Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day the day I met Kenith. I was spending the nice spring day in the park, my nose deep in a book I had been reading. Children were playing, dogs were barking, and birds were chirping. I remember everything. It was just as perfect as Kenith.

I had been completely shut off from the real world and into the world of words when he walked up to me. The lack of sunlight brought me out of my trance and into a new one. I looked up to see the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had tousled dirty blond hair that stuck out in several directions. His skin had a sun kissed tan and his eyes were as blue as the sky above. I was at a loss for words.

"Hi, my name is Kenith, and I was just wondering what you were reading?" he said with a voice that sung despite him being nervous. I set the open book face down on my lap before answering.

"A mid summers night dream, nothing interesting. And I'm Rain." I said extending my hand timidly. Most people ignored me at all costs. I wore all black no matter how sunny, spent most of my time in the local graveyards, talked about mental illnesses, and usually carried my pet rat around.

"Not at all, it's one of my favorites. Do you mind if I sit?" he asked gesturing to the tree root next to me. I smiled and nodded. He sat down and picked my book up reading one of my favorite quotes from the page I was on.

"'And the imperial votaress passed on, In maiden meditation, fancy-free, Yet marked I where the bolt of Cupid fell; It fell upon a little western flower, Before mike-white, not purple with loves wound, and maidens call it love-in-idleness.' Beautiful isn't it?" He asked. I nodded taking my book back.

"This is my favorite." I said somewhat awkwardly.

"Mine too. Ever seen it?" I shook my head. "You should. It's better on stage."

"I'll have to sometime. I like your ring." I said it was dark gray steel with a big ruby in the center.

"Thank you, it was my great grandfathers. He was told Vlad the Impaler wore it."

"Interesting, I have a necklace with the same story. Looks similar too." I said remembering my favorite necklace. Me and Kenith talked for hours about our favorite books, music, and even our pets. He had a female rat named Angle, mine was Demon. I offered a rat play date, he laughed and agreed.

Kenith and I had tons of things in common such as our favorite foods and other such things. We talked well into the night and before we knew it a cop showed up.

"Do you know about curfew?" He asked puffing his chest out in an attempt to be intimidating. I shook my head, Kenith did too. "Common I'll take you home." The cop said jerking his head to his car. Me and Kenith got up a fallowed him to his car. The cop opened the back door and we slid in.

I told the cop where I lived but stayed silent for the rest of the ride. When we pulled up to my house I open the car door and ducked out.

"Good night Rain. Will I see you tomorrow?" Kenith asked. I nodded. "Same place?" I nodded again.

"Good night." I said he returned the phrase and I slammed the door shut. The cop drove off to take Kenith home. I stayed in front till I couldn't see them anymore. When they had disappeared I quickly walked into my house.

It was empty and small, just how I liked it. My mother had died when I was young, and my father worked most of the time. He worked in a morgue. Due to the lack of anything to do in our town many people turned to drinking and drug use. There was a new funeral almost every day.

I grabbed a bottle of wine and my goblet. It was a gift from my father, handmade with rubies peppered in it. If only my father knew what I drank from it. I filled my glass half way pushed the cork back in and replaced the bottle.

My father drank a lot so half a glass every night went missing undetected from him. My body burned for something stronger, like what I had drinken in my early teen years, but nothing was classy enough. Wine was my only drink now. I made me a sandwich with raspberry jelly and nutella. When the two were mixed together it looked like blood.

I carried my dinner up to my room. It was small, and intended for storage. It was perfect for me. It was decorated in random gothic items I had collected over the years. My bed was under a thick black fabric draped in a mosquito net fashion. A similar fabric covered the two small windows blacking everything out. Demon's cage was placed next to my bed.

He squeaked in joy when I came in. I smiled and opened the door to his cage. He scrambled to my bed and squeaked again. I looked at his food bowl to find it empty.

"You little piggy." I smiled grabbing more of his food, and putting it on my bed. I always filled his bowl to the top but he always ate it before I came home. He greedily ate the pellets purring in delight. "I got you a play date little one." I said. Demon was always easy to talk to. He listened and squeaked back to me.
When he was done with his meal and me with mine he crawled on to my lap and curled up. I put the leftover pellets in the cage and stroked his fur. Despite every ones thoughts rats are incredibly clean. After a few minutes of petting his purrs stopped and I gently placed him back in his cage.

I crawled into bed myself snuggling my pillow. I closed my eyes and entered the world of dreams. They were filled of rubies, and blond dirty hair, and sky blue eyes.

A.N. This story is dedicated to my "twin" Emily :3 I love you! But this was her favorite out of all my ideas so this gets special attention. I hoped you liked this change of character (for those of you who may ready my other stories) Goths aren't really characters that come to mind that often. But I think if all my stories have the same character theme people will get bored.

This story does have mental illnesses, so if you're not comfortable with those themes please stop reading. Rain will also get violent and obsessive over Kenith as the story goes on. The whole story is told in flashback so the events will be random and slightly out of order (more funn for me to write)

Kenith is a goth, but not as outstanding as Rain. I don't really mention it as much, but he will always wear his ring, and all black. I'm also not trying to stereotype goths, this is just how I was when I went through that phase.

Something I've been doing is I'll upload one chapter of each story idea I have. The stories that has more people reading will get uploaded more often. All of them will (hopefully) get uploaded too just not as frequent. I love writing now and its making me feel better about life. I also like knowing I'm entertaining people. I know I love it when my favorite stories get uploaded.

I hope you enjoyed this story and please look forward for the next chapter.