Chapter 1

My life is perfect. Or should I say was. I was the most popular girl in school, head of the cheerleading squad, dating the football quarter back, beautiful, and I've had straight A's since I started school. My friends were amazing and I had won ever dance's royalty. If I wanted to I could win class president. I had it all. That is before that night.

I remember my last day of being perfect like it was yesterday. I opened my eyes to my wonderfully decorated room. It was painted a light lavender with a light, almost white pink accent wall. My book shelf, desk, vanity, bed, and shoe chair were either black or zebra print. It took me nearly a full week to do but it was well worth it.

I reached for my I-phone to see my boyfriend, Zach, had texted me.

"Hey Babe. Tonight I'm taking you out. Wear something pretty or easy to remove ;) I'm picking you up at 7." I sighed. The week before I finally gave in to him and gave him my virginity. Ever since then he wanted nothing but sex. I responded to him saying I'd be ready. Not long after my alarm went off, playing my favorite song. I crawled out of bed and into my closet.

I picked a pair of light blue washed jeans a white tank-top with a white poncho on top. I straighten my hair, and tied a dark blue scarf around my neck. I applied a little makeup, foundation, white pearly eye shadow, eye liner and a ton of mascara. I stepped back and looked at my appearance.

I'm 5"5 and 123libs. According to my boyfriend I had an amazing ass and perfect breasts. I'll admit my curves were in the right place and my waist was super tiny. My long blond hair went to the tops of my hips when straight and my eyes were sky blue. I looked perfect in every way. I never even had a zit.

I grabbed my phone, purse, and back pack before walking down stairs. My mom was doing yoga on the deck, and my dad was reading the paper. I yelled out a good bye and ran to my car. It was a light pearl convertible and my baby. I placed my stuff in the passenger seat and drove off to my best friend, Emily's, house.

She was waiting outside her thumbs going so fast I could hardly see them. I honked my horn drawing her out of the cruse her phone had on her. She smiled and ran to my baby, her dark red hair glowing in the sun. Her hair looked like strands of rubies. She plopped in the passenger seat moving our stuff to the back.

"What's up?" I said. She made a noise in response returning to her phone. "Blogging again?" she nodded. I rolled my eyes and pulled out of her driveway and towards our school.

"What you doing tonight?" she said giving her thumbs a break.

"Got a date with Zach." I responded. She made an annoying cat call.

"LISA'S GONNA GET SOME!" she all but shouted. I shushed her quickly. We were close to school and people walking on the street could hear us if she were too loud. I didn't want anyone knowing about my sex life. She giggled and "zipped" her lip shut. I pulled into my spot next to the doors gathered my stuff and walked into the school.

Most of the cheerleaders hung out in the larger gym before school. I didn't feel like listening to gossip and who's up to what so I just headed to my first class. The day went by quickly, I got 100% on my English report, completed my math homework in class, successfully completed the lab in science the first time, and finished the mile run in five minutes in gym.

At lunch I grabbed a salad while listening to the mindless babble from my friends, putting my two cense in every once in a while. History was quiet boring, we just watched a movie, I took notes on it despite us not having to. I completed my study guide in Spanish without any problems, and graded a huge stack of papers during my student aid class.

All together it was a calm day. Emily said she was going to catch a ride home with her new crush so I quickly walked to my car. I escaped the parking lot without a collision and speed off to my house. Once inside I was greeted by my golden retriever, Angle. She trotted up to me wagging her tail and jumping around.

"Who gave you coffee puppy? Huh? Who gave my puppy coffee?" I spoke to her in a baby voice. Even though she was four I still called her my puppy. In her mouth was her leash. I smiled and took it from her. "Let me get changed and we'll go for a run ok?" she barked excitedly. I rushed up stairs and changed into my gym clothes just an old t-shirt and shorts. I pulled my hair up in a high pony tail, slipped on my running shoes and trotted down stairs.

Angle was at the bottom sitting like the pretty girl she was. I clipped her leach on her grabbed my giant water bottle and her collapsible doggie dish. We took off down the street to our normal path. Every day after school we took a run so I could de-stress, and so Angle could calm down.

We ran for about twenty minutes before Angle spotted her boyfriend. Chunk was a German shepherd that was training to be a police dog. His partner/owner walked him every day around the same time we took our run. Angle sped up and so did chunk both leashes were pulled taught. The two finally met up and reunited there love, even though they had seen each other yesterday.

"Hello Lisa. How are you today?" Chunks owner asked me. We chatted for a little before Chunk started barking at another dog that was too close to Angle. They really were cute together. His owner laughed and said his good bye before tugging Chunk away from us. Angle whimpered but stayed close to me. I petted her head.

"Don't worry. You'll see him tomorrow." I laughed at my love sick dog and continued running. We made our way back to our house. As soon as we got in the door Angle plopped down on her doggy pillow. I unclipped her leash and returned to my room. I took a quick shower, blow-dried my hair and clipped it up into hot rollers.

While I waited for them to cool down I re-applied my makeup, changing the eye shadow to a smokey gray and picked my dress. It was a bright red sleeveless dress that came down to the middle of my thigh. Apparently it made me look amazing according to Emily. It may just be because red is her favorite color. I paired it with my tallest black stilettos and unleashed my curls.

I was just adding the finishing touches to my look when the doorbell rang. I grabbed my wallet and phone out of my purse and walked down stairs. Zack's brown hair was spiked as normal and his skin looked tanner than I remembered. I hardly ever saw him. He was wearing black jeans and a white button down shirt. I have to admit he was very attractive. He was holding a bouquet of roses and a wrapped present.

"You look beautiful." He said looking me up and down while handing me the roses.

"Thank you. These are beautiful." I said smelling the flowers. "Let me find a vase really quick." I said rushing into the kitchen. I found one and gently placed the roses in it along with the flower food. Zack came up behind me and hugged me around my waist. I leaned back into him.

"You really do look beautiful." He murmured into my ear. Here you go Babe. I hope you like it." He said giving me the present. I gently unwrapped it and opened the box. Inside was a silver charm bracelet with ice blue charms. Some were hearts, stars, and beads. I looked closer to see on each charm there was a letter. The bracelet said "I love you" my heart melted and I felt tears welling in my eyes.

"I know you've been a little upset about us making love, but maybe this will remind you I love you. I had it hand made. Let me put it on you." He said gently clasping it on my wrist.

"Thank you. I love it, and you." I said kissing him gently. He tried to build the kiss but I pulled away. He huffed but led me towards his car. He opened the door for me, got in himself and drove off.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a surprise Babe." He said smiling. After thirty minutes we pulled up to a motel downtown.

"What are we doing here?" I asked him.

"Were going to make love again Babe. What else would we do here?" he smirked kissing my cheek.

"I'm not sure if I want to though." I said. I was hoping, more so after his gift, that he wouldn't push this again.

"Common Lisa! I spent like 100 bucks on this place!" he yelled at me.

"I don't care. Maybe you should have asked me. Please take me home." I said annoyed.

"FUCK! Lisa get your ass in that room! I'm not fucking playing!" He almost screamed at me. I huffed and opened the door. Zack led me the closet room and unlocked the door.

"Let me get freshened up." I said walking into the bath room. I waited till I heard the tv come on. Zack changed it to some sports channel and was soon yelling at the tv, much like he had in the car. I took off the bracelet, left it on the counter, and quietly opened the door and snuck out of the room.

I quickly took off in search of a bus stop or a taxi. There was always some way of getting around downtown. I saw a bus stop down an ally way right next to the motel. I quickly walked down the creepy ally way. It was dark and the only light was coming from the street lights at either end of the ally.

Once I got to the middle I realized that it was darker than first thought. I was almost blinded but the good thing was if Zack followed me this fast he probably wouldn't see me. As I started walking into more light my heel caught on a small hole in the ground causing me to fall. I crashed down on my hands and knees. Cursing the small hole I picked the small gravel out of my hands and knees. Blood started seeping through.

All of a sudden I heard a low growling noise from behind me, before I could ask who was there whoever it was hit the pressure point on my neck causing me to fall unconscious.

A.N. This has been a story in my head for quite some time now. Yes the Emily in this story is based off of twin, but not in her personality. Just her looks cus I feel lazy. Yet another night of no sleep, so sorry if my updates today suck. If they do I'll rewrite.

Anyways a lot of stuff is going to go down and be confusing in the next few chapters, please just stick with it. Everything will be explained.

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