Allow me to set the scene—Horatio and Grayson are in a holding cell on the Destroyer, a craft owned by the X Gang who by the way despises Horatio. Horatio has been wounded. Specifically he has a six inch blade lodged between his tibia and fibula. Fire mutants heal quickly, but first the blade must be removed and the wound must be tended.

Grayson restated firmly. "You have…to hold…still!"

"It hurts!" protested the redhead.

Adjusting his glasses, Grayson pointed out. "Horatio, I am trying to save your leg—will you please…hold…STILL!"

As his dirty blonde brother tried to dislodge the blade carefully once more, Horatio let out a yelp of pain and kicked him in the chest with his good leg. His super strength that his fire mutant structure supplied him with caused Grayson to be knocked back to the other side of the cell.

On his back, Grayson glared with a dull yet frustrated look at the ceiling. "Why do I even try?"

Horatio's face contorted in pain, and as he laid back, a wave of agony shot up his leg and through his system. His brother returned to his side and placed a hand on his chest firmly.

Once he locked eyes with him, Grayson stated calmly, skilled as the medic he was. "It will be over shortly."

Horatio glared, "Knock me out!"

Making a swift change of tactics, Grayson tried to take advantage of Horatio's ego. "I was under the impression that you were the stronger twin—can't you endure this simple procedure?"

Horatio made a face. "…"

Praying this would give him the will power to be immobile as he did what he had to, Grayson gently started to pull on the blade again. Horatio closed his eyes tight and imagined himself kicking his brother in the face. His foot itched to do so, but he settled on kicking him after Grayson was finished. As Grayson made a slight miscalculation in his work, a rush of anguish raced through his body, and he was no longer able to restrain himself.

The next thing Grayson knew, he was on his back again with a footprint on his face. "I. Give. Up. You are impossible!"

"Me! You're the one who—"

The door to the cell was forced open, and there stood two feminine forms. At first the brothers tensed in panic. However, the panic did not last long.

The two were close allies of theirs. Abby—an android—and Rebecca—a fire mutant like Horatio.

Rebecca covered her mouth at the sight of Horatio's injury. "Oh my God! What happened!"

Horatio tried to appear tough, though of course it was unsuccessful. "It's just a flesh wound."

Still on his back, Grayson started to push himself up. "I have been trying to dislodge the blade for the past forty five minutes, but clearly, I have gained no progress with his fidgeting."

"My fidgeting! Why I ought—"

Abby's arm transformed into a chainsaw. "Might I be of assistance, Grayson? I am skilled in medical procedures as my programming would display."

The blood drained out of Horatio's face, and his eyes widened with fear. Grayson took note of this and used it to his advantage. "Either I tend you, or she does."

Defeated, Horatio looked back up to the ceiling exasperatedly. "…fine. You tend me, Gray."

Grayson looked to Rebecca who he had noted over the past few days had been very successful at catching Horatio's attention. "Distract him."

Rebecca nodded quickly and went around, setting Ray's head in her lap as she sat and smiled at him.

Laying a hand on the blade's hilt once again, Grayson stated, "You may feel a slight sting."

By the way I should probably mention that Rebecca and Abby do not belong to me—they belong to Kqmagicgirl. We came up with this scene together through roleplaying. I do hope you enjoyed another comical moment brought to you by the Stellar Twins and FanFiction.