the "eat a chocolate, and it goes to your butt" thing. I had a gigantic dark brown eyes and full red lips as well. Paired with high cheekbones, I didn't look too bad. I mean, I don't play sports.

We all silently pondered the possibility of changing our appearance.

"It could work," Julia said with a small nod, "Lisa just needs to lose like, five pounds from her butt, and Olivia needs to stop looking intimidating and this could actually work." She grinned.

"Will the soccer team take me?" Olivia wondered with a hint of excitement in her eyes.

"Sure," I said, though I was a bit doubtful. Soccer tryouts were on Wednesday of week two. Unless we could turn Lloyd High School by storm that fast, I sincerely hoped Olivia didn't raise her own hopes too high.

"Tomorrow we'll head to your house and dissect your wardrobes. But for now, we watch scary movies!"

We fought over the direct view, with Olivia and me winning. "Here's some popcorn!" I grabbed a handful and was about to shove it down my throat when a hand stopped me.

"Five pounds honey," Julia said dryly.

"Then what do I eat?" I asked, as I nonchalantly popped one in my mouth. "The couch?"

"You eat," Julia paused dramatically, "a banana!" And yes, we were immature enough to giggle over it psychotically for a minute.

And that's how I was stuck eating five bananas that night. While people were getting viciously murdered, and having last minute sex.

"I hate you guys," I pronounced as we stood in front of their huge wardrobe. We'd quickly wolfed down our breakfasts, and explained to a bleary mother where we were going. Unlike a million other teenagers, my mom likes to know exactly where I am all the time.

Anyway, back to their enormous wardrobe. It was the size of my room, by itself—in fact, it could pass as a walk-in closet, except the fact that you'd only be able to walk like, a meter before having to turn around and come out in a fabulous outfit. Gorgeous designer clothes spooled out, my boring brown eyes met silk, leather, and chiffon. Every single piece of clothing had some sort of designer label. I think I'd officially introduced to the entire rainbow. Did I mention that this was only their tops closet? And it was also only Julia's?

"I've been coming here for years, and you haven't once shown me the wonders at the back of your room? That's low, Julia. Really, really low. I'm actually disappointed." I shut the double doors, my brain flashing back to my own pathetic closet. "Clearly, I'm the only one who needs to have a wardrobe exchange."

"What are you talking about?" Julia threw open the doors and pulled out a small, silk black top. "This is hideous!"

I gasped, grabbing it from her hands. "This is so sexy! Can I borrow it? Pleeeeeaaaaseee?"

"Sure," Olivia replied for her sister, snatching the top, "as long as you don't stretch it." She winked, but the comment punched me in the gut. I grinned back weakly.

"No, seriously," Julia announced, "take it. You won't stretch it anyway."

I refused the offer, Olivia's diss still stinging me. I looked into their beautifully carved full-length mirror. Was I really that fat? I mean, I no one had never really said anything, and I'd never noticed…but maybe I was chubby? I glanced at Julia's candy-dish, which she was currently snacking on. My stomach gave an involuntarily grumble and I slapped it, as if to shush it…yeah, this "realizing" stuff is hard to get the hang of. I started to look around Julia's room, noticing that she really did have a better everything. Looks, personality, and home-life. While my parents fought constantly, hers were in perfect harmony.

I sighed as I flopped onto her bed. "I don't think we can do it guys….I mean, I'm fat and annoying, Olivia's grouchy and rude, and Julia's…pretty and perfect?" Olivia scowled at me, while Julia joined me on her queen.

"We can do it, Liss," she said gently, "I have my own…flaws, and so do you and Olivia, and the president, and Bianca and Gerri. That doesn't mean we can't show Lloyd who's boss. It doesn't mean we can't change things for the better. We can change ourselves, but in the end, we see who we really are. Let's do this for fun, and for charity."

"Charity?" I asked. At the same time Olivia snorted, "When did you become the First Lady?"

"Yeah, charity; we're helping the rude, obnoxious and the people that seriously need to wake up." Julia smirked, while she patted Olivia to lay beside us.

"Come on, guys," she said, grabbing both our hands. "We can do this!"

Olivia and I glanced at each other, both wondering when Julia had become so determined. We nodded.

"Yeah," I whispered softly, "maybe we can."

A/N: Yes, it sucks, but confession? I came up this idea while I was sleeping, and I decided to write it cause I am really really bored. And tired. This chapter sucks, but I promise that it'll get better. It's kind of like a filler prologue? Idk, but if I decide to continue this, it'll rock! :P Anyway, hope you enjoy, and the Julia and Olivia here are my best friends in real life; but Olivia isn't as bitchy and Julia not as perfect. LOL. Lisa is based off of me, except I'm a lot different in some other ways. If you know me, you'd understand…

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