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Chapter 1

"SHELBY, Time to get up sweetheart!" My mother called from the bottom of the stairs. I smiled looking at my appearance. It was 6:30 am. and I had been awake for hours. Today was the first day of my freshman year. School always was exciting for me but this was even better.

I had double checked myself twenty times. I was in my schools uniform, a dark blue plaid skirt that went right above my knees and a white button down shirt. My Shoulder length hair was curled with a dark blue ribbon tied into a headband. I had some white eye shadow and mascara on with a pair of black ballerina flats to tie everything together.

I grabbed my new book bag pack, full of new note books and other supplies along with my very old diary, and trotted down stairs. My room was on the third floor in the attic. My parents got it remolded so it would be more like a room and less like a shack. This way I have privacy from my six little brothers and sisters.

I'm the second oldest. My older half-brother, Anthony, is twenty and lives about an hour away. My mom and his dad split up when he was three. She then met my dad and got married after a few months. Dad died when I was four so I don't have many memories of him. Next Mom married Stan they were married for Seven years before they divorced. The had three kids Anny, Kelly, and Stan jr. Mom then met Stan's best friend, Kent, and married him.

They've been married for five years and have three kids together Kayla, Sammy, and Tyler. Kent is my favorite of mom's husbands. He's nice, funny, makes a lot of money, and is always at our practices or school plays. No matter what happens we're always first to him. Even though Kayla, Sammy, and Tyler are his real kids he treats us all the same.

I walked past the little one's rooms. Anny Kelly and Kayla share a room, While Sammy and Tyler get the one across the hall. Stan jr. gets his own room because he's too old to be around Tyler or Sammy. Everyone but Tyler was asleep. I quietly crept into Tyler and Sammy's room to Tyler's crib.

"Good morning big boy" I whispered picking him up. He giggled and cooed as I bounced down the stairs. Mom was in the kitchen making a breakfast casserole. I placed Tyler in his highchair and grabbed a jar of baby food for him.

"How'd you sleep?" Mom asked.

"Pretty good." I said cutting up a banana into bite sized pieces. I placed the mashed up goop and banana on the colorful baby plates. Tyler screeched telling me I was going too slowly so I quickly grabbed his favorite spoon and placed his food in front of him.

"What's he eating?" Kent's voice said from the living room.

"I think it's pears but I'm not sure. The label was torn off." I responded. Mom handed me a sippy cup full of juice. I took it from her and held it so he could drink. Tyler had just turned one a few weeks ago and still needed help eating sometimes. He was learning fast though and could use a spoon for the most part. I gently ruffled his short blond hair as he continued to eat.

Kent came in with his paper and empty cup of coffee and sat at the head of the table.

"Are you excited?" he asked me. I nodded smiling. "Got everything?" I nodded again.

"Triple checked." I said. Mom came over and placed my food on my plate, scrambled egg whites with plain toast. It's simple but my favorite. Kent rolled an orange to me then took one for himself. I quickly finished eating while helping Tyler eat. I checked the clock above the stove, 7:10. The bus would be at my stop in ten minutes.

"I'm gonna get going. I said standing up grabbing my back pack. Mom and Kent said there good byes along with wishes on luck. I walked out the door into the warm august morning.

We lived in what most people would call the rich neighborhood and because I was going to a privet school everyone thought we had a ton of money. If it weren't for the amount of child support we got we wouldn't be able to keep our house or have enough food. We always got generic brand foods, no fancy electronics, and plain clothes. I got into privet school on a full scholarship because of my straight A's in every subject since pre-school.

I walked through all of the nice houses, waving to the dog walkers and gardeners on the way. I could see other teen's my age in normal clothes walking to their bus stops. Most of them laughed at me because of my uniform. I ignored them and kept walking. I was smart enough to get into the best high school around and that was cool enough for me.

I quickly got to my stop to see one other girl there. She was in the same uniform as me, but her hair was pulled back in a high pony tail. Her nose was in a book, the closer I got I saw the title was in Japanese and had colorful cartoons on it. Her back pack was covered in buttons that had some of the same cartoons on them.

I got closer and leaned on the fence behind me and pulled my own book out. It was a book on urban legions and superstitions I had gotten at the library the other day. I had a thing for big books. The longer it took for me to get through the better. Over the summer I had read almost every single book in the young adult section.

As we read more and more people showed up. They chatted amongst themselves most of them obviously knowing each other. The girl next to me was talking in Japanese with another girl with similar buttons on her bag.

Everyone around had their phones pulled out. I suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy. I was never going to get a cell unless I paid for it. I sighed and put my book away once I spotted the bus at the end of the street. It slowly pulled up and everyone lined up their ID's out. I showed the driver mine and quickly sat in the first empty seat I saw. The bus was crowded. Only a few empty seats were left. It was loud as everyone was talking to their seat mate. I placed my bag next to me and glanced out the window. We made many more stops and more and more people filled in.

Most of them were in the same uniforms but a few were in casual clothing. Most likely they forgot. According to my school's handbook uniforms were to be worn at all times, if not you were not allowed to attend for the day.

No one sat next to me they all found their friends seeming to ignore anyone they didn't know. It was nearly 7:45 by the time we pulled up by the school. I would have liked to get there earlier but I didn't have a choice till I could drive myself. In order for that to happen I would need a job and a ton of money.

I waited till there were a few people left on the bus so I wouldn't get in the way. I quickly shuffled into the school with my back pack clutched to my chest. No matter how happy I was to be here I was still nervous.

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