I Love Science, Sorry

I am Helium,
Free floating as a noble gas element.
I won't react because my valence shells are already filled –
Filled with passion for science and not you.
I won't pretend I'm sorry for this fact.

I am moss
With no real roots to anchor myself with.
I won't stay in one place because there is no reason –
No reason other than you.
Now I have more incentive to stay away.

I am ice
Less dense than liquid water.
My hydrogen bonds are spread out and stable –
Yours break easily and re-form quickly.
Your past relationships are a testament to that.

You are a phosphate group.
You attach to innocent adenosine diphosphates,
And then make sure to break it off with a huge outburst.
So dramatic.

I'm sorry.
You want what you can't have.
I'm not sorry that I don't like you –
I'm sorry you don't seem to understand what I've been trying to tell you.
Hopefully this poem clarifies my feelings because you've been interpreting them
quite wrongly.

Please re-read if you are still confused.

Hiya any stray readers out there! This is just a poem to a person who won't stop bugging uh another person
I wrote this during AP exam week, so AP Bio kinda had an influence on it heh heh.

If you were wondering, (and you probably aren't, whoever is actually reading this) this isn't really to any particular guy...just, you know, a collection of guys from memory I guess that liked me, but I didn't like in that way. So it's not really because of one event

Haha yeah I'm gonna shut up now [: