Hey, hey, there goes the judge
Summoning, summoning, those who hush
Wait, wait, here comes the jail
Beckoning, beckoning, those impaled

Save, save yourself
Save, save yourself

Hang on, here comes the queen
Spinning us tales that don't misspeak
Nations are at war
Come on, let's all reap this reward


Stand up and fight
These demons, they come knocking down your door
Hold onto your light
These soulless rivers drag you down for more

Hush, hush, here comes the king
Poison is all that this man speaks
Hush, cut, slit his throat
Poison can fall on those who know

Search, search for hope
Search for your hope



Blood flows through the roads
Cleansing the souls of those who spoke
Swords drenched with their wins
Beckoning, beckoning, those king's sins


Stand up and fight
You may just win
Stand up and fight
You may yet win

This story came about after I tried to put myself in a darker version of Eragon. Like a Black Parade version, for all you MCR fans.