I know this poem is really lame, I just thought it was kinda cute :P

When you're sad, bored, and blue,
Elmo giggles it all for you.

When you just want to cry,
Buzz will bring you up to the sky.

When you are bored, go out to play,
Oswald will be there, he'll wiggle his way.

When you want to move you booty,
go out and dance with Max and Ruby.

When you're scared with a fright,
go to Piglet, he won't bite.

When you have trouble tying your shoe,
just go up to Winnie the Pooh.

When you're mad and want to frown,
Tigger will turn it upside down

Daisy's never lazy and you think she's pretty too,
but you should see her without makeup on,
she's uglier than you!