Chapter One

Full Summary:

Tsuki Gonzalez is a werewolf who has to keep it all a secret, but when an accident happens there is a risk of everyone knowing about it. With his secret on the line, will his pack go the extra mile and cover it up for him? And what about that human girl on the night of the encounter? Is there more about her than meets the eye? Then there are more complications that he'll have to deal with than keeping his secret sealed. Complications like falling in love with a human, dealing with jealousy, and stopping a growing darkness that will change his life and many that's connected to him. It's about to get bumpy in the small, yet quiet town of Emerson, California.

Author's notes: I know, It's so short! Sorry! Well, at least you won't have to read for so long. It's supposed to be a somewhat of a light read. Two of the main characters are introduced here. You'll find out more about them on the coming chapters.

Tsuki Gonzalez ran in the Redwood Forest. It was in the middle of the night. It seemed like nobody was out. He knew there were people camping around the area, but he couldn't hear any movements or sounds from them. He walked farther and could hear someone moving behind him.

Whoever it was, they were moving slowly. It felt to him that whoever was walking behind him wasn't afraid. He turned his head, then his body. His tail indicated caution. By the smell of it, he had come across a human, a female. Her scent smelled sweet, like cotton candy.

The human girl had a flashlight with her. She froze when she spotted him. He looked at her and began growling at her, baring his teeth. He wanted her to leave and get out. She seemed to have taken the message differently than how he wanted. The human girl seemed to be tense now.

She took a defensive stance, almost challenging him. He was ready to attack for the kill. She was now an imposing threat instead of a nuisance. The human girl took out a gun-like weapon from her pocket. He leapt at her from instinct of self-defense.

He was ready to tear her apart, but instead he felt a hard prick. Afterwards, he was in a dizzy spell. The girl in front of him began to look blurry along with his surroundings. His vision was failing him. The world seemed to spin and then he was partially unconscious. He could still hear a little bit, so he heard her kneel beside him.

"Aww man! I shot a wolf. Great!" The human girl exclaimed with some sarcasm. The way her voice rang like a bell sounded familiar. Those words were the last he heard before he was out completely.