Rosemary: Conclusion

I was greeted by the smell of cooking when I arrived home. The smell of rosemary coming from the kitchen. Gabe came into the entrance and hugged me like always. "Welcome home my brother."

Her arms around me tightened, comforting, as if knowing.

"How come I never noticed you grow up?" I asked as her shirt soaked up my tears. I never realized how tall really she was until now. It's funny how it took me literally leaning and crying on her shoulder to see that.

She pulled me in tighter, "Stop lying," she gently said.

"Gabe," I said her name as I pulled myself away, just slightly, "maybe it's time I let you go." I tried to give a reassuring smile. Then, "I'm a selfish brother," I said, accompanied by a short, half-hearted laugh.

She smiled at me, that smile on her adorable face, "You don't have to let me go. I'm your sister, and always will be."

"Haha," I laughed, "'Remembrance', you were right." She wiped my tears, "He's a good kid."

That smile on her face became even brighter as she giggled. She tiptoed and kissed my cheek, "Thanks."

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