The dream of a parent ,

for their child,

is to raise them kind, ambitious, brilliant.

Normally, this means the blue collar is exiled.

And the child will be dragged through college

Later, in the Parents' eye, they will be decent,

but what they don't know is what was crippled in college.

Their kindness, a departed burden.

Their independence, gone like freight trains.

Yet, the children work in their white collar prison,

as the benefits wrap them in chains.

If their parents have raised them to the prestige of hard labor,

they would have became blue collars, this much is certain.

Having a blue collar means that, more often, they would falter.

But, more often they would learn lessons of life.

More often, kindness, ambition and brilliance would be instilled.

People who carry a jackknife,

Wear grease, and fold steel, are considered unskilled,

Just because they don't call an office a career.

When it comes to the collars, the blues life is fulfilled,

and the whites, swim endlessly in a evaporating lake of despair and hopeless fear.