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I remember my first kiss from the guy that I've always had a crush on when I was a little younger. It was really embarrassing, everyone found out about it, and I told myself I'd never put myself into a relationship with someone else. The guy who had kissed me didn't even do anything about the rumors or improve our communication with each other. So I gave up. But the whole 'I won't get a boyfriend' attitude didn't last very long when the same guy admitted his feelings and my gullible-self doing the same thing, then meeting someone else who fell in love with me. Even then did I try not to give up everything I had for my loved ones besides my guardian, since I have no parents. And yet, here I am, on a freaking date with a tall, sexy, badass boy who's in love with me watching a couple make out in a park. Really sad.

It was supposed to be a simple date, just the two of us hanging out, going to the park for a walk, go out for dinner, then maybe a movie at my place or his. But the walk turned things a little awkward. Well, I shouldn't say awkward. It's not like I've never made out with the guy I was holding hands with. We've actually never had anything awkward between us. It was just getting all over each other in public that gets me ticked off. My date doesn't care where, what, or how we do anything, a little too easy-going. Of all things, he teases me and embarrasses me in public about stuff like that. Mental sigh.

Anyways the couple was sitting under a tree in the middle of the damn park all over each other and I felt myself frown at the sight as me and my date slash best friend walked past them. Then his shoulders started to hunch and I looked up at him (because he's that damn tall) through all his dark brown hair that covered some of his face and frowned harder at the sight of him laughing. I knocked him on the side of his head, "Stop laughing, they'll hear us, idiot."

He smiled down at me and his eyes gazing into mine made me feel like my bones were melting inside my skin. I couldn't help but look away so I wouldn't blush but felt like an idiot doing it. This guy's my best friend and probably knows the most about me and I still blush at the sight of him watching me, shirtless, wet, or when he's sleeping. Embarrassing, really. But he understood and still loved me for it; in fact he enjoys watching me squirm in awkwardness or at how I react to him. Again, embarrassing.

"Why don't we show them how it's really done, hm, Ryume?" He said quietly, still looking at me with his gorgeous shades of chocolate brown.

I felt my face go red and I took my hand back from him and snuck them in my pockets of my jacket. His face almost fell but he caught himself and kept his smile. "Hell no, no way in hell am I doing that with you!"

"You mean no way in hell you'll do it with me in public."

My blushed stayed in place and I turned my head away stubbornly with my arms crossed. I may not be a stubborn type, but I can get stubborn if needed, dammit.

He laughed and stuck his hands in his long black jacket as well and walked ahead of me. I stayed still and debated whether to follow or not. I sighed as I saw him get farther away.

Hikuro Atsukai. The guy who opened me up more and made me see a little more of the fun side of life instead of all the bad and serious things. The guy who taught me how to love someone without doing anything except being himself. This sounds like cheap poetry, my apologies.

I ended up catching up to him with my spiffy black jacket and he put his arm around my shoulders as we walked, most likely smiling like an ass. But that's okay because he's my ass. We picked a spot near a tiny bridge and sat under a random tree but didn't go all over each other like the other couple. Hikuro even played it easy for once and let me lean on his shoulder normally without touching or teasing me. Something to keep in mind: Hikuro; has many sides, one side is his usual teasing and smart-ass attitude; the other is the side mainly only I've seen which is his mature and serious attitude. It was really creepy at first but I ended up loving it.

The thought made me cuddle closer to Hikuro and smell his scent of shampoo he always used. His arm snaked around me again and he held me close. Yep, life is great sometimes. But usually shit always messes up something this good. Like the sudden scream we hear from across the stream.

We were instantly on our feet and crossing over the bridge to the other side and running towards the scream. The screaming continued and I clenched my teeth. Please let us make it in time.

Then the screaming suddenly stopped.

I heard Hikuro growl even while we ran and I couldn't help but grind my teeth together, hoping whatever we heard wasn't as bad as I thought. It ended up being what I had hoped for, yet something I would have never even thought of. We stopped running towards the scream and ending up standing in front of a hole in the ground. It was probably four feet in diameter but I couldn't see the bottom.

"What the hell is that?" Hikuro said, peering down the hole. "We've been to this park plenty of times, and never have I seen this here."

All I could do was agree with him. "And the scream came from down here too." I bit my lip.

Hikuro began to speak, "Well whatever it-" then he got cut off as a sudden wind struck and made my long hair fly everywhere, blocking my vision for an instant. But that instant was enough for the sudden wind to change direction and instead of blowing out air; it started to suction it in. I heard someone scream then realized it was me. My feet started to lift and I felt myself go airborne and fly into the hole. Someone called out my name and a familiar hand came into my view, then out. The bright blue, beautiful sky suddenly went black and I was blind while falling into god-knew-what.

I dreamt of my first love again. I hated those dreams; they always made me upset, watching him walk off like he did. He knew I couldn't do anything to stop him from leaving, but he did it anyway. He didn't love me. And I always knew it was too good to be true but I was too blinded by my love for him to notice. After that I told myself I'd never give myself up to anyone ever again. I belong to myself and myself only.

"She's awake."

Voices. Have I been kidnapped? No, the hole was too deep. Hikuro will come get me out of here.

"No one's coming to save you, My Lady."

"She can not hear you, Black."

"When she awakens, bring her to me."

"I must refuse. She is an outsider and I must get rid of her immediately."

"I will be waiting for my delivery." Footsteps and a door opening.

Shit! I flung my eyes open and looked towards the sound of the door closing. Tails of a black jacket disappeared as the heavy door closed. I missed my chance to see who knew of me. Not good.

The sound of a throat being cleared made me turn around on the couch I was laying on at a man with glasses and brown hair staring down at me with his arms crossed. My first thought was 'I love it', but what came out of my mouth was "Wow." His clothes were old yet beautiful. He wore a red jacket that went down to his knees but the cloth looked so comfortable it didn't matter how long it was. More red and black and gray designs swirled along the rims and fancy buttons on his jacket sleeves and collar. His black, fingerless gloves with more swirls of red matched his mostly-black shirt with more swirls and finally black pants with red rims along various pockets and ends. A stylish red buckle completed everything with the extra, unneeded straps on his pants that hung loosely along his long legs.

"So, you were listening the whole time, hm?" He said. The only thing I could do was nod. His eyes were red; even his hair had a red tint to it, like a dark red that looked like dark brown. Good grief.

The man sighed and uncrossed his arms. "Well do you want to go or not? Go ahead, I don't care." He raised his hand to emphasize his 'I don't care' line and walked to his desk, which was at the end of a very large room with high ceilings. I raised an eyebrow as I looked at the walls. Actually, I couldn't even see the walls because they were covered with various pictures of people with darts, knives, tacks, or anything else sharp stuck on their faces. Besides the walls, the floor was bare besides a (of course) red rug with a black symbol in the center.

"Go where?" I finally asked.

"To Sir Black, of course. He's the one who you tried to catch a gaze at." He took off his glasses and started to type on the computer that was set at his desk. I got up and continued to look around at the faces on the walls. Some had knives stuck into them and some didn't. But the owner made sure to put the knife right in between the eyes of every person who did have a knife stuck through their face.

"So who's this Black person?" I asked, making my way to the desk slowly, but casually.

"He's the person who gets rid of trash." He concentrated on his computer, not looking at me.

I turned to look at him, "Excuse me?"

He still didn't turn away from the computer. "He gets rid of people no one wants. Have a sibling you want to get rid of? Give them to him."

I froze and my heart followed for a slight second. "No." Was all I said. But of all the things I've said before, that one word answer made the man look up from his desk and right at me.

The red man got up from his desk and started to calmly make his way towards me. "Is that your final answer?"

I hesitated. "For what?"

"Are you going to Sir Black's territory?" He kept walking towards me as if he had all the time in the world.

I stared at him, making sure to stay calm. Concentrate. This wasn't the first time I've had to deal with freaks. "I doubt it."

"Oh really?" He was a few steps away from me.

I didn't reply back as he finished those last steps. By the time he was standing in front of me, I hardly even noticed he was there. Instead of staring ahead like I was before, I was staring at a heart-shaped necklace that hung in front of my face on the man's shirt. Even though it was red just like everything else he was wearing, I had a sudden urge to touch it. My eyes focused and instead I found that it was a locket. I didn't even know my hand was reaching up to touch it until his hand grabbed my wrist fiercely. I jumped in surprise and looked up at him. He was standing too close.

I stepped back but his grasp on me stayed the same, as well as his calm, red gaze. He slowly bent his face down towards mine but kept my wrist in the same spot in the air. The smell coming off of him smelt familiar and it made me want to relax and close my eyes. "You should leave." He whispered. "Now."

He slowly let go of my wrist and stepped back. After looking at me for another moment, he made his way back to his desk, turning his back to me. Big mistake. With one swift movement, I snatched a knife off of the wall and sprinted towards the red mad. But he suddenly turned around and faced me with the same calm expression on his face, making no move to stop me. It forced me to stop too, but not fully.

"You put the wrong part of the knife against my throat, My Princess." The knife I grabbed was a curved blade and I had the dull end to his throat. It was intentional. I honestly didn't want to hurt him.

"I don't want to hurt you." Was all I said, but I kept the knife at his throat. Damn he was tall. "I just need to ask you a couple questions."

"When you fell down into the hole you ended up in the world of The Fraud with the people of The Fakes."

I froze. He already knew my question. I stared into his unwavering eyes and sudden flinched when the same smell as before came over me again. "Stop that." I said.

His dark red eyes showed true confusion. "Stop what?"

"That smell. I hate it." I lied. I loved the smell. It smelled like home and that's what I wanted right that minute.

"Oh. My apologies that my fragrance does not please you." He said calmly. "But if it's questions you want answered then you should've just asked." Then he moved away from the knife and walked calmly back to his desk, as if everything that had happened before never occurred. "You don't have to threaten me with such a silly thing." I looked down at the 'silly little thing' called a knife and suddenly had no idea what to do with it. I already had plenty of knives hidden on me. "If you don't mind putting that knife back from where you grabbed it from, that would truly help me." He was talking without looking up from his papers.

I stared at him for another moment, feeling awkward and silly. Then I put the knife back at the face of an old man who looked like he was dying.

"Exactly how it was before, My Princess." He said from the desk, even though he hadn't even looked up even once.

I frowned and stuck the knife into the original hole and took a step back. Most of the pictures on the wall were older people. And the people who didn't have a knife sticking out of their faces were mostly younger people. Even a child who looked to be 5 years old was up there.

"Why are there pictures of people on your walls?" I asked.

I heard him give a short closed-mouth laugh. "Of all questions to ask, this is what you start with. Interesting." He sighed and put his glasses down on his desk, leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed. "I keep track of who dies in this world and who is still alive."

I raised my eyebrow at him and debated to sit down in front of his desk or not. "You may have a seat if you'd like, Princess." He said. Sheesh, can this guy read minds too?

"Stop calling me that."

A smirk formed on his lips and my heart jumped. After taking a better look at him, he was beautiful. Under his collared shirt I could almost see all his muscles bulging as he leaned forward, almost smirking. "Why?"

"I don't like being called a princess."

"And I don't like having to deal with you. But guess what, I am right now, aren't I?"

I gritted my teeth, all the respect he had left from me going down the drain. "I'm leaving." Turning on my heels, I started to walk towards the door where Black had left.

"Don't die."

Clicking from a mouse filled the room as I paused and stared at the door, not sure what to do. This guy ticked me off. He thought he just knew everything, didn't he? So what he has records of dead people? Doesn't say anything in my book. Maybe that Black guy was better than this creep. I opened the door and said "No promises" before closing the door behind me.

I was surprised to see that the door led right outside. Sunshine hit my eyes and I looked up at the blue, cloudless sky, enjoying the fresh air of where ever the hell I was. My mind started to reel again. The only thing I had found out about that red guy was the name of this place and what people were called here. The Fakes. Huh, perfect name for such a place. I looked around at almost nothing except trees and three pathways, each leading into a different part of the forest. The pathway on the left had a wooden banner across the sides and top like an entrance with blue and black 3-d pictures of guns and bats. But what confused me was the center at the top which said 'Welcome!' and right under it was nailed, "Come at own risk'. Quite welcoming.

The center pathway was calmer with a silver and white banner which hung from two metal poles and didn't even say anything. It was just a white banner with a single yellow star in the center. Suspicious, no?

Then there was the right pathway which looked much more welcoming. Again with the cloth banner connected to two wooden, run-down poles. The big difference was this one looked a lot more colorful and happy. The center had a big 'WELCOME!' labeled on it with cute animals and balloons and clowns all over it. The poles were wrapped in colorful ribbons and glitter. As much as I hated glitter, the circus looking pathway was probably my first choice.

But the bigger question was where to go first? The left pathway with the guns looked as if Black was there. Go to Black and ask what he wanted from me and ask questions about Mister Red, or go to the cute, almost-innocent pathway? Oh, choices, choices.

I headed to the right.