You try to tangle with my skin.

Your vicious claws are trying to sink in.

My flesh is being pierced real slow.

A sharp pain in my heart with every blow.

I'm trying my very best to fight it.

I won't cut myself again, no, I won't bite it.

I try to run away, you pull me back.

Like there's a wall there blocking my track.

I have never been so scared before.

It's hard to deal with, it's hard to ignore.

You're strong, you're taking control.

Poisoning my mind, weakening my soul.

But there's something you don't know.

I'm a lot stronger than you are, I will not let go.

You've my negativity, you're so weak.

I can discard you any second like you're a fabric.

I know sometimes you can make me reel.

But you can't always control everything that I feel.

I'm tired of you making me break down.

I will stand right here and chase you out of this town.

I'm gonna drive you so far away from me.

You'll have to leave right here right now, you will see.

You will have to bow down and set me free.

You'll have to leave me alone for sure, you will seeā€¦

A/N: so far, I'm winning.