There really isn't anything like the problems of a spoiled heiress.

At first my biggest problem was not having the most fashionable Barbie doll. From there it developed to not having all the right makeup, not getting those fabulous shoes that I'd like totally die without and then somewhere along the line I ended up at 'daddy I really don't think that I'll survive without another glass of champagne.

My biggest problem right now?

My daddy won't let me be a trust fund baby so now I have to get a job.

But no that's not the worst part; you see growing up I rarely attended any events, galas or parties. Okay well I didn't attend parties but they definitely weren't high class.

I sort of gained the reputation of the scandalous party girl. Which is true I'll admit it.

I drank, danced, fucked, did some drugs and went totally wild.

So it's hard to believe that my twin brother Ryan Ryland ended up so different than I.

He's completely straight-edge, no drinking, drugs or sex. I don't even think he knows how to dance actually. But then again most days dancing resembles sex with clothes or just a lot of dry humping if you will.

So most of the rich people that I should've grown up around I barely saw.

I did hang out with some of their children though. You know parties filled with rich socialites.

But I, Rylie Ryland, was the most sought after socialite and heiress. My brother and I are on the top of the list, we're the richest of them all.

My brother's net worth is about 23.1 billion and mine is about 16.2 billion.

Our dad's about 19.3 billion.

Ryan is supposedly supposed to be richer than my dad will ever be. His birth was practically an investment.

At 24 Ryan is already building his own mini franchise on top of his work to take over Ryland Allan Mercer Corporation when he dies and co-own it while he's alive.

While I'm just a party girl who graduated from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development in NYU with no real working skills.

Ryan suggested that I could work as a hooker or stripper.

I actually considered that for a moment, but then I realized that, that was stupid and I was too good for that anyway.

It's not like I'm going to get disowned if I don't get a job but if I don't I have to get married off.

And no is that happening.

So here I am in my black Miu Miu velvet bow bootie with a 5 inch heel and solid black, very tight yet very short dress with a scoop neck and long sleeves- being interviewed for jobs.

I should've listened to Ryan when he said that I was pretty much under-dressed unless I was going to a party.

"So, what position are you applying for?"

"Um, whatever's open?" I grin sheepishly.

The woman clad in a rather manly two piece suit takes her glasses off and looks at me then at my file.

"Miss…Ryland…do you have any experience in the accounting-Ryland?"

"Yes?" my face lights up.

"As in the daughter of Ralston Ryland?"


"I don't think there's a position here for you Miss Ryland. We hold great pride in our reputation and you are very well known in the world that has anything to do with your father. I think it's best that you'd leave."

"Oh…okay. Thank you for your time." I fake a smile and head out the door.

Great. This is like the fifth person who's mentioned my father and my reputation. I scoff as I head down the busy street of New Yorkers.

"Hello?" I answer my phone without checking to see who's calling.

"Hey sweetheart."

"Daddy! What's up?" I check my nails. It's definitely time to buy more nail polish.

"Well sweetie…you remember Mr. Halifax right? Well it's going to be all over the news but he got in a car accident. He's dead and his funeral will be this Friday and you have to come."

"Oh that's so sad…of course I'll go." I literally frown for a moment. He was dad's best friend. I know dad and he doesn't like to show weakness.

"Great. Oh and that means you have to be nice to Fletcher and Rainer."

"Dear God."

"Rylie I mean it. They're going through a lot right now especially since Fletcher has to take over his father's business now."

"But Daddy! Can't I just show up and console his ex-wife and maybe give them a hug. I don't want to speak to them."

"Rylie you know Rainer thinks you're great."

"Yeah but he's like 16 and his crush on me has always been creepy."

"You were great friends with Fletcher when you two were kids." He tries again. I hate to argue with him about this but it's the Halifax boys…

"Yeah when we were kids! We don't associate now. He's such a jackass and he's so mean to me. Mr. Halifax was so sweet and I'll miss him. But it doesn't mean I'll suddenly like his sons. And then I bet Fletcher will be even more of a bitch to me now."

"Well at least give him a chance." My father says sternly.

"Fine!" I groan.

"Thanks sweetheart. How's the job hunt going?"

I sigh, "Terrible. I'm totally incompetent! How am I supposed to get a job when I have so experience? I'm pretty sure everyone laughs when I leave the place. I mean I could try modeling but that's barely a job anyway."

My dad chuckles, "Good girl, I'm glad you're trying though. I can look for people hiring."

"Thanks daddy. See you at dinner."

"Bye Rylie."

I put my phone back into my bag and sigh.

The Halifax boys are quite a special pair. Fletcher Halifax is a year older than me at 25 years old; while Rainer Halifax is 16 almost 17.

And as aforementioned by my father I used to be friends with Fletcher when we were little, around the ages five or six to when we were almost twelve. Ryan and Fletcher were always closer though and they're still friends to this day.

We spent days at the park, had sleepovers, he played with me and my dolls, etc. Of course we weren't nearly best friends but you know we were pretty close.

But you know I didn't want to hang out with him and my brother and then Fletcher became a lot meaner.

We saw less and less of each other as we got older and I'm sure neither of us minded it.

I rarely saw him and when we did see each other there were a lot of mean snarky remarks.

Then Rainer developed a crush on me and to this day he still has it. It's really creepy when he hits on me.

They look pretty similar enough for you to tell that they're brothers but it's not like an uncanny resemblance.

Fletch is taller, definitely fit and has that dark hair grey eye combo. Rainer is actually close to my height a bit scrawny and has the brown hair grey eye combo.

Then there's the whole deal with their mom, Gwen MacNamara. She's this pretty and definitely adoringly sweet woman. Ms. MacNamara lives in Melbourne, Australia where Fletcher was born and he spends a lot of time there which explains his accent. Rainer was born in America and spends far less time in Australia than his brother.

Oh okay and then it was quite a scandal when Rainer was born because Mr. Halifax was divorced from Ms. MacNamara. They got divorced because Ms. MacNamara didn't want to deal with the money insanity, the public and all the business. The two were still in love with each other though they just couldn't be together.

We're quite a scandalous bunch aren't we?

"Rylie you're going to give old men heart attacks." Ryan comments as he fixes his tie.

"What am I supposed to wear, a full jumper?"

"Well something that covers up more skin at least."

I pout as I look at myself in the mirror. I'm dawning a classic black cut-out bandage dress- like Katherine Heigl's dress in The Ugly Truth- with Badgley Mischka lace booties.

"What do you want me to wear a winter coat?" I obnoxiously chew my gum.

"First you should spit out your gum. And I don't know. Wear that but I'm sure Rainer and many other guys will be all over you."

"God, I swear if Rainer is all up on me I'll smack him. I don't care if he thinks I should let him feel me up because his dad just died or whatever. That's just creepy. He's still a minor too."

Ryan laughs and pats my exposed back, "I don't mind if you hit him. Hell I'll hit him too. But just be nice to Fletch."

"Hey I don't try to be mean to him it just ends up that way because he's mean to me."

"Whatever Rylie. Just try."

"Fine! I'll try. You should just like dad."

I pout and I look at both of us in the mirror. We share the same brown hair and hazel but more so green eyes- obviously because we're twins. But then Ryan is definitely taller than me and I have bigger, fuller, poutier lips. I've got curves and Ryan has some hidden muscle. I'm thinner by far but Ryan's still pretty skinny too. We've both got big eyes and long dark eyelashes.

Like this we look more related than we have in a long time.

Somehow our habits and expressions and mostly everything else is different. Sometimes I forget that he's my brother.

"Do you think I should turn leave my phone in the car?" I ask, shooting off one last text to my best friend before shutting it off.

"Well it doesn't seem like you have anywhere to put it." He gives me a look.

"Wanna stash my phone in your pocket?" I ask innocently.

Ryan is clad in all black, trousers, tie and button up.


I sigh, "Fine I'll leave it here." I toss it into a cup holder and exit the vehicle.

"Behave." Ryan warns.

"Obviously." I roll my eyes.

Ryan and I walk into the funeral home together for the awake. Of course it's packed with people except for the room with the casket.

I look around the room. There's the Blackwood family, the Crosswells, the Ramsdens, the Vanderbosches- basically every millionaire and billionaire family in the area. Of course there's average people too and the whole Halifax and some of the MacNamara family.

Ryan grabs my arm and drags me along.

When we come to a stop Ryan lets go, "Hey Fletch."

"Hey mate," comes the deep sexy voice of Fletcher Halifax. I turn my head to look at him for the first time in years.

Um wow he's beautiful-beautiful, gorgeous and extremely sexy.

Fletcher and Ryan are hugging briefly before letting go and Rainer walks over.

Ryan greets him with a small hug.

"Rylie babe!" Rainer grabs at my torso and squeezes me. It's not really a hug it's a squeeze. My eyes widen and I just awkwardly pat his back.

"Um, I'm really sorry about your dad."

I look around a bit awkward and catch Fletcher's eye.

He looks so sad it kind of breaks my heart.

Rainer still doesn't let go and he gets way more into the squeeze we have going on. He's rubbing my exposed back and his hands travel down further.

"Woah! Okay I think that's enough." I try to pry him away but he just latches on again.

Ryan grabs Rainer and pulls him apart.

"Hey Fletch…er." I add on awkwardly.

"Rylie," He gives me a wave.

And I sadly give him a little wave back.

We don't say anything but I kind of say sorry with my eyes and he gives me a look that says 'thanks'.

It's a little awkward but then Mrs. MacNamara walks over.

"Hey Rylie, Ryan." She looks worn of crying.

"Hey Ms. MacNamara." I step over and hug her.

She gives me a little squeeze and holds onto me for a while. When she lets go she keeps an arm around my waist and I pat her hand.

Gwen MacNamara is the mother I never had sometimes.

"I saw your father earlier."

"Yeah he wanted to get here early."

"Your father's a good man. He told me how you're looking for a job."

"Yeah…it's not going so well." I suck in some air.

"Ma I think we should hire Rylie to babysit me." Rainer suggests.

"Uh no." I stop him before he gets any ideas, "I'm not going to be your nanny."

"Yeah Rainer you're almost an adult." His mother adds in.

"You know Rylie when I'm an adult you and I can-"

I make a repulsed face and so does Ryan. Fletcher clears his throat.

"What?" Rainer asks.

Fletcher hits his brother.

"Ow," Rainer frowns.

"Rainer why don't you go talk to Florence Crosswell?" Fletcher suggests.

"She's definitely not as sexy as Rylie. She's barely even attractive. And she's annoying." Rainer cringes.

This is just weird.

"Um…I'm going to go somewhere else…anyone want to come with me?" I put a hand on my hip.

"I'll go with you!" Rainer smiles.

"No Rainer actually I was trying to get-"

Fletcher clears his throat again and taps his pant pocket, "Here Rylie I'm come with you."

"Oh…yeah! Um great." I give Ms. MacNamara a kiss on the cheek and leave. Fletcher walks with me and rubs my back. I stiffen up a bit looking the other way. Damn Fletcher is hot.

"I haven't seen you in a while Rylie." Dear god the way he says my name…and his accent.

Maybe his grief and sorrow is what's making him so sexy.

"Yeah it seems like we were about Rainer's age when I last saw you."

"Yeah…sorry about him. He sees you a lot more than I do and then he's getting older; I guess he thinks you can be his…first." Fletcher removes his hand from mea and puts it in his pocket. Man his hand was warm…and calloused…and big.

"Right well that's never going to happen."

Fletcher doesn't say anything and I look at him but quickly look away.

I'm pretty sure his face is the closest thing to perfect that I've ever witnessed. And trust me I've seen many men.

"So what's going to happen with your dad's business?" I ask a little unsure. Is it okay to bring that up?

"Well…" he sighs, "I'm taking over all of it. I inherited the whole business and I have a lot of things to settle and to take care of. Actually my dad had something with your father so I have to get that done first."

"I know you can handle it." I look at Fletcher but he's already looking at me. Awkward.


We don't say anything but keep strolling around. People stop Fletcher to give him their condolences and he humors them with small talk which none of them probably care about.

Great here comes the unnecessarily bitchy Elizabeth Stokes. See she thinks she's amazing and the shit. But she's not. She really isn't.

"Fletcher Halifax!" She says a bit too loudly. She gives me a glare and grabs his hands.

"I'm so sorry about your dad." She says with a face and tone that clearly says she doesn't care.

As Ryan told me to behave I control myself from lashing out.

"Yeah…" he frowns.

"Okay well I'll see you later Fletch…er." I touch his arm and walk away.

"Uh wait-" I turn around confused. His morning has definitely made him nicer to me. Fletcher waves Elizabitch off and he sighs, running his hand through his hair.

Okay can I just say that I'd love to run my fingers through his hair?

"I hate these people." He says quietly by my ear. He's a lot taller than me but he makes the effort and leans down.

"Trust me hun I may hate my reputation but it did save me from dealing with a lot of these people."

"You know I definitely would like to have partied with you."

"Oh I'm sure you would." I say sarcastically.

"I'm serious." He smiles. Okay it's not even a real smile but it's something and I'm really not sure why his somewhat of a smile got better than his real smile when we were kids.

"Right," I say disbelievingly, "Well I wish I would've been more serious because now I can't find a real job. Except Ryan suggested hooker. And if I ever do that which I highly doubt, I think Rainer would be my first customer."

"Nah I don't think so. I'm sure a lot of guys would line up for you."

"Gee, thanks."

"I'm not kidding. Y-you know it's just that Rainer thinks you're the sexiest woman alive."

I give him a skeptical look, "Are you saying that I'm not that attractive or-"

"No-no I didn't mean it like that. I just mean that you know he thinks that so other guys must think that."

I'm not sure if this is insulting or cute.

"Okay…" I look around as we approach Ryan.

"I meant that you're just really attractive Rylie."


Okay now that was cute.

"Hey you two," Ryan greets us, "Luckily Rainer is by the sign-in book with his mom. No more sexual harassment Rylie."

"For now."

"We can definitely keep Rainer Halifax away from you." My brother reassures me.

"You know it'd be cute…but it isn't. Like at all and he's like what seven years younger than me? I just think he needs a girl his age or he'd end up marrying some cougar." I shrug.

"My mum would slap the bitch who tries to marry Rainer if she's more than four years older." Fletcher adds.

Me and Ryan snicker at the thought.

A couple of hours later we're all at the funeral service sitting in the large church. I'm stuck between Fletcher and Ryan while Rainer is next to Fletcher and their mom.

"We're here to celebrate the wonder life of Derex Gregory Halifax. His life was filled with people who loved him and much success. He was greatly loved and his tragic death was a horror to us all…"

I hear Ms. MacNamara sniffle as well as others. I curiously look up at Fletcher who deep in thought.

It's really unfortunate that Mr. Halifax died in a car crash- it was late at night and he was making a left turn and bam, someone ran a red light and hit his car.

I'm not exactly sure if the Halifaxes are going to sue the guy's ass or if they decided not too but if they did they'd definitely win and get all their money.

I look at Ryan and he's looking at the ground in deep thought too.

I fiddle with the hem of my dress. While sitting down it barely covers a third of my thigh. Ryan was right I should've worn a different outfit.

I sigh and I feel Fletcher's fingers graze my leg. I look up at him and he's looking at me with slightly glassy eyes.

It might be wrong but if Fletcher cries I just might jump his bones…out of the church that is.

I lick my lip then bite it and grab Fletch's hand. He looks down then back at me and he intertwines out fingers and crosses out arms so his arm is over mine.

Fletcher smells really good and I know his father and my dad's best friend's funeral isn't the best time to be lusting after him but I really can't help it.

Fletcher Halifax, manhood has treated you well…very well.

A while later Fletcher lets go of my hand which admittedly saddens me, but shockingly he instead puts that arm around me and places that hand on my hip close to my thigh. With his other hand he takes my hand and intertwines our fingers once more.

My breathing changes a little but soon enough gets back to normal.

I can tell that Rainer and Ryan are looking at us.

But I mean Fletcher is grieving and I guess this is his way of grieving…being nice to me…

And then Rainer grieves by pretending that nothing's wrong.

Rainer would always pretend that he's happy when he's not.

Fletcher has always been unpredictable though. And he's definitely being unpredictable right now. Not that it's a bad or anything. I definitely wouldn't mind if Fletcher Halifax sexually harassed me…

By the time the Priest is done speaking my dad goes up to speak.

"Derex Halifax was my best friend. He was the best man at my wedding and I at his," He pauses, "I will always love that man." I stop listening for a few minutes because I know if I listen to all of this I'll cry my eyes out.

"I remember the day his first son, Fletcher was born. Derex cried at how beautiful his son was- how he had created something and someone so amazing. His wife laughed at him and we all laughed too even Derex. I remember his exact words after that, "Ralston, if there's one thing I'm sure of besides that I love Gwen MacNamara, is that you're my best friend. You changed my life and I'm thankful to have you in my life. I'm also sure that my son will do great things and that he'll be a great man. Would you be his godfather?" and I obviously accepted. Of course. And he was right about all three of those things. And Derex I just want to tell you that you're my best friend and you always will. You changed my life and I'm thankful to have you in my life…and you'll always be in my life. I love you and I don't know where I'd be without you…"

I try to hold back tears but Ms. MacNamara is already sobbing.

"And then when your second son Rainer was born. He cried again and he said that he saw a light in him that he didn't knew existed. He saw this joy in his son that eluded him. Derex knew that he'd find a happiness that neither of us knew. And he's right. And I'd also like to tell you Derex that you gave us all happiness that none of us knew existed either. He was never one to hold back his tears. He cried when my twins were born too. He said that my daughter Rylie would end up being the most beautiful girl in the world with the best heart. That she could do anything she wanted. And he said that my son Ryan would end up just like me. He was right. Derex Halifax was always right about things and it made that that he made a publishing company because he encouraged everyone to share their opinions and ideals…"

At this point I'm crying, but not hysterically, just tears streaming down my face. My dad is even crying a bit. I think it's finally hitting him that he's gone.

Fletcher pulls me in close and I rest my head on his arm. Fletcher wipes away my tears which make me want to cry even more but I don't. I quickly compose myself and I look at Ryan.

Ryan pats my leg and gives me a look that says 'it'll be okay'.

Over the years I obviously didn't see Mr. Halifax much but it makes me sad. I just wish I didn't have to miss all those dinners with the Halifax men. I wish that my dad didn't have to be in so much pain. I wish that Fletcher, Rainer or Ms. MacNamara didn't have to be in pain either.

Around five Mr. Halifax's casket was being lowered into the ground. Fletcher was closer to me than ever, Rainer was with his mom who was crying her eyes out. Ryan was with dad. Fletcher and Rainer's aunt was there and so were their cousins along with a bunch of others. Flowers and dirt covered his casket and the service ended.

"Daddy…" I frown giving him a big hug.

"I'll see you at home baby girl. You too Ry," he forces a smile and heads to his car.

I bite my lip and Rainer and Fletcher join us. Rainer jumps on me and runs his hands all over me but Fletcher pulls him away.

"Rain, chill out." Fletcher glares.

Me and Ryan share a confused look. Okay this is just getting weird.

"Damn Fletch if I didn't know any better I'd think you're going after my girl."

"I'm not your girl."

"She's not you girl."

Fletcher, Ryan and I say together.

We all look at each other.

"Okay, well then…" I add awkwardly. To go or not to go?

"Rainer and I should find our mum. I'll see you later Ryan…Rylie." Fletcher gives Ryan a quick hug and gives me a wave. Okay he can't do that.

I grab his arm and pull him in for a hug.

I hear Fletch breathe in deeply and wraps his arms around me tightly. His hands and arms are definitely lower than anywhere Rainer has gotten but I don't mind one bit. My arms are wrapped around his neck and I'm so tempted to tangle my fingers in his hair.

Fletcher moves a hand to rub my lower back and we slowly let go. My hands slide down his very fit chest and his fingertips linger on my hips.

"Okay let's go!" Rainer shouts pulling his brother away.

When we're in the car and my phone is starting up Ryan takes the opportunity to ask, "What was up with you and Fletch?"

"I don't know." I reply as equally confused.

"He was really touchy."

"I know!" I shout not even looking at Ryan.

"Like I've never seen him like that. With you or anyone."

"I know." I say again.

"It was weird…I half expected him to pull you into his lap and kiss you during the service."

Okay Ryan needs to let this go.

"I guess."

"I'm not kidding Rylie!"

"I never said you were!" I look at him this time.

Ryan sighs, "It's just that…I don't know. You're my sister, he's my best friend and I thought you two hated each other. But then today Fletcher is all over you…I know he didn't want to let go of you. I swear he wanted to live in your arms."

"I wouldn't mind that." I snort.

"What?" Ryan says harshly.

"Well okay. I'm not saying that I like him. It's just that Fletcher is really…fit. He's really sexy."

"Rylie Ryland you've known Fletcher Halifax for almost all your life. And you were friends at some point. You never thought he as fit or sexy before."

"I know that! I don't know. I haven't seen him in years or at least haven't had a good look at him in years. Chill out Ry. Just watch we'll go back to hating each other in no time. He was probably just grieving and you know how unpredictable he is. Remember the divorce? He went through that angry phase. And then when his grandmother died he went through that depressed phase. Now I guess he just really needs some love or whatever."

Ryan sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, "You're right. I know I'm over reacting but it's just that he is unpredictable and his father just died and he's got so much more stress now. I just don't know how he'd react or how long it'll last."

"Exactly. He'll be thinking about work and everything and then he'll return to normal workaholic Fletcher. Okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I got it. You're right."

"I know I am."

A week later I'm dressed in a plum oversized chiffon button up with three-quarter sleeves and a very short black bandage skirt.

I remove my black Louboutin heels and moan.

"Daddy! This sucks! No one will hire me! Except there are a few secretary positions but we all know I'm terrible at that! And I'm pretty sure people only want to hire me as a secretary because they think I'll sleep with them and-"

I stop when I see my dad at the dinner table across from Fletcher.

"Well dressed like that Rylie I wonder why people think you'll sleep around."

Now that's the Fletcher I know.

"Look just because I'm pretty and dress nice doesn't mean I'm a whore!" I scoff.

"Yeah well if you want a professional job then you have to dress professional. You dress for the job you want. You're dressed like you'd sleep with any guy who'd offer to do your work for you."

"Uh my clothes are not cheap. My outfits probably cost more than most of those people's cars so quite frankly I don't see how that makes me look like a whore. It's quality not quantity!" I roll my eyes.

"Rylie I think if you actually covered your ass with cheap clothes as opposed to expensive clothes there are barely there than you'd have better luck."

"I don't wear cheap clothes. I don't do anything cheap." I say matter-of-factly.

Except I am considering taking a waitress job. But then I'd probably run the place out of business. What if they asked me to carry candles? I might start a fire.

"I'm sure you don't." Fletcher rolls his eyes.

"Okay daddy I'm getting closer to considering this marriage thing. You did say he'd be from another country right?"

Okay maybe I'm not but I want to see how Fletcher reacts. If he's really back to normal then he'd make a mean remark. If he isn't then he'd get all possessive again.

"Of course you'd take the easy way out."

I inwardly sigh of relief.

Even though Fletcher is still just as sexy as he was at the funeral I think his bad attitude is what's made me not notice all these years.

"I was just kidding god Fletcher. I'm never getting married." I pout.

My dad wants me to both get married and have a career so basically this whole ordeal is a win-win-lose-lose. He wins either way but loses either way.

"Well Rylie if you don't get married then you better not have illegitimate children with some I don't approve of."

"You don't approve of anyone." I deadpan.

"Exactly. So you should let me chose who you marry or well-"

"Sorry daddy not gonna happen. Anyway I'm going to soak in the tub."

I turn to leave with a flick of my long brown almost auburn hair.

"Hey wait-"Fletcher calls after me.

"What?" I snap.

"I actually think I have a position for you- at my company."

My mouth is slightly agape with a look of disgruntlement.

"You can have a job as my secretary."

"No." I reply immediately.

"Actually Fletcher I think that's an excellent idea." My dad butts in.

"Umm no." I try again.

"You could learn things from Fletcher. He can teach you about all the things about leading a company, taking over, business like matters. Plus he won't take advantage of you and he'll make sure you'll work."

I make another face.

"Exactly. I show Rylie what it's like being professional . And I'll definitely make sure she'll work hard. I need a personal secretary and this'll help save me time and interviews. Plus most of the woman want the position just want to sleep with me and look at me all day. We all know that's not the case with Rylie. It's a win-win. She gets a job, avoids marriage, doesn't have to resort to being a whore all the time and I get a secretary who I can trust and I can get the satisfaction of teaching Rylie a thing or two." Fletcher is smirking and although it's hot I want to slap it off his face.

But he has a point. But I also know he wants me to say yes so he can bitch at me all day every day and make me do things for him.

So accept of decline?

"Fine. But just to warn you I don't know how to make coffee. I'm not good at keeping track of things. I don't like listening to you. I plan on doing my nails a lot in the office. I won't promise that I'll get things done. I might not always pick up the phone and I'll probably purposely kick you a lot in meetings. I hope you know that you've got yourself in some deep shit Fletcher Halifax." I give him the finger before heading to my room.

I'm pretty sure this is a lose-lose situation for the both of us but I plan on making sure that Fletcher loses more than I do.

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