The Year We Seduced Our High School

I've Learned My Lesson; Life Is A Cliché

Chapter Three

"I'm dumbfounded, but nothing surprises me in this game."
-Francis Lee

My brain slowed to a stop as the girl smiled at us, waiting for any of us to reply. I opened my mouth to play dumb, but Julia beat me to it.

"First floor, sixth door on your right," Julia answered flatly as she fussed with her hair. The girl gave us a one last breath-taking smile letting her eyes pass along all of us. She started for the door, but she suddenly turned and said nicely:

"Oh, I saw your 'entrance'. It was great!" And with that Rude Boy's girlfriend disappeared from sight. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Olivia stuck out a hand and helped me up. "Why do you like a zombie?" Instead of calling each other ghosts, we'd opted for zombies because face it, zombies are the bomb.

"What the hell just happened?" I wondered out loud. Julia quickly finished up and stood beside her sister.

"I don't know," she chirped in, "you tell us." We pushed out of the washroom as the teens began swarming the halls, comparing schedules to see if they'd gotten anything together; something we were about to do as soon as my brain got over itself.

"You don't recognize her?" They shook their heads. "God, am I the only observer of our trio? She's His girlfriend!" Olivia still looked confused, but Julia's eyes widened as she remembered.

"Oh yeah!" She snapped her fingers. "She was the one ogling him as you told him off…." She seemed thoughtful for a moment. "Well, that basically means we'll be seeing your prince charming around, doesn't it?"

"I know!" I cried, hanging my head. Determined to change the subject, I asked, "So, what do you have first period?" They fished in their bags before pulling out the pink and yellow papers.

"Ummm," Olivia said as her eyes wandered the page, "I've got…science with Mrs. Blackburn. Ugh, I've heard she's too excited all the time…"

"I've got gym!" Julia announced, groaning, because it's a common fact gym first period is like forgetting to shower to a party. You stink for five other periods.

"English," I told them dully. English was one of my best subjects, since I was an aspiring author. "What do we have together?"

"We've only got math together, right before lunch," Julia informed us. With that, we headed off to our separate classes, making sure to wave and smile at anyone who'd steal us a glance.

I found a good seat in the center of the huge classroom, and I'd made sure I came at a decent time; right before the slackers. I flipped a wavy strand of hair over my shoulders before pulling out a notebook. I sat expectantly, leaning over to gossip with Angela Lemmings on the latest fight between Gerri and her long time on-and-off boyfriend, Jake Steele.

"He's been caught flirting at the Dairy Shack with some gorgeous brunette!" Angela whisper-shouted, as if no one could hear her. "Gerri told her off pretty badly, but the brunette just sauntered off." She gasped as if it was the worst thing a human being could do. I mean, she was one of the GERRI IS MY LIFE girls, so…

Suddenly, the door slammed shut and in walked Mrs. Young, not exactly a young teacher. She looked decent for a first day of school, with straight legged dress-pants and a wine colored blouse. She scanned the room severely, her pitch black eyes landing on my own for a moment before they evilly continued on their merry way. She cleared her voice, and turned to the blackboard, writing in nice cursive: Mrs. Young.

Before she could us a boring welcome back speech, the door burst open, and the Megan Fox look-alike walked in, her shoulders thrust back. "Sorry I'm late!" But before Mrs. Young could give her tongue, the girl rushed to a seat—directly behind me.

"You can continue," she urged politely. Mrs. Young glared at her for a moment before turning back into her speech. I tuned her out pretty fast, and I couldn't help but give a quick peek behind me. The pretty girl was doodling on a notebook, looking happy.

A huge smack on my desk brought me back to the present, and I stared warily into the cold teacher's eyes. Her hand on my desk, she leaned forward.

"What do you find so interesting in the student behind you?" she asked harshly, making sure every word was emitted loudly. A few snickers erupted a couple feet away.

"Maybe because she's new?" I shrugged. Mrs. Young's eyes narrowed, but then she stepped back.

"Then let her introduce herself," she suggested; I could see the amusement in her face, and turned around as the girl stood up. "Where you're from, what you like to do for fun and your favorite subject."

The girl smiled shyly, and then said, "I'm Kaitlin London, I'm from a bit south in Ontario, in London, and I like to cheerlead and I love gym." She sat down. Kaitlin London, and she was a bit south from here. Of course. And her last name…I grinned cheekily at the sheer coincidence.

"Thank you, Kaitlin." The teacher paused. "Since Lisa is so excited to make new friends, I have your first project in mind!" She clapped her hands together as everyone let out frustrated grumbles. I felt a few scowls on my back, but I ignored them, and held my head high.

"I want you to read a play of your choice, and describe the concept of the play in detail. If there's a movie, I recommend you watch it after the book. I'll know exactly when you're cheating…" She continued to rant off key points she wanted to see, and what the presentation needed. "I have your pairs!"

She stood behind her desk as she read off the teams. "Drew and Louis, Fred and Lily, Angela and Martin…" When she got to my name, she paired me off with Kaitlin. Of course. We saw this coming, I knew my life was spiraling out of control!

She glanced at the clock. "The last ten minutes should be spent in discussion with your partner. Begin!" I turned around, and met her luminous brown eyes.

"Hey," she greeted softly. "I'm not huge on plays…you can pick it out."

I shrugged. "Sure. I'm thinking Macbeth."

Her face showed no sign of knowing—or interest for that matter—in one of Shakespeare's best plays. I frowned, wondering if she knew anything by the genius. "That works!"

"Okay, come over tomorrow after school and we can work on it." We exchanged information and then sat in silence, surrounded by the noise of our fellow classmates as the chatted about anything then the project.

"So…" I attempted to fill the void.

"So…" she repeated. "Have I seen you before?" Kaitlin's eyes scanned my face.

My blood ran cold and I felt my spine stiffen. Should I tell her yes, I'd seen her in Forever 21, giving her boyfriend dark looks of lust? Or should I keep quiet and let it slide? Option two seemed a hell lot more comforting, but I knew it wasn't the best solution. I let my hair glide forward and cover half of my face.

"I haven't ever seen you before," I answered, deepening my voice.

"Oh, well!" She grinned. "Do you know where cheerleading tryouts are?" Wow, she was living up to my mental stereotype, though she was far from blonde. I shook my head in response, cause I honestly don't give two flying shits to where the tryouts were.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but the bell cut her off. I hastened to get out as I shoved my notebook in my bag, noticing I hadn't written anything useful. I slipped out and joined the "popular" girls' group, making sure to add extreme stupidity and flirting to every step I walked.

As I listened to Judy Green slam a girl from the sophomore class, I wondered about Kaitlin London and her boyfriend. Sadly, I had nothing to hold against her besides the fact that her boyfriend was a good-for-nothing rude ass who couldn't keep his eyes off my own butt. But I could tell her brain was on a constant off button, so she really was a stereotype. The stupid blonde cheerleader one. Except she wasn't blonde.

I hurried to my next class.

I met my friends outside of math after art. It looked as if SLHS was progressing well, for Julia was flirting with some football player, and Olivia was kindly explaining how she made her outfit work so well to some tiny freshman. I raised an eyebrow at them, and they excused themselves from their friends.

We grinned at each other in victory, and made our way to three desks in the back. We were quickly joined by Julia's football player, who began chatting her up. I let my eyes wander as I listened to their conversation in a bored fashion.

"So," he began, "I heard Mr. Fetch is pretty tough." He was naturally telling this to Julia's boobs, which were sadly, very mute. Instead, her mouth replied.

"Yeah, he gives out homework every day," Julia told him. She leaned down a bit more, crossing her legs, and letting him see some of her, erm, cleavage. I rolled my eyes as I noticed Eleanore Koror, a good friend of mine, sit beside Emily Cross. I waved to them, and I waved back. I was about to say something really nice, probably complimenting Eleanore's new haircut, but I heard something that made me want to stop time.

"Wanna go with me to Gerri and Bianca's back-to-school party?" the footballer asked Julia. Her wide eyes met mine and we both turned to him, asking him simultaneously:

"What party!" He looked taken-aback, but answered anyway.

"The one on Saturday, in a couple days, it's at Bianca's house, since it's huge and has a lot of beer. But do you wanna go with me?"

Julia and I were too occupied to reply to his question. A party at Bianca's house? Maybe we were to be invited at lunch. Yeah, maybe. I stood up straighter as Mr. Fetch began reviewing stuff from last year.

They were definitely going to ask us at lunch.

"Hell no," Gerri snapped, as I attempted to sit beside her. "You have to be exclusive to sit anywhere near me." Her table was near the window, following all teen movie rules, and it was the biggest table. Yet, the HAM somehow filled it up with the richies and the snobs. The jocks and hotties were mixed in with the sluts and bitches. We'd entered the cafeteria with no problem, but Gerri made it clear that we were no longer needed at the table.

"True," I snapped back, all the anger from the morning seeping in, "no really wants to sit next to you anyway."

"What?" Gerri growled. "Just to clear the air here, you guys were the ones begging to sit with us!"

Olivia stared her down. "Nope, I'm pretty sure you asked us, and we carefully decided whether or not we wanted to be infected with pork." I glanced at her, internally shaking my head. She'd slipped up, calling them pork was an inside joke to us. Since we called the HAM, it sounded like ham, which means pork…I think you get my drift.

"Whatever," Bianca retorted. "It's a definite no, now!"

"Come on," Julia boomed as she led us to a table a few feet away. "I didn't want to get plastic surgery on my nose anyway. Heard it's a custom."

Before I could feel anymore lower than HAM, chairs scraped back. The cafeteria went dead silent. Everyone's eyes were on Gerri's table now. I took a deep breath before turning around and facing the inevitable. But, God was definitely on our side.

A sight that's never happened before. The boys were making their way to our table, and when they reached it, I gave them a bro fist. I glanced back at Gerri, resisting the urge to stick a tongue out. She scowled at me, before turning to her pathetically empty table.

HAM: 0, SLHS: 1

"I'm home!" I shouted, as I shut the door behind me. The day had been extremely successful, girls coming up and congratulating me on standing up to the HAM. I smiled back, telling them we should talk more and that I could help them be more confident, blah, blah, blah.

The twins and I had made a stop at Marble Slab for some frozen yogurt in winning the first day. They'd driven me home in their hot ride, and I was tired. I was thinking a hot warm bath maybe. But I had one obstacle in my way. My mother.

"Guys?" I entered the living room, which was a complete mess. Clothes had been throw everywhere, and my mother sat in the middle of it. "Mom?" She looked up at me, her eyes wide, and wet with tears.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. I stood there, my body frozen.

Whatever she had to tell me, I knew it'd be unbearable.

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