When I used to look back at my life it was definitely blurry. You know many sex filled drunken nights. Parties, people I didn't like, fighting with Fletcher, Henley making boys cry and a lot of shopping. But that was when I was young and I'm not a little girl anymore. For once in my life I've never been more comfortable being old.

"Rylie come on now we're going to be late."

I make a face, "Slow your roll." I sip on my coffee and keep my elbows firmly rested on the granite counter.



"Rylie we're going to miss our flight." Fletcher leans against the counter across from me.

Rainer slowly walks in, hair disheveled and in his PJs just like myself.

"See Fletcher, Rainer's not even ready. At least I was here first drinking coffee." I point at Fletcher's face.

"Rainer and Rylie you two seriously have to get ready. Our flight is in three hours. The airport is an hour away, we need to check out bags and go through security."

"Killjoy." I deadpan.

"Seriously Fletch, it'll take me ten minutes and I can grab a bite to eat at the terminal. Which means that I'm ahead of you." Rainer gives me a look and I flip him off.

"It's three in the morning! I'm tired." I groan.

"Yeah seriously why couldn't we fly out yesterday?"

Fletcher runs his hands through his bangs and hair, "I told you both that I had work."

"We could've flown out after."

I make a knowing face, "He's got a point."

Fletcher walks over to me and takes the coffee out of my hand, "Fine we could've but we didn't. Too late now let's move our asses so Rylie can see her best friend get her master's degree yeah?"

"Fine," Rainer and I say before walking out of the kitchen.

Fletcher gives my ass a tap and follows me to our room.

"Rylie you're really wearing that?"


I 've got a Whitney lace mini skirt on and an white Angora Bardot jumper plus black Gucci Sofia peep toe pumps.

"You know it's a seven hour flight right?"

"Of course I do, I flew there all the time remember?"

Fletcher kisses the top of my head, "I know. I hate those weekends without you."

"I haven't flown out there in forever so you've had me all to yourself."

"Good." He growls into the nape of my neck.

"Now who's the one getting distracted?" I push him onto his back while still keeping my elbows propped up.

"Keep your mind out of the gutter Rylie." He smiles and pulls me on top of him.

I grin and give him a slow kiss but quickly pull away, "What in the world are you talking about Fletcher Halifax? I had no ill intentions."

"Mhm hmm sure," He rubs his oh too toned stomach, "Says the woman who mauls me every morning before work."

I snort, "Not even if anything you maul me."

"Well it is hard for me to keep my hands off of you, but still. If anything you initiate more of our sexual acts then I do."

"Not even! You initiate more than I do."

"False Rylie."

"Uh no Fletcher."

"Yeah Rylie."

Fletcher gives me a kiss running his tongue along my top row of teeth.

"Hey you two! Didn't Fletcher just tell us that we need to go? Stop making out or having sex and move it!" Rainer pounds on the door.

We both groan.

Rainer's definitely become perfectly fine with me and Fletcher. He still worships the ground I walk on sometimes but he's calmed down.

And then there's Florence Crosswell. I'm friends with her older sister and although they may not be the prettiest sisters they're really sweet; and as fate has it Florence likes Rainer so I've been working on making that happen. Fletcher thinks I'm crazy for trying, but screw what he thinks.

I mean Fletcher's known that Florence has liked Rainer since way before their dad's funeral but he still doesn't think it'll work out. Whatever she's a cute nice girl and will do Rainer some good.

"Rainer wake up," I push him off my shoulder; "Fletcher your brother looks like he's going to drool."

"Rylie he's your brother too." Fletcher gives me a knowing look and flips the page of his newspaper.

"In a not technical but kind of sort of way."

Fletcher takes my left hand and plays with my ring.

"In your own words Rylie, not even."

I roll my eyes, "Okay fine you're right like always."

"Obviously I am." He gives me a kiss.

You see we're kind of married. But not.

"Fletch, babe, where's my ticket?" I call out. I fix my hair and open a couple of drawers. Where's my keys? Ever since I moved here the three of us keep switching cars. Some days I take Fletcher's, Rainer takes my car and Fletcher takes Rainer's-for example. We even bought a fourth car, but it's still hard to find a pair of keys.

"And where's a pair of keys?" I add.

"In here!" He calls from our room. I can hear some movie playing in the background.

I fast walk over and up the stairs.

"Where?" I place a hand on the doorframe.

"Check my pants."

"Ha ha," I roll my eyes, "This isn't the time. I've got to go see Henley."

So maybe Fletcher slightly resents Henley because I fly over at least once or twice a month to visit her in England.

"Fine," He groans and reaches over to grab my ticket and keys.

"You're terrible." I hit his arm and take my stuff, "Fletcher this isn't my ticket."

"Right I forgot to tell you," He looks up at me, his mouth slightly agape and takes his glasses off, "You're not going to England."

"Yes I am."

"No you're not." He flashes me a smile.

"I'm going to England Fletcher."

"No you're not Rylie."

"Fletcher," I give him a stern look, "Seriously."

"Seriously Rylie you're not."

I glare at him.

Fletcher sighs and gives me a look, "Rylie look at the ticket."

"I don't want to."

"Rylie just do it."

"I don't want to! You're not the boss of me." I make a face.


"Fine." I roll my eyes and listen to him, "Fletcher I can't believe you. I know you hate how I leave you for Henley but seriously. Seriously you changed my flight? To Australia of all places, what would you rather have me spending time-"

"Calm down!" Fletcher laughs.

"And now you're laughing at me?" I fold my arms over my chest.

"Yes. Can you just relax love? We're not leaving for a couple more hours."


"I called Henley and she's fine with it. You and I are going to Melbourne to visit my family."

I blink, look up confused and look back at him, "To visit your family?"


"You want me to meet your family? As in all of your family?"

"Among other things yes," He pulls me into bed with him, "Are you calm now?"

"Yes, very." I give him a long deep kiss.

I've been dying to meet the rest of Fletcher's family. He has a lot of cousins and aunt and uncles on his mom's side but Fletcher doesn't like talking to any of them except his mom's brother and sister.

Ms. MacNamara has a brother and sister but her parents got divorced and remarried twice. Her father had two wives after and had a shit load of other kids. So Ms. MacNamara has like twelve half brothers and sisters from her dad so Fletcher has more cousins than he cares to count.

His Aunt Gloria and her husband, plus his Uncle Dmitri and his husband are his favorites. Gloria has one son and Dmitri and his husband adopted a baby two years ago.

Rainer actually loves that his uncle is gay and Fletcher's cool with it.

And I've just been bugging Fletch to take me to meet them all but he's been refusing and his excuse was 'because I said so'.

"I love you." I give Fletcher an innocent kiss when he sits down.

"Of course you do and I love you too."

"Dear God why are you two so cute?" Dmitri and his husband Pence walk in.

"We're only cute because he's finally let me meet you guys." Dmitri sits on the couch and cuddles next to me.

"My nephew is a bossy one."

"I know right."

"Rylie," Fletcher touches my hair.

"Look I have my reasons and I don't have to explain them to you Rylie. You'll understand."

I scoff, "You see what I deal with?"

"Oh shut up."

The MacNamara family ended up loving me with an intense vigor. Fletcher even turned a bit caveman when some of his cousins hit on me but that's beside the point.

The point is that I'm loved by his family and I love them. Mostly. I mean a lot of them are kind of crazy which isn't that much surprising because Rainer is crazy and Ms. MacNamara gets crazy sometimes. She wants me to call her mom or even Gwen but it's hard to get used too.

"Well this is nice," I say a bit skeptical.

Fletcher rolls his eyes and we both sit down at the end of the dock. A couple of candles are lit by where I sit and there are a few all the way down the dock.

"Can't I be romantic?"


"Rylie," He gives me a look.

"I'm serious Fletcher you aren't that romantic."

"Oh come on love I am romantic. We both know I am."

"Uh huh sure." I kick my feet in the water.


"So why are we here?" I ask.

"Why do you think I have ulterior motives?

"You always do."

He smiles, "Yeah I do. But I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Knew it." I sing.

Fletcher rolls his eyes, "Rylie stop ruining this!"

"Ruining what! I have no idea what I'm ruining." I say knowingly.



Fletcher shakes his head, "You know I love you. I'm so in love with you I actually think it's driving me mad. And you know I plan on spending the rest of my life with you, but I know you don't believe in marriage. So will you be my domestic partner?"

I can't help smiling. It actually hurts to smile this big, "Of course I will," I give him a slow passionate kiss before he breaks the kiss.

He pulls out a ring box and opens it.

"Fletcher how much-?"

I take the box and thoroughly examine the ring. It has a huge ass rectangle diamond with two smaller rectangles accenting it with a white gold band. Dear fucking god.

"Doesn't matter." He gives me a kiss, lightly grazing our tongues. He gently takes the box from my hands and removes the ring setting the box down. He takes my left hand and caresses it for a moment before slipping the ring on. It fits perfectly.

"Seriously Fletch, how much did this cost and since when did you have such good taste in jewelry?"

"Rylie we both know that money is never an issue with us."

"I know but still. A girl's gotta ask."

"Fine, 45 hundred."

"How sweet." I give him a little kiss.

"I know," He smiles, "And Rylie dear I'm your other half of course I know what kind of ring you'd want."

"Of course," Such a cocky man, "But you know I would've considered marrying you."

"You wouldn've?" He asked taken back.

"Considered, yes. But you know how I feel."

"And surprisingly I get why you don't want to get married. It would mean that we're legally each other's property and even though I would love that it doesn't mean that you truly love someone."

"Good boy." I pat his head patronizingly.

I really do love my husband. Even though we're domestic partners we call each other husband and wife. It makes Fletcher forget that we're not really married.

"Rylie you know we're going to have to tell them."

"And I will but not right now." I look into Fletch's eyes.

"That's what you said when you tried running away from me."

"That was a long time ago and I will."

"Mhm hmm sure. But even if you don't they'll find out eventually." He gives me a knowing look.

"I know that! And I will, I'll tell Henley right before the ceremony. And I guess you can tell Rainer. Then we'll tell everyone else when we get back okay?"

"Fine, fine, whatever you want to do love. I'm just saying because if I don't bring it up you'll avoid it."

Fletcher and I turn to look at the stirring Rainer. He rolls around in his seat some before rubbing his eye, "Hey guys, much longer?" His voice is laced with sleep.

"Not much, we're about to land soon." Fletcher replies.

"Cool." Rainer falls back into his stupor.

We weren't originally going to take Rainer with us but he really want to come and visit so we let him. He's currently taking a year break between high school and college. He already got accepted and is going to NYU in the fall-my alumni which makes me very proud.

Rainer still wants to live with us though. Neither of us mind but you know it would be just as great without him. I love our little family but you know he's just my brother not son.

"Rylie!" Henley squeals and holds onto me for dear life.

The Halifax boys just stand behind us smiling and waving.

"How's it going Rainer? Still taking your break?"

"Definitely, it's going pretty damn good. Fletch made me get a job to see what it's like and I must say I love being a waiter."

Yep, Rainer is a waiter. I'm working with Fletcher again too but this time I'm technically his equal. He helped me start this company. I'm basically a talent scout and work with my clients and help get them out there. I look for all types of talent too, music, art, dance, writing, etc. It's really great and I love it. Fletch co-owns it obviously and he's my publication source. A couple of record labels work with me too along with this one dance company.

"Good, good. Nice to see one of the rich kids ending up normal."

"Actually!" I interject, "Florence Crosswell is normal. She wants to be a vet."

Fletcher and Rainer roll their eyes.

"Oh come on! She's great."

"Uh huh right well that's great Rylie but she's not for me."

"She's going to NYU too!"

"Still not interested." Rainer shrugs.

I pout and Fletcher kisses my cheek, "Okay well Rainer and I are going to grab seats. Well see you after Henley, congrats and I'll text you where we're sitting love."

"Kay," I give him a kiss before they head off.

"Ugh you're so cute Mrs. Halifax." Henley gushes.

"Yeah, yeah. I know what you really mean."

Henley feigns an innocent look, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You always love to remind me that you were right about me and Fletcher."

"I know," Henley smiles, "I'll forever gloat about it."

"Yeah well I have some other news for you to gloat about."

Henley breaks out in a very toothy grin. Ugh bitch.

"I'm pregnant. Surprise!" I hold my hands up with fake enthusiasm. Sure I'm excited but her gloating does not excite me at all.

Henley lets out a shrill scream, "AH! I told you! Ugh I so knew it. I predicted everything! If my medical career ever went belly up then I'd have a great future as a psychic fortune teller lady. God I'm so good. But seriously though Rylie this is great! Ugh I'm so happy for you and you'll have beautiful children, but I better fucking be the godmother or I'll just kill everyone."

I laugh and grasp her arms, "Okay okay! Calm down! Of course you're the godmother, I have no other friends," Henley gives me a light push.

"Ohmygod I can't get over this though! When did you find out? How come you didn't tell me earlier-"

"I found out three weeks ago. You know how I like to put things off."

"Right right, does anyone else know? Does Fletcher? Oh my god Rylie if he doesn't-"

"Calm down slut, I've got this! Fletcher of course knows. He went with me to the doctors. You're the only one that knows except Fletch is probably telling Rainer as we speak."

"Me? I'm not the slut, Miss I'm-knocked-up!"

I roll my eyes, "Yeah, by my husband."

"Whatever! Still."

"Okay Henley I get it. I'm going to go take a seat though, I'm so proud of you." I give her a squeeze and leave checking my phone.

Third row to the left of the stage love. Rainer's standing up having a panic attack- Fletcher


"Calm yourself Rainer," I push past him and take the empty seat between him and my husband.

"I can't- I can't even…what is air. My life has no meaning."

Fletcher and I share a look while rolling our eyes.

It took Ryan long enough but he's very accepting of me and Fletcher. But I mean he has to be since we're 'married'. Ryan loves being brothers with Fletch though and my dad loves having him as a son.

Dad said that he and Mr. Halifax always joked about me and Fletch ending up together.

But when they ended up right well it gave daddy a whole new level of satisfaction. He even had this whole new smile that I didn't know existed.

When Henley's name finally gets called the three of us and her family all stand up and make a riot about it. "Go Henley!" I yell, clapping for her.

She sends me a brilliant knowing smile.

It's crazy.

Henley has her medical degree and is going to get her doctorate. Rainer is going to college in the fall. I'm 'married' to Fletcher and expecting a child. I have a real job. Ryan is…well Ryan and my dad's doing great.

I'm twenty-six and still growing up, but I have accepted that I'm an adult.

I couldn't be happier.

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