Draped across her body, locked in an embrace.
The tighter you squeeze, the harder my heart works,
Painful beats echoing in a frenzied spasm
Like continuous hits; you should know the pain you cause
If I refer it to that; your lips move in synch
And I ache to be her, no matter my hate for the bitch.
You're doing it again, your making me give in
And I hate you for it, my heart hurts,
Along with my eyes, you disgusting jackass.

No, please don't,
Don't look at me with those eyes, you know
That I have a weakness for grey eyes.
They're supposed to be closed as you jam
Your tongue down her throat, and say you love her.
Don't look back at me as you two leave, don't
Give me hope that I have a chance, I don't want it.
You have that look in your eyes, as you open
Your car door, the one that always made me want to
Tear your clothes off, to make you moan and beg
For me, but
I secretly hope you think of me as you have sex,
With her.

Your dark hair is all over the place and her shirt is backwards.
We all know what you did and now I'm the fool,
I was in that truck once, so thanks for the belittlement.
Hands clasped, you drag her to us and sit next to me.
Reeking of cheap perfume and sex, I can't tell who the whore is.
You whisper "I love you" in her shoulder, your eyes on me.

I'm now draped across his body, eerily similar huh?
Good ahead and look, I don't mind because I'm not looking at you.
I'm done with you so get over me and bang her again.
Look again, my eyes are closed naturally
As I kiss him, jamming my tongue down his throat.
I can't help the moan that leaks its way out,
It feels amazing as his hands wander, knowing and
Relishing in the fact that they aren't yours.
Your brother seemed to enjoy it too.

Look 7/12/11

© 2011 by knownkonvict

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