If you saw the real me, you wouldn't like what you see.

The real me is stupid, unfocused, mentally unstable.

The real me is depressed, angry and violent.

The real me craves affection and acceptance.

All she wants is someone to love her.

Someone like you.

But you wouldn't love the real me.

What you see is the fake me.

Happy, friendly and outgoing.

The fake me deceives people from her looks.

The fake me hogs all of the attention from the real me.

She fights the real me to get you to love her.

This causes the real me to rebel.

She covers my body with negative colours, trying to keep people away.

She trips to make people laugh at the fake me.

She cuts to show she is there too.

She cuts, crying for you to help her.

Both versions of me are so afraid they will lose you.

So they act out, trying to get you to stay.

But they both believe it's no use.

No matter what they do, you will end up leaving me anyways.

Please tell me this isn't true.