Boiling Point

I can feel it

Burning from my inside

It's pulsing through my veins

Controlling my every move

It blurs my vision

Make you look like the enemy of mine

I can sense it

Torturing me from the inside

A continuous throb, throb

Tells me I'm still human.

I can see you

You are the reason for this headache of mine.

I can hear you

That placid tone of yours.

You care not for me.

I am dying from the inside

I am smiling on the out.

I can hear them all talking

I see their mouths moving

It is all just noise

Why can't you be silent!

I can feel it

Burning in my core.

You're pushing me

I'm fine turn the other way.

I'm near boiling point

I'm going to lose control.

You are my friend and you are the reason for this.

I am going to lose control and yet your still standing there I am burning.

My fists are clenching – I am losing self-control.