"Those who can lose shall gain; those who wish for gain shall lose."

Two males drove across the endless desert on a black motorcycle, heading for the city ahead. The sky was growing dark, so they rode faster.

The one driving was at least 25, with short bed-head like dark hair and hazel eyes. He had a slight bearded face, and with an old scar on his left cheek. He had dual guns at his side, but the belt holding the both of them slouched a little. He had blue jeans that had numerous holes in them. He had snake skin boots that were brown and black. He had a slightly open-neck white shirt and black jacket, and a chain necklace with a tag saying, "Z"

The other male was sitting back-to-back to the other, and seemed to be about 10 years younger than the other. He had identical hair, but with strangely colored eyes, with the right being yellow and the left blue. His weapon was a long metal pole that he was scraping the landscape with, and which kicked up dust. He also had blue jeans, only they had lots of dust on it. He wore a striped white and navy blue shirt also with a black jacket. He also had a chain necklace, but there was no tag.

The motorcycle had a storage compartment in the very back that contained a blanket, cigarette lighter, extra clothes, some bandages, and ammo for the guns.

The younger one looked up, and saw three figures that were gaining on them fast. He jabbed the older one. The older one looked behind him, realizing that they were being followed. The figures were a couple of males and a female, riding on horses. The girl looked like she herded cows. She had long red hair and a cowboy hat. She wore orange-tinted sunglasses. The males also fit her style. The female seemed to be leading the others. She pulled out a rifle, and started to shoot. Luckily, the shots hit the ground, but they were getting closer. The woman grit her teeth, and hit her black horse to go faster. "Your rank will be mine." She lowered to rifle again, and shouted, "Shoot them down, boys!"

The males pulled out machine guns, and were shooting rapidly. The older boy swerved side to side, dodging the bullets. The younger one smirked, and deflected some bullets with his metal pole. Then he used the pole to kick up a lot of dust, temporarily blinding the gang. The two on the motorcycle switched posts, which made the one with the guns in the back and the other driving. Once the dust cleared, the older one pulled out his guns and fired at them. Almost with perfect accuracy, he shot a male in the arm, which made him fly off his horse, and tumble in the dust. The other male's horse was shot in the leg, which made him tumble too. The girl was the only one left. "You're going down, Snake Skin!" She shot rapidly out of her rifle, but they dodged well. She ran out of ammo. "What? How is this possible?"

"You're talking about a Rank Z, here. I'm going to spare you, because you're quite the girl yourself. I hope to see you alive later." The older one laughed. "Yeah, I'm Snake Skin alright, a Rank Z Gun Fighter. Hope you remember, girl." He saluted, and drove off. The girl halted her horse. She bit her lip as she saw him ride away.

"What is that guy?"

The motorcycle swiveled to the side and stopped. The older male kicked a bar in place to hold it up. He jumped off, pulling off the younger one. "We should stop for a bite, Jack." The oldest one mumbled, pointing to a diner which wasn't very far-off. "It's been a few hundred miles since our last meal."

The younger one, Jack, picked up his metal bar and leaned it up against the motorbike. "Yeah, but they would just have beef jerky like the last one."

"Maybe it'll be different this time. C'mon, we're near Phoenix. They'll have a hamburger or something, maybe beer." The older one smirked.

"Yeah, I can go for some real food." Jack smiled and walked ahead.

The older one followed behind.

The diner was mounted up a large flat hill, which gave a good view of the desolated city of Phoenix. The door was once automatic, but now it opened manually. The older one walked with his hands in his pockets. There were a couple of males, about 17. They both had a chain that had a tag that said "B". The older one smirked and went up to the cashier counter. He dug into his pocket and slammed a couple of copper coins on the counter. The cashier took notice from the dishes and at the coins. The cashier was young, also male. He was about 16. His eyes were blue, with a red bandana wrapped around his head. His necklace said "AA". "What do ya want, Snake Skin?" The cashier said rather loudly. His face was angry, yet in a scared manner.

The older one smiled. "Yeah, I know who I am. I'm actually surprised that you know who I am. Then again, I am a Rank Z… Anyways, do you have any beer?" Snake Skin said nonchalantly.

"Bottle or Pint? Wait, we only have bottles." The cashier went under the counter and brought out a bottle.

Jack walked in, trying to shield his eyes from the two guys drinking beer. If they saw his eye color, they'd beat him up for sure, and he doesn't even have his weapon with him. Snake Skin saw Jack walk in, and he said, "And a hamburger, if that's possible."

"Of course it is, there is life below us, and they send me food from there." The cashier put together the hamburger together and put it on a plate. "There, one beer and hamburger."

"Wait, you know where Heaven's Gate is?" Snake Skin slammed his hands on the counter, leaning toward the boy.

"Yes, but my rank isn't high enough to go through. I've never actually been there though." He continued to wash some dishes.

"Where is it?" Snake Skin pleaded.

"I hear its north west from here. You have to keep going that way until you hit water, and you'll find it. But there are mountains; I think gangs, and lots of gunslingers." The cashier explained.

Snake Skin sat on a stool with and excited look on his face. "Oh boy, you have no idea how long I've been searching for the gate. I think since I was your age. And the boy over there was actually born in the underworld, that's why he doesn't have a tag. He's been traveling with me since he was eight. We've actually became brothers."

"Really, what's his name?"

Snake Skin picked up the food, got up and turned to go over to the boy. "It's none of your business, but anyways..." He turned around to face the cashier. "Cataclyst Jack."

Snake Skin set the food on the table Jack was sitting near. Jack picked up his hamburger and whispered, "You really shouldn't have told him that."

"What, it's not gonna hurt anyone kid, it's just a name." Snake Skin opened up the beer bottle.

"Whatever, then." Jack bit into his hamburger greedily.

During midnight, Snake Skin rode on the motorcycle with Jack sleeping on his back. Snake Skin drove along until he came to the desolated city. The walls of the buildings were eaten out, some even leaning to one side or halfway gone. There were some kids still playing, but stopped to look at him. He looked up, and saw millions of stars, all in different colors.

He stopped in front of a building that had no signs of people within it. He carried Jack inside, and wrapped him in a blanket. Even if he is 15, he still can freeze to death in a desert during the night time. Snake Skin brought out the beer from earlier from the motorbike, and took it over to where Jack was. He put Jack in his lap with the blanket around him. He popped open the beer bottle and drank most of what was left. He sighed, and leaned against a solid wall. He relaxed and fell asleep for awhile.

When Snake Skin woke up, he felt cold metal against his head. He jerked his eyes open and saw the same figure of the girl from earlier. She was shaking. "You are going to give me your tag, and tell me where the gate is." It was hard to read her, because of the darkness.

"You're not going to shoot me." He moved the rifle downwards toward the ground, then yanked it out of her hands and it fell to the floor. It sounded like a bat hitting steel. Snake Skin smirked, and then stood up to face her. He glanced behind him, and saw Jack curled up in the blanket. He then looked back at the girl. She looked scared. He grabbed her necklace and looked at the tag. It read "B". She jerked. "I knew you were around rank B. Your shot is mediocre. You're also pretty weak." He explained, still gripping the necklace.

She bit her lip in anger. "You think you're so… High and mighty…" She tried to be freed.

"Please, I've been looking for the gate for years. I've been a rank Z since I was 23." He let go of her. He backed up a little. "You need to think before you pick a fight, girl."

She rubbed her neck. "My name is Blood Brandy. Or Brandy, for short."

"Cool title, but that needs to be put to use." He stuck his hands in his pockets.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter…Snake Skin." She started to walk away.

"See you sometime, I guess."

"Yeah, see you." Brandy walked over to her horse and mounted.

Snake Skin picked up the rifle and threw it over to her. "Work on your aim."

Brandy caught it well. "Sure. I promise." The horse snorted. She kicked her horse to go. As it walked away, she turned and actually smiled. "I'll try not to forget you."

Snake Skin smirked. "Not a chance." Once she rode off, Jack went up to him.

"Yeah, and you're afraid of scorpions, yet not a bullet to the head." Jack teased.

"Shut up, those things are made of evil." Snake Skin returned.

Jack giggled. Snake Skin punched him in the arm lightly.

This will be quite the adventure…

Cataclyst Jack…