Watching my little kitten die

Right in front of my eye.

Watching it die slowly, painfully.

Wondering if it's punishment

For my folly….

You know what's the sad part?

All you could do was break my heart.

You couldn't even tear me down,

Or drive me into "irreparable" town.

I'll be smiling again tomorrow,

In a week I'll be free from sorrow.

So what if right now you can see my teardrops?

As much as you don't want, they'll eventually stop.

I know you love to see me cry,

God, so I've gotta say great try.

And thank you for showing me again that I am all alone.

You just forgot the tiny fact that I can survive on my own.

You're my strength, you're my friend.

I'll turn to you now and this hurting will end.

You'll give me courage, you'll push me to go on.

It's night right now, but you'll lead me to dawn.

And you'll grant my little kitten rest in peace.

Do what you need to, let it die painlessly please.

None of us are eating anything tonight.

So you've already got what you wanted, alright?

I've never believed you're just and kind.

So it's not like you just changed a perception in my mind.

I know your game is to take things away from us.

So I'll just let you win, and soon my sorrow will pass.

Right now my eyelashes are wet.

Right now I'm suffering from my fate.

Right now it hurts a lot.

You've targeted my weakest spot.

But God I'm stronger than I look.

God I draw strength from your book.

So the ground underneath my feet can shake.

Everything I have is for you to take.

But I'll be standing here amidst any mess.

God you and I will be finally face to face..

A/N: I'm really upset with my kitten dying, and I'm really mad at God right now. I'm a Hindu BTW.