HOLY. Long time for an update huh? I know! Life is happening, but I had this story in my mind. So I really want to get this story going again. Honestly. Sorry for such a long wait. This may not be the chapter that you've been waiting for, but you'll finally get a glimpse into the actual pack itself. Clara and Tsuki has a history with one another before the incident. I'm sure you caught that on already. As the chapters come and go, you'll see that connection is important. Anyways, enjoy!

The next day...

Tsuki had just got out of his U.S. history class. It was lunch time and he usually hung around with his pack. There was not really many other people he could relate to and he did not really have very many friends. It seemed like the only people he knew were the people from the pack. He had not really bothered to make friends all these years. He knew everyone at this school saw him as a loner. Ever since that incident, however, he has gotten into thinking about Claire again. Why her? He couldn't just get her out of his head. After all these years, their close friendship just perished or simply just died was now bothering him again.

Years ago, his mother told him to stop being friends with Claire after her father's tragic and violent death. He had always asked his mother why, but she never gave him an answer. This wound was opened again. He was hurt by what he did to Claire. At the time of her need for a friend, he had to 'disappear' from her life. He could remember the times that he saw her alone and he kicked himself for not being her friend at the very least. He shook his head from all these thoughts. The past is in the past, but will it hurt to try and be friendly with her again? He arrived at their table at last, setting his belongings down. Tsuki sat down as if in a daze, not noticing his pack. Only realizing their stares, when Tiffany Gregson snapped him out of his trance.

"HELLOOOOO?! Is there anyone here?" She was shaking her hands in front of his face.

"Oh, oh, yeah. I'm here." He answered absentmindedly.

"Geez, Gonzalez, would you at least pay attention, just once?" Tiffany scoffed as she sat down at their table with her arms crossed, "I haven't seen you this spacy for a long time. WHAT could possibly be on your mind?"

"Nothing." He responded, sounding casual and calm, but avoiding the question.

"UGH, whatever." She snapped, rolling her eyes.

Tiffany got up to get her lunch. As she did, you could see her slender figure and her blonde hair move. It was long and straight. Her face and chin narrow, she had the constant expression of distaste and sarcasm on her face. He was sitting quietly, fidgeting, not quite sure what to do with the reemergence of Claire on his mind. He then looked up, Tsuki noticed that Tiffany had gotten into an altercation with a spike-haired individual, one with a certain punk flair to him.

Next to this individual was none other than Clara C. Hemingway. He remembered how after her father's death that she had changed her last name to her mother's maiden name like her mother. She was not to have the name Hemingway ever again, but it didn't change the fact that she was and always will be Mr. Hemingway's only beloved biological daughter. The altercation began to get heated and people in the cafeteria began to stare.

"Get out of the way peasant!" Tiffany screamed impatiently.

"Well I'll have you know, Queen Bitch, that I was here first. Right Claire?" He retorted back to her in a challenging tone.

She simply nodded and said calmly, "Yes, Tiffany, we were here first. I don't understand why you must throw a fit to cut ahead of us. Certainly, it seems you're acting like a child who didn't get the toy they wanted."

"Listen here, orphan, you DO as I say or there are consequences." She replied to Claire angrily.

The spiky-haired boy had burst-out into laughter, "Whoa, whoa, whoa... are you kidding me? Why are you so salty, Queen Bitch? When really, you don't have the right to bitch. Get in the back of the line, where you belong."

He continued to laugh at her in mockery and Tiffany replied, "WHY YOU LITTLE..."

This was when he stood up to detain Tiffany. He saw the altercation transpire and he wanted to apologize to them for her ill mannered behavior. He was, in reality, embarrassed to be associated with Tiffany. He had no choice since she is part of the pack, from a very influential family at that. He detained her just in time before she could leap at both the boy and Claire. He was definitely glad he had or else it would have gotten worse. He did not have a liking for Tiffany. She seemed ingenuous and selfish. She had not once showed much kindness to anyone. Her bratty attitude always got her what she wanted, no matter what. She was exerting this now and he wanted her selfishness to stop. He acted quickly.

"Hey guys, I'm really sorry about this..." He apologized to them awkwardly as he detained her.

Claire's face seemed calmer than before and replied, "No worries. It isn't you who is the problem, it is your ill mannered and uncultured friend, here, who is causing all the racket."

Her reply made Tiffany want to lunge at her once more, but he pulled her back. The boy chipped in as well saying, "Yeah, you gotta keep the Queen Bitch on a leash. Geez, what a brat."

With that, he calmly pulled her along to their table. She was resisting, but he had done so without any incident. He waited until she finally calmed down. Both of them could hear the two conversing from afar, with the exception that Tiffany was pouting and refused to listen. He was curious as to what they were talking about.

"What a drama queen." He heard the boy remarked in an annoyed fashion.

"Yeah, definitely. Good thing that she's away now. She annoys me to the core. Ugh, I would hate to be Tsuki. He has to spend almost every waking moment with that wench." Claire added in agreement.

"You gotta hand it to the guy. He survived that bitch. I would have smacked her upside the head already to keep her in line." he laughed.

"He is definitely patient with her. I guess patience is truly a virtue." Claire said, ending their conversation.

"Gonzalez, you're still listening to those two aren't you?" Tiffany interrupted him.

"What...? No." He denied her claim, but she looked at him, cynical.

"Riiiight. You've been looking at that orphan like you've seen the greatest thing in the world. Don't deny it, you like her don't you?" She taunted him, smirking.

"No, I was just curious is all... besides you were the one who started a ruckus in the cafeteria." He replied calmly.

"Hmph, whatever. I wanted that spot and that idiot had to open his big mouth. I AM queen of this school and I always get what I want." She said pouting.

He realized that he had been listening in on them carefully. Many thoughts flashed in his head. So I still really do care about Claire, but why does it feel so painful? Was it because she recognized me for the first time in many years that she said a word to me? Is it because I betrayed her? That must be it. She would have never left me... but I left her. Now I have to feel the guilt and the pain for what I have done. It's only right. It was the best friendship I had, but now it's all gone.

That day, Clara's day had been particularly pleasant. She had gotten out of pre-calculus class and it was lunchtime. She met all of her friends at a table that they had been sitting at for almost three years now. It was actually a good day today, but she remembered that it was her birthday tomorrow. The 21st of August is her birthday and of course, she dreaded this day too. Every year, on her birthday she is reminded of her loss. Tomorrow was the day that her father had died. She did not want to remember that particular time in her life. This trauma left her memories of that particular day to be suppressed. She did watch her own father die with her own eyes, right in front her to protect her. She knew that it was gruesome, but it was too traumatic to remember the gory details of the event.

During that time, Tskui Gonzalez was also her best friend. She knew that he was definitely there with her on her birthday. Afterward, the way their friendship had so abruptly ended was just as traumatic to her as her father's death. It was to her, loosing two of the closest people in her life. Just like the death of her father, she moved on from her abrupt loss of their friendship. This was also the time that she met Trent. He was a difficult, yet interesting person to get to know. She was more quiet and more reflective than before at that time. Soon she had become reclusive, needing to be alone and on hour's end, read novels to keep her company. She became introverted, but she did not see this as a particularly terrible thing. She had learned to cope by changing. Instead of the vibrance she once had, she had become serious, calm, and reserved. The life within her now remained inside, but not showing itself.

Years had passed and the memories of the past seemed so far away. She hadn't spoken to Tsuki in a very long time. It didn't seem to bother her to say the least. It was something that she was over with and she was happy with her friends now. She didn't need him to be in her life. She could remember the feelings of abandonment and betrayal when he refused to talk to her or at least acknowledge her existence. This was when she met Trent as young children. They had been in class together, but she never really bothered to talk to him until she was forced to make new friends. She left the past in the past and now she was happier than ever, but she couldn't shake the feeling that tomorrow was going to be terrible. She shook the thought out of her mind as Trent had made some perverse joke about what had happened over the summer.

Elizabeth, or "Liz" as they called her rolled her eyes. She looked slender, her body the shape of an hour glass. Her face heart shaped, with her cheek bones somewhat prominent. Her eyes blue and vibrant. Her hair a natural chocolate brunette. She then crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Gee Trent, you're a piece of work." She said sarcastically and laughed at his shenanigans.

"Look Liz," Trent shrugged, "I know you're just jealous that Anna and I went to France this past summer."

"Ugh, whatever Trent. I was sick of those selfies anyway." Rinah interrupted.

"See, I think we've spotted one right here." Trent remarked, laughing.

"AM NOT! Well... kinda. I AT LEAST WANTED AN INVITE. I'm your BEST FRIEND." Rinah protested.

Rinah appeared petite, but she's fairly tall. Nearly towering Trent in height. She's one of those big-boned girls who seemed to have a knack for cuteness and beauty. Her skin was fair with a hint of tan, her eyes a bright brown and her hair a wavy dark brown. She had it in a ponytail.

"Well Rin, if you didn't notice... couples gotta have their alone time together. It wasn't a road trip, ya know?" Trent shrugged.

Rinah sighed, "Yeah, whatever."

"He's right you know." Anna replied with confidence.

Anna was tall, her build was average. She had a round face and large eyes. Her lips were small and pink. She didn't look at all pencil thin, but still looked stunningly beautiful nonetheless. She was chic and fashion savvy. She was able to pull off almost anything. She had the appearance of a super-model, but without the anorexia. She was somewhat muscular, but she made it work for her. A lot of people threw insults at her for being too "fat", but the jealousy among other girls ran high. She looked stunningly beautiful almost all the time. They could not achieve the same level of beauty as her, which was why people gawked at her.

"Yeah..." Rinah said, her tone dropping off.

Anna laughed delightfully, "It's not like that at all!"

"Weeeeell, it kinda was actually. All the romance and love with everything France could offer. It was a birthday gift of some sorts from my parents. Can you believe that?" Trent said incredulous.

"Of course, you're the closet rich boy... star man." Claire responded sarcastically with a chuckle.

"Ha-Ha, very funny. I'm not some rich playboy. I've got my girl right here." He responded, putting his arm around Anna's shoulder.

"That doesn't change the facts though. You're definitely wealthy." Liz said, nodding.

"Yeah, but so are the rest of you!" He retorted as he looked at each one of them.

"Well- I don't think I'm rich. I'm just-" Claire spoke before being suddenly interrupted.

"Comfortable, right?" Trent finished her sentence.

Claire nodded, "Yeah."

"Well, we better get our lunch. Trent and Claire, you two go first and the three of us will go last." Rinah said to them.

"Okay, fine. Shouldn't Anna come with me instead?" Trent replied hesitantly.

"No, it's fine. I can stay behind," Anna said, nodding in agreement.

"Alright, whatever you want." Trent replied, quickly nodding.

"I guess I'll see you guys in a bit." Claire bid them a temporary farewell.

The two of them walked towards their crowded cafeteria. There were only some tables and seats inside, the rest were outside. Claire chatted with Trent for a little bit. They were talking about how their summers went. Claire loved staying at home, but her mother decided that a cruise to the Bahamas was fitting. Claire was never really the frivolous type and rather not flash too much wealth. It was somewhat obvious that she was more than just normal. Her mother worked as a doctor and as a business woman. Her mother is business savvy and had the knack for entrepreneurship. Her mother was nicknamed 'lucky ace' because she happens to land on good opportunity. Claire likes to see it as a sharp and observant eye rather than luck.

"Well, I was forced to go on a cruise which turned out to be a blast. My mom and I sang karaoke all night then we surfed on the pool. It was much more fun than I thought. I wanted to stay home, but I guess the experience of being outside was okay." Claire said to him nonchalantly.

"You're such a hermit Jim, Claire. If I were a kid in Africa, I would rejoice in all that frivolous glory." Trent teased good-naturedly

"You know, we could have saved money for college instead. How are we going to pay for everything? It's closing in, you know. Next year, we'll be out of this cesspool and into another one." She giggled at her last remark.

"Heh, typical you, Claire. Always raining on everybody's parade... even your own. Always the responsible one. You're like the Mom... but you're not." Trent laughed, teasing.

"Whatever, I just don't want to be in a pit of endless debt. I want to come out of there scotch free, like a bird. I guess that's why I have to shoot for class Valedictorian so that I can reap all the full rides." Claire smirked at him, laughing lightheartedly.

Trent lost it, laughing uncontrollably and said tauntingly, "Valedictorian? You'll have to fight Anna for that."

Before Claire could respond with a good comeback, they both heard a certain annoying voice that said,

"Get out of the way, peasant!"

It was Tiffany Gregson. All Claire could think was UGH not her again. She stood back as Trent handled the situation. She didn't need to intervene quite yet. If she had to step in, she would. Trent, however, was handling himself just fine. She listened to the school brat whine and simply have a temper tantrum. She wanted to cut ahead of the two of them, so she simply made a scene to make it possible. Tiffany always did that when she wanted something. Trent and Claire were not pushovers. What is rightfully theirs, they would take it. She was tempted to tell her to shut her mouth and just go in the back of the line. What a looser. She thought as she looked at the raging Tiffany. Trent needed her to back him up so she simply responded nonchalantly,

"Yes, Tiffany, we were here first. I don't understand why you must throw a fit to cut ahead of us. Certainly, it seems you're acting like a child who didn't get the toy they wanted."

"Listen here, orphan, you DO as I say or there are consequences." She retorted, using a low blow of an insult.

Claire simply shrugged and could care less what this bratty menace had to say. For all she cared, she could have called her every terrible name in the book and could have no cares to give. Knowing that people's opinion of her didn't count so much as to how well she was doing in her own life. To her, people who didn't know her didn't have a right to their opinion about her. Her nonchalant reaction made Tiffany react more explosively. Claire didn't have the time for her childish tirade. Trent probably thought similarly and laughed at Tiffany to mock her. Afterward, she was going to lung at the two of them. She laughed to her self, remaining calm externally thinking: Wow, somebody is painfully desperate. Until somebody came to intervene.

" Hey guys, I'm really sorry about this..." It was Tsuki, in a less than confident tone.

He held Tiffany back and she shook her head calmly,"No worries. It isn't you who is the problem, it is your ill mannered and uncultured friend, here, who is causing all the racket."

Tiffany spoke up once more, but Tsuki held her back and made their way back to their table within the cafeteria tables. It was then that Trent and Claire were left alone. The peace and calm returning to the two of them. Both of them were probably glad that that was over. It was Trent who broke the awkward silence that had settled over their peace. The cafeteria had settled down.

"What a drama queen." Trent said, rolling his eyes.

" Yeah, definitely. Good thing that she's away now. She annoys me to the core. Ugh, I would hate to be Tsuki. He has to spend almost every waking moment with that wench." Claire replied in agreement.

Trent laughed at her comment, "You gotta hand it to the guy. He survived that bitch. I would have smacked her upside the head already to keep her in line."

" He is definitely patient with her. I guess patience is truly a virtue," Claire had commented, ending their conversation.

Thinking about it now, as they moved up the lunch line, that she felt sorry for Tsuki. He probably had to listen to Tiffany like her little slave. She felt bad for him in a way that a bystander looked pity at the survivor of a horrific accident. She simply thought to herself that Tsuki choose them, so she simply didn't have to think about it any further. It was useless now. She was not looking back anymore, not the many times she had before. She thought that maybe she had been wrong as a child, but she also thought: Why would someone think that just because she lost her father, that there was something suddenly wrong with her? You would leave someone because their life had suddenly changed? How messed up was that? It is better to leave people like that behind than to weep for them.

"Hey, do you want mac and cheese or peperoni pizza?" Trent asked her.

"Mac and cheese sounds good. I don't want the grease from that pizza to get on me or IN me for that matter." Claire replied, shrugging.

"The way you said that was so wrong." Trent laughed at her.

Claire laughed and shook her head, "Dirty dirty mind."

"You're welcome." Trent responded, snickering at her.

"Whatever!" She protested as she laughed.

They had both gotten their lunches and were on their way back outside. As they did, she caught Tsuki's eye by chance as she looked around. He was staring at her and she didn't know for how long now. It disturbed her to think that someone would look at her in that way. What a creep. Good thing I'm not friends with that guy anymore. She felt uneasy about his stare. Claire wanted to know why he looked at her with such—yearning. It was the stare of seeing a long lost friend. Something about that was not right in her judgment. They were no longer friends and she was curious as to why. Maybe it's guilt? She would never know, but she didn't care to know. She walked outside the cafeteria, forgetting that she ever saw that happen.