A.N. Before you start reading, This story will have sexual contact. The theme of this story is illegal, but it happens. This did not happen to me or anyone I know I just wanted to write about it. This story contains mental illness to an extent, along with statutory rape. This is a romance between a 14 year old girl and a 26 year old man. You don't like don't read. If requested I will do a chapter with the *cough* naughty things separate so you won't miss anything. But that will only happen if requested. I think that's it… but again, if you don't like the theme or content of this story exit out now. Thank you and please enjoy.

Chapter 4

After a week of recovering and fighting with Mama and Kent I was finally allowed to go back to school, on a few conditions. Mama or Kent would have to drive me to and from school, I would have to eat my lunch in Mr. Smith's class, and I would have to get a 4.0 gpa by the end of the semester or I was going to the normal high school. I was also grounded for three months because of my language and locking myself in my room for almost two days. But none of that mattered I was finally able to go back to school, and to Mr. Smith.

I was sitting in my desk absent mindedly writing Mrs. Shelby Smith on the first page of my note book as if nothing had happened last week. The other students were whispering as I expected but the things I heard shocked me a little.

'I heard she died' 'Oh yeah? I heard those ass holes were going to put a hit out on her.' 'Why is she still here, if I were her I would have took off running.' 'It's obvious no one likes her here.'

I did my best to block them out, only hearing the things people said around me. Luckily Mr. Smith was early today. As soon as he walked in all the whispers stopped and I quickly closed my note book. His eyes fell to me and he smiled.

"Glad you're here again. I was worried you wouldn't be coming back. "He gently patted my shoulder and went to his desk. I reopened my note book to a fresh sheet and waited for class to start.

Mr. Smith was wearing a black button down shirt with a pair of black jeans along with some nice dress shoes. It was casual but still professional. It was similar to what he had been wearing in my dream last night.

Mr. Smith had taken me to dinner and a movie to apologize for the first day of school. During the movie he kept his arm around me with the arm of the seat up. That was something a few of my friends from middle school said meant a guy really liked you.

After the movie was over he took me home. He leaned down and kissed me good night. It was gentle at first but slowly picked up speed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled my hips towards his. Even though I was on my tip toes he had to bend over to reach me. I felt his tongue sneak out asking for permission witch I gladly granted. Our tongues explored each other's mouths all while battling for dominance.

"Can I come in?" he asked out of breath.

"S-sure." I said trying to open my door. My hands were shaking worse than ever before but I finally got the door opened.

"Where's your room" He asked huskily.

"In the attic." I squeaked out. He smiled before kissing me again and picking me up bridal style, and rushed up the stairs. He kicked the door down and collapsed on my bed. He kissed down my jaw to my neck where he bit and sucked my neck until I was sure he made a mark. His hand slipped up the hem of my dress to the underwire of my bra.

"Are you ok with this?" I nodded not trusting my voice. His long fingers gently massaged my breast while his thumb and forefingers rolled my nipple through the fabric of my bra. I pushed my chest into his hand more and whimpered.

"Shelby. Wake up." He whispered.

"What?" I asked.

"Wake up. Wake up Shelby. WAKE UP!" I opened my eyes to see Mama shaking me. "You'll be late for school sweetheart."

I shook my head as the bell rang. Mr. Smith quickly took roll, smiling when he got to my name.

"Alright, now that that's done, let's get started." He said giving me a stack of papers. They were notes, and assignments with due dates written at the top. They were all easy common knowledge; the biggest one was an essay. 'Write a descriptive essay on a dream for the future.' I smiled and began writing. By lunch I had finished and typed the essay up, along with some of the assignments and turned them in.

"You're done?" Mr. Smith asked astonished.

"It was easy." I smiled before turning to leave.

"Shelby, hold on." He said reading over my paper.

"I'm sorry Mr. Smith I need to get to my next class. I don't want to be late." I chimed walking out the door. My next two classes were pretty boring so I let my thoughts wander back to Mr. Smith. I reenacted my dream over and over in my head till a dull ache started growing between my legs.

Before I knew it I was all but skipping to Mr. Smith's class again. I plopped myself down in my desk with my hands folded ready for yet another hour of seeing Mr. Smith's face. He walked in to the class and over to my desk.

"Shelby, I think we need to have a talk. Would you meet me in my office?" He whispered in a serious voice. I nodded and fallowed him out of the class and into the English office. In the back of the room was a room about the size of cubical. There was another desk with a laptop a few chairs and other papers as well as a few pictures of him and a big black dog.

"Have a seat." He said sitting on the chair farthest away. I sat down and scooted closet to him. "We need to talk about this essay you wrote."

"What about it? Wasn't it good?" I asked hopping he didn't think I was a horrible writer.

"I was beautifully written, the subject was the problem. Do you know what statutory rape is?" I shook my head. "It's when an adult has sexual relations with a minor. It's what you wrote your paper about." He said blushing. "You realize that you and me… We.. This… It can't happen."

"It's not rape if I want it." He shook his head.

"It is, because of our age. You realize we cannot be together, right?"

"Is there someone else? You said you were single on the first day of school." He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"You're not getting the point. We cannot be together. Not now, not in the future. Not ever. I could lose my job, and go to jail. If you were five years older maybe, but it can't happen." He rushed out.

"Ok. I understand." I could see how hard this was for him.

"Good. You're a sweet girl. I don't want an issue with you. I'd like to keep you in my classes." I smiled and thought to myself 'If I play coy for a few weeks he'll come to his senses.'

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