Chapter Seven

Jillie sat on the edge of her hotel bed and sighed, letting her body unwind from the night's festivities. Eddie had let her go with a firm kiss and a promise to see her later, as soon as he dropped the boys off at the hotel where they were staying with their mother. Another sigh escaped her as she flopped back onto the bed and extended her left hand over her head. She was engaged to Eddie Montana. She let the diamond sparkle side to side, a dazed expression on her face.

The knock came sooner than expected. With a stretch she stood up and walked over to the door, opening it to find Eddie wearing a big "cat-that-swallowed-the-canary" expression on his face, arms behind his back, attired in black jeans, t-shirt and bandanna. Wordlessly he brought one hand around and laid a bouquet of daisies and babies breath in her arms. The other hand revealed a beer and a bottle of orange juice.

"Beer and daisies, huh?" She waved him inside and indicated the recliner for him to sit in. He lowered his large frame into it, then pulled her to his lap and pressed the recliner button. Immediately he let out a sigh, opened the juice and handed it to her, then popped the beer. He clicked his can to her bottle and took a swig, then wiped the foam off of his lips.

"If you belch I'll smack you," she said teasingly, snuggling her head under his chin. She felt his chest shake with silent laughter, then listened as he gulped the rest of the beer down. Her drink went down in kind, getting a grin from him that faded when she started running her fingers along his neckline and down to his chest. Lazily she palmed his pectorals, then slid her hands down to tug at the shirt hem.

"Not here, Jillie," he said huskily. When she gave him a puzzled look he added, "Get your things together. I'm taking you home."

"By way of a twenty-four-hour drugstore?"

"I can do that."

A few moments later found her in the passenger seat of his black BMW Z4, snuggled under his arm as he drove across town, waving at those who recognized the car and the driver. Eddie waited out in the car while she ran into an all-night Walgreens and made her purchase. Once that was done they left the city and rode in silence, with the radio tuned to a local classic hard rock station. The darkness of the night swallowed up the muscle car as he accelerated to a breathless pace, the white lines flashing past them. There were numerous turns before he steered the car up the long drive and pulled it in front of his farm house. Once there he turned off the car and turned to her, his face unreadable.

"No regrets? No turning back?"

"No. None. Never. I love you, big guy."

Nervously he ushered her inside. The moment the door was locked behind her Jillie felt the powerful sweep of his arms around her, pulling her up against his hard chest. His mouth slammed down on hers and she groaned as he backed her up against the wall.

"You have this... thing... about... walls..."

"That I do," he agreed.

"Eddie, before we go any further, I need to make a pit stop."

He lifted his head and gave her an incredulous look that said, 'Now?'

"You gotta be kidding me."

"Give me five minutes."

He released her, still wearing that nonplussed look as she ducked away from him and made her way into the bathroom, leaving him to pace. A few minutes later she emerged, holding a white stick in her hand, her expression unreadable. Cautiously she held it out to him and he took it from her, frowning in puzzlement.

"And this is..."

"This is one of those little pregnancy kits from the store." He swung his head up to stare at her as she continued, "I missed my period two weeks ago and I wanted to wait and be sure before testing myself."

"Well, what, then?"

"See this little line?" When he nodded she added, "It means I'm pregnant."

To her amazement he turned pale and whispered, "Holy shit. I mean... you're sure, right?" When she nodded he added, "I need a drink. Don't mind if you don't join me." He walked over to the bar, shaking his head. "Holy shit," he repeated, pouring himself a shot of bourbon, then downing it in one gulp. "Needed that. Okay, where were we?"

"I'm pregnant."

"I heard." He suddenly swept her up against him. "Give me a minute to absorb this one, darlin'." His mouth covered hers before she had a chance to reply, his tongue devouring her mouth.

"Oh, yes," she whispered as he began nipping at the tender skin under her ear, then down the silky column of her neck, his beard abrading her flesh in a way that drove her out of her mind. She felt herself go all hot and crazy as he began running his hands over her.

"This news is right up there with you agreeing to marry me," he said huskily as she undulated her hips against his. He hardened and she moaned, lifting her arms when he pulled her tee shirt up and off, leaving her in a lace-trimmed bra. That followed her tee shirt to the floor and his broad hands covered her breasts, his thumbs raking her nipples into erection.

He muttered hot words against her skin, his mouth lowering to cover one erect nipple. She cried out, going limp against him as he slid one arm under her and swept her up into his arms. She felt him carry her, then pause, turn and take long strides. The living room? she wondered, barely able to think as he stretched her out on the sofa, spread her thighs and came down between them.

"On the sofa," she said softly, tugging on his tee shirt. He rose to his knees, discarded it, then brought himself back down.

"Cute thang, before this layover is done I'll have fucked you in every room in the house.

Laughter burst from her and she rolled with it, then moaned when he dragged his chest hair across her breasts. For the longest, sweetest time they made out, his powerful, calloused hands caressing her breasts, leaving trails of heat down her spine; his mouth alternating between rough and tender. His teeth caught at her nipples and she arched into his mouth, winding her jeans-clad thighs around his hips and thrusting against him. In turn he grasped her hand and guided it down to his zipper, groaning when she caressed him through the denim. The groan grew deep when she unzipped his jeans and slid her hand inside.

"Yeah," he muttered, leaning back to unzip her jeans and pull them down over her hips, catching her panties with them. They fumbled a bit, laughing as legs tangled in pant legs, boots got caught in cuffs, resulting in each one taking turns helping the other remove cowboy boots. All the while they murmured soft words of love mixed with darker, more sensual language; there was no holding back.

Once undressed he pulled her astride his lap, lifted her up and slid into her. Immediately she cried out as he guided her up and down, his mouth caressing hers. Slowly he turned and pushed her back onto the sofa, never missing a stroke.

"I love… ya… cute thang," he muttered against her lips, shuddering when she arched into him and locked her ankles around his hips. "Y'know..." he gasped out, then grinned, "Grant said when he first saw you that a man could get lost in those legs and never find his way out. If only… damn, woman… he knew the half… of it…"

Jillie giggled, reached down and cupped his behind, urging him on and effectively winding herself completely around him. He felt pleasantly, sensuously lost, her honeyed warmth sheathing him, and those soft sleek legs… a pleasurable fog enveloped his soul and all he could think of was the woman beneath him, how sweet and wonderful and hot she was.

Eddie slowed his movements then, suddenly feeling that aching need to go nice and easy. She sighed, whimpering when he sat back on his heels and began slowly running the tips of his fingers along her. They slid down to where they were joined; she let out a moan as he caressed her swollen center.

"That's nice, isn't it?" he whispered, smiling when she thrust her hips against his. "I think… I'll make it even better for you." He pulled out of her and began kissing his way down her body, causing her to twist and moan. He slid his hands beneath her buttocks and lifted her thighs over his shoulders, his breath warm on her inner thighs as he pressed light kisses to her. Then his tongue found her and she nearly came up off of the sofa, crying out when his fingers penetrated her.

"Eddie, oh God, Eddie..."

"That's it, cute thang, come."

She did, arms stretched over her head, heels digging into his back as spasms shook her entire body. As she lay trembling he rose back up again and covered her, sliding into her even as his mouth slammed down on hers. Then he began thrusting, his hips slapping hers, his mouth containing her cries. Her nails raked down his back, causing him to groan with delight.

"Show me, cute thang, just how much you love it... yeah," he growled against her mouth. Once again she climaxed, crying out his name. He was right behind her, shuddering violently as he hung onto her for dear life.

Jillie lay shivering on the sofa, feeling his body hair against her, the dampness of his kisses on the side of her neck. "You're still hard," she muttered, trembling as he rose to his feet, swept her into his arms and pressed his mouth hungrily against hers as he carried down the hall and into the bathroom.

"Shower? Room number two?" A sigh of delight escaped her as warm water began cascading over her body. He was warm, he was wet… soon they were both lathered up and going crazy in each other's arms. Her last coherent thought came much later, sprawled across his bed, both of them doing unspeakable, delightful things to each other, with no qualms, and no holding back.

"Eddie," she whispered into the darkness as he rose above her, poised to slide into her. "Let's try not to break the bed."

"Cute thang, it would be worth it to see you come again."

She merely giggled and reached down to guide him into her, causing him to chuckle before he sank into the warmth of her love.


Grant leaned against the door jam at one end of the reception hall and took in the sight before him, an amused grin on his face. Eddie Montana was well on his way to getting roaringly, happily drunk in celebration of his marriage to the woman he called the love of his life, Jillian McGovern Montana. The couple had went down to the courthouse the day after Eddie's infamous proposal to Jillie onstage and married so quick that all of Nashville was still gossiping about it. Rumors of her expecting a baby fired things along, which Eddie admitted privately to Grant that yes, she was pregnant, but no, that wasn't the reason.

Hence the reception instead of a full-fledged wedding. No gifts were accepted or allowed, just the presence of good friends and any resident of Lexington who wanted to drop by and wish the home-town boy and his bride well. All of Eddie's Nashville buddies flew in or drove in on their bikes, which were now parked in a row outside of the Lexington VFW Hall that the couple had rented for the day. Inside the hall Justin Evans and his home-town band The Cowboys From Hell were performing for a crowd of dancers; unknown to the teen was that there were a few recording industry executives mingling in with the rest, eyeing his performance thoughtfully. It was beginning to look as though Trent Armstrong's dream of having the lad get his break in Nashville was about to come true.

On the other hand, what he had his back turned to was the thing that bothered him the most. The bride and her friends were out on the lawn, posing and carrying on for cameras, laughing, and drinking down mint juleps, with the exception of Jillie, who had went non-alcoholic. Eddie staggered out onto the lawn and approached Jillie, and the next thing that they knew the couple was waltzing across the grass to the sound of the band's music that carried its way out into the open. Grant saw all of this in a couple of quick glances, caught sight of the petite blonde who was giggling and blushing shyly, and quickly turned his attention back to the hall floor. He felt his gut tie up in knots; memories of a moonlit night in Nebraska, stolen kisses, and her sweet softness in his arms made him giddy.

He'd said he'd be back, and he hadn't. Miserably he lit a cigarette and took a long drag on it, suddenly wishing he was anywhere but Lexington, anywhere but where the cute little number that had crept her way into his heart was. His excuse had been that it was too soon after his wife's death; the reality was that the sweet blonde thing had scared the holy hell out of him.

About halfway through his smoke he'd told himself he'd be all right, taking one puff after another. He let the nicotine relax him and continued to look in the direction of the dance floor.

The gentle touch on his elbow made him turn and his hazel eyes found themselves drowning in large pools of china blue.

"May I have this dance, Grant?"

"Y-yeah... uh, sure."

With that Grant Austin extended his arm out to Selene Dwyer and led her out onto the dance floor.