Searching for a FEMALE VOCALIST for our band


Try Outs this THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2011

Main Auditorium


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Owyn memorized the neon green flyer on the student's announcement board. Her hazel eyes held a glimmer of hope that if fate allowed would be her shot at becoming the singer she'd always dreamed of. All the practice and all the performances in front of the mirror would finally pay off.

"Whatcha looking at?" interrupted her friend Jenny.

"I think I'm going to do it." Owyn said in stern determination.

"Yeah…I think you should go for it! You've got a good voice plus you have nothing to lose."

Owyn agreed convincing herself more and more as she bobbed her head. She took out a pen from her camel messenger bag, and scribbled the details. She had 2 days to memorize the song's lyrics, but she felt up to the challenge.

The two girls walked down the hall of Bloom Valley's Community College, on their way towards their next class.

"Oh brace yourself, here comes lumber jack." Jenny snarled.

Owyn passed him by, giving him a kind half-smile, while the 6 foot quiet giant simply looked over at her with a blank stare.

"I seriously don't get that guy. Who grows a gnarly beard like that in College? That's like the number one girl repellent!" she continued.

"Maybe he has it for that purpose." Owyn guessed.

"No Owyn, we're in College. Guys want all the attention they can get, because here there's actually a girl that can give it to them."

"He's in that band though, Stained Glass Skin…" Owyn added.

"Yeah and so is his hot younger brother! What went wrong there I don't know; but don't worry, he probably won't be talking much at the auditions or ever for that matter."

"You're so mean Jenny," Owyn sighed.

"There's a difference between being mean and brutally honest," she smiled sarcastically.

Jenny Warren had been Owyn's best friend since high school; now in their freshman year of college, both girls were eager to experience the college life, ready to jump at any given opportunity of adventure that this dull small town of New Mexico had to offer.

Both fairly pretty girls; Owyn lighter in complexion with medium length black hair, Jenny had a longer brown mane and considered herself to be the "prettier one". She was the more outgoing of the two, while Owyn seemed to tag along not minding the lack of attention; she didn't care for it.

In class, Owyn was too distracted, imagining how Thursday's try outs could go. Would she execute an amazing or poor performance? Was her appearance too ordinary? It wasn't all about singing but presentation as well, and she looked like no rocker that's for sure.

She didn't consider herself to be a timid person, but she wasn't the type to draw attention to herself like Jenny. And after being so good at playing her shadow for the last few years, Owyn felt it was time to venture on her own path. This audition proved to be the perfect start.

On her way to Physiology class, Owyn passed by the auditorium doors. Noticing a signup sheet for the tryouts she paused to quickly sign her name on the 5th spot of the list. Now it was official, she had taken her first step.

Owyn walked to her seat with a clear sense of accomplishment, acknowledging that she could very well be the band's next female singer…confident of it. She glanced over at Cole Runner as he faced down at his text book; she didn't understand why Jenny was so biased. He was a good student, with an outstanding 4.0 GPA; serious, studious and to himself. Unlike his brother, Nathan, who was the social partier; mainly because he was the lead singer of the band. But Cole, the bassist, stood willingly outside of the spotlight.

She wondered if maybe she could make a kind gesture as to asking him for some advice or input on the style of voice they were looking for.

"Perhaps after class", she thought, as the professor switched off the lights to project a short video on the white board.

After an interesting 40 minute film on the functions of living organisms and their chemical factors, the students were required to hand in an observation sheet before leaving the class. Around the same time more and more students got up to hand in their work. Owyn hurried after Cole to stop him without seeming too desperate.

"Hey Cole?" she called out casually.

He turned around, with the same blank stare.

"I was planning on auditioning this Thursday and was wondering if … you had any insight to share with me … on what you're hoping to see?"

She was beginning to doubt if she had come to the right person or should she have gone to his brother. His blue eyes seemed cold and distant, while hiding behind his massive beard. His shaggy long hair was tucked beneath his old blue beanie, some falling over his eyes.

"What you want to focus on is bringing your own style to the song. Don't just sing it like you think it obviously goes. That's the creativity we're looking for… show you can improvise on the spot… Another thing, because this is the first audition, don't worry about being shy, just do what comes natural. In my opinion, that seems more workable than someone who comes in thinking they automatically own the stage." He replied.

"Thank you…That was very helpful." She said politely.

"No problem. Good luck."

He attempted to crack a smile, without much success, but just enough for Owyn to notice. Then he walked off.

"There, that wasn't so bad. He's not an ogre like Jenny says." She thought aloud.

"Who's not an ogre?" Jenny pried.

"Oh, I was referring to Cole. I just asked him about something and he gave me some helpful suggestions."

"Really? I was beginning to think he was mute or too scared to talk to people." Jenny assumed.

"Maybe he's just too scared to talk to you?" Owyn teased.

"Oh but not with you…" Jenny nudged.

In the cafeteria, Owyn sat with Jenny and their other friends. As stimulating as their chit-chat on the latest chick-flick was, Owyn's eyes diverted elsewhere. A few tables across sat the band members with their girlfriends.

Stained Glass Skin had been around for about 2 years. They started while Nathan and Scott Farris, the guitarist, were still in high school. Now they were starting to gain more recognition as they played local venues, parties and pubs. Their next main event was in October for the Fall in to Rock Concert, where 3 bands including them would perform.

Nathan sat next to his girlfriend Clarissa; they were dubbed "best looking couple on campus". He too had shaggy long brown hair and blue eyes like his brother, except he was only 5'6". Nathan and Scott were also in their freshman year. While Cole and Ricky Samuels, the drummer, were juniors.

And then there's Clarissa. Her looks were enviable; beautiful long blonde hair and electrifying blue eyes. Her friends were no different. Margaret had copper red hair and green eyes. Lexis had gorgeous dark skin and was clearly trying to get Cole's attention.

Owyn soon felt nauseas from trying to compare herself to their sophistication.

"Apparently none of them sang, if not they wouldn't be looking for a singer," Owyn thought.

Glancing over one last time she discovered Cole looking back as he chewed on his straw, still serious with a fearless stare.

"Earth to Owyn, I'm talking to you…"

"Uh yeah… "

"You'll have to excuse her; she's daydreaming of becoming some rock star." Jenny mocked.

The next two afternoons consisted of Owyn working with her parents as a receptionist/assistant at a chemical lab; they were sent medical supplies and samples for testing. She worked there 3 days a week. Luckily her schedule was flexible, for her degree in microbiology, would require extensive hours of study. Even though her career path seemed to already be planned out, she wanted to sing regardless.

The minute she'd step foot in her house she'd start singing. Her parents thought it was an endearing idea but didn't think too much of it. Whenever they heard her speak of dreams to become a singer, they took it just as that… a dream. They too had some of their own, but they chose a career to support a family instead of a "dream".

It was now Thursday. Owyn had her usual English than Physiology class, with then only a few hours till the auditions. She felt ready but undeniably nervous.

In class, Owyn noticed something different about Cole. He had trimmed his beard and finally wore something other than his grungy blue beanie. He had a form fitting gray shirt with a black news boy cap. His eyes were still hidden, refraining from any direct eye contact. Normally he wore a large plaid flannel top, thus the reason why Jenny called him "lumber jack".

She stuck to a light lunch, hoping not to cause a spectacle other than her singing, due to the unbearable nerves. Before she knew it time had run out, it was too late to quit now. Owyn was building up her courage as she took deep breathes, pacing to and fro in the hallway. She watched as several girls entered the auditorium door, with styles that screamed stage presence.

Owyn didn't have more than two piercings or a tattoo (even though she had thought of getting one). Her hair didn't have multicolored streaks or an edgy cut; her clothes didn't have slashes, studs or bright colored stripes. Aside from one other girl who looked more like a pop diva, she was the only "boring" looking girl there.

Her extravagant costume entailed of a gray pair of skinny jeans, a white graphic halter top and black ballet shoes. Jenny had told her to straighten her hair and dab a little eyeliner. That's as comfortable as she felt like taking it to; just wanting to do what came natural, as Cole had put it.

Once Jenny arrived, the girls walked in to take their seats upfront. There appeared to be around 20 girls, plus their friends and band staff, equaled to about an audience of 50 people. At precisely 4:15pm the doors had closed, and the band made their way up to the stage. Nathan was the last, walking to the very front to begin his announcement.

"Oh man, we are so thrilled to have this kind of turn out. We really didn't know how many girls to expect, but you guys are awesome for simply being here. So we are Stained Glass Skin, as you already know. To my left is Scott and Ricky, and on my right is my brother Cole. And yes we are looking for a female singer to complete the band. Because we're growing musicians, our tastes and styles have also spiraled in a different direction. We than realized, what we were lacking was a little feminine touch." He laughed.

As Nathan continued to elaborate on their vision and upcoming projects, the crowd of hopefuls grew excited. Owyn wanted to be a part of that so badly, but her doubts started to sneak up on her. She observed how all the guys looked so friendly and happy for this new addition. They dressed very casual as their kind of music was a more radio friendly kind of rock. But then she looked at Cole's indifferent expression.

"It's like he could care less … I wonder if he even wants to have another member join?" Owyn murmured.

"What's that?" Jenny whispered.

"Oh? No … I'm just trying to relax"

"Oh you'll do great! I know you will. Plus if you get in the band, I might have a chance to go out with Ricky over there." Jenny stated while obviously checking him out.

Ricky let out a random chuckle.

"Alright," Nathan clapped. "Let's get the ball rolling and see what kind of talented girls we have here."

As the website had instructed, an instrumental track of the song would play while the singer had the liberty to perform it as she pleased. The band was looking for originality, vocal skills, presentation and a wow factor.

Owyn observed the first couple of girls, feeling more at ease, as she witnessed a poor delivery amongst them. They looked the part, but judging by Nathan's kind yet disappointed expression he wasn't impressed.

"Thank you Maria, next … O-wyn? Sweet name," he smiled. "Owyn Miles?"

Owyn jumped up and gave a gracious smile. The adrenaline in her veins replaced her anxiety.

"Relax … act natural … don't overdo it … remember to raise my voice in the second part of the chorus" she chanted quietly.

Some of the guys already looked interested waiting in anticipation. Then the music began to play.

"You … you can't hurt me

If you can't touch me

Like you did before

And they… they can't haunt me

No they don't want me

I was just a game…nothing more

When I thought I do right by turning around,

My breathe grew stronger rising up past the clouds,

Then you… you pulled me under, darkness covered

All my trust and my beliefs…

Did you really think that I couldn't see…?"

So far the guys had been captivated by her voice, but they still waited. Owyn was standing still, the microphone clenched in her fist. It always took a couple of minutes to warm up, or in this case cool down. Remembering how she practiced in her room, she prepared to loosen up, ready to make eye contact as the chorus approached.

"You wanted to leave me in this darkness

But I've got a light deep within me…

Oh ohh yeah… You think

By capturing this life that I won't make it

But I'm freer now than I'll ever be…

Oh ohhhhh yeah… You see

Because I trust and chose to believe

This darkness has no hold over me…

Darkness is all you'll ever be"

Because this was a rock ballad, the guys were expecting the right show of emotions that went along with the lyrics. Owyn was nailing it; her voice was strong and beautiful. She felt a connection with the song, because of apathy she felt from her parents regarding her aspirations to be a singer. The last part of the song was a complete change in tempo; it offered the feeling of soaring due to the final escape.

"Now I'm free…

I am free… yeah

This darkness has no hold

My light is getting brighter

And I'm free…

Oh so free…

You were so cold

But my life is getting stronger

I am free…

I can breathe…

Now you see…

The lights have finally found me."

A great number of students started applauding and Jenny jumped up and down so proud of her friend. The band members were also clapping, and although Nathan's heart was won over he kept his composure out of respect towards the other performers.

Owyn felt a constant rush of hot and cold shivers as she walked off stage; with a grin that no one in the world could take away. Scott gave her a pat on the shoulder recognizing her good efforts. After passing Cole, she saw from the corner of her eye that he looked back at her. In her seat Jenny raved on and on about how amazing she was, while she continued to receive praises by those that sat around her.

Before the next girl was called up, Cole stood to retrieve a pile of folders that lay on the corner of the stage. On his way back to his seat he discreetly glanced right in Owyn's direction.

"I wonder what he thought of my act," She uttered. "I hope it was good enough."