The Stellar Twins – Horatio and Grayson – will bicker…about…anything. They clash like…fire and ice. Literally. Horatio is a fire mutant and Grayson is an aqua mutant …their poor pregnant mother. Anyways – Their arguments are generally hilarious, and I'm certain you will enjoy them.

For this one you must know that Horatio is shameless, and Grayson is extensively modest. You'll see what I mean if you read on.

Grayson Xavier Stellar, the genius twin, walked fully dressed from head to toe in a formal shirt and khakis. He headed into the kitchen for breakfast which of course meant passing the living room where his twin brother, Horatio Isaac Stellar, lay sprawled across the couch cushions lazily. Nude.

As he neared the door that led from the living room into the kitchen, he stopped. Blinking with perplexity, he didn't turn back around when he asked, "Horatio… Why aren't you wearing clothes?"

Horatio shrugged calmly flicking through channels. "This is freeing."

A very modest person when it came to his body, Grayson made a face of confusion. "Freeing—what in the name of science is freeing about nudity?"

Again, he shrugged. "Pants are like chains. Get over it—this is my house. I can do as I please."

Grayson corrected him as he always did. "Actually, this is our parents' house—"

With a roll of his eyes, Horatio brushed the subject away. "Same concept."

"No, it is not the—"

Impatiently, Horatio cut him off. "Don't you have to go to work or somethin'?"

Taking offense, Grayson folded his arms, his back still to his brother. "No—this is my day off, thank you very much."

"Then go away."

"Put on some pants."

"Go away."

"Clothe yourself!"

"Make me!"


Grayson balled his fists at his side in frustration and walked into the kitchen to fix his breakfast.