A quick sneak peek of a book I'm working on with a friend. Here's a first look at the prologue.

War for



By Branden T. Atkins

Inspired by my friends, my family and other consorts of mine I thank you

Please enjoy.

"The world you know it, is as rough as Hell itself, full of hypocrites, warmongers and greedy beings. You better get use to this or defend yourself and resist the pain or be brought down to your knees… dead." –Branden T. Atkins

The world I've been watching over guiding souls to the Eden my sister rules over, Lady Life, and her husband soul king Ara. I am the reaper, the end, the omega; I am Lord Death, the lord that rules the realm known as the Eden of Shadows. This realm I watch over and protect is a place for souls who have admitted guilt towards my sister and accepted their punishment; they cannot deny the shadow realm where they'll wander as the undead solders of my army before combat. The realm of the dead and the Shadow Knights my elite solders. Similar to the Eden of soul's Soul Knights.

The throne I sit on is a seat for most gods to mock others. But mine is the only one in my domain, alone I feel. I always felt the constant emotions of depression and loneliness.

Without a woman to keep me company and give me a hair to the throne of my domain. But I had a substitute for creating children, but I had to give up small parts of my powers to my son or I would say sons. Three sons I have brought to life into my domain, to grow safe in my realm, to learn how to fight with my army, their uncle, and the people of the mortal world and the creation of their aunt. My three sons Cyanide the Shadow Reaper, Nemesis the Samurai and Silth the Venom all my sons with unique personalities, powers, weapons and styles they receive from my arsenal and they can choose anything they need later on. They are the royal hairs to the throne I rule on.

But I fear for the worse. I fear the safety of my sons.

Safety from God and his angles and Lucifer and his demon spawn.

I am troubled by this, because of the schism between God and Lucifer with Ara, my sister Life, and myself. God saw the resources in the Eden of Souls for which he had spent in his own domain on angle warrior's production and saw the Shadow realm as it was like Purgatory. The "Lord" also willingly detests Life's creation, the Vixens. He also wanted what Ara and I admired, Our Soul and Shadow Knights to create a "Holy" army to take the mortal world through sacrifice, the Afterlife, the Shadow realm and to destroy Hell. Lucifer only wants to expand Hell's domain with his children, the Daemon princes, generals of the inferno.

The boundaries of Heaven, the Afterlife, the Shadow realm, the mortal world and Hell are starting to fade. Until it shatter's from the dispute.

The war crossed the line between the realms. The war has been on going for over two hundreds years with angles attacking ignorantly; demons attacking viciously towards man, vixen and the souls. But this conflict has ravaged the minds of the youth.

I have feared this day since this brutal war began and how it'll end. My sons will fight for freedom and avoid total cataclysm.

Last I saw before I left the Eden of Shadows, I saw my mentor, Shivvu, trying to convince me to remain in my father's realm. I always heard tales of the mortal world, the wonders of culture and the nature of this place. I was leaving the Shadow realm for the first time in my life. When I came to, I saw my first glimpse of the realm known as Earth. I was breathless, Speechless.

This world, crafted by my aunt Life, was full of beauty, surprises and awe.

I enjoyed this human feeling lifted. But was utterly ended, when I recognized a familiar voice; "Sire! Sire! Cyanide! You shouldn't be here!" Shivvu barked at me with rage. "Your father strictly forbids you and your brothers from leaving! What in the name of Eden of Shadows were you doing?" I really never knew why my father didn't want us to leave the shadow realm.

Hope that you enjoyed this little peek from war for the afterlife. Will take a while to write, edit and publish. Wish us luck.